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12 Aug 00 Sat 5:22PM

I got too busy and really slacked off here so I'm starting August's Updates with a general progress report on all of my projects.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the wonderful emails about my novel and my graphics. You have no idea how much they mean to me when I'm awake at 4:15AM, sitting in front of the computer with a sleep-depriving migraine, and just really looking for a reason not to throw the computer through the window.

Web-site projects...
Maria and I are collecting information for the Teryl Rothery Fan Club right now. I'm listing everyone we're going to need permission from as well as a plea for any information exclusives they'd be willing to give us.
GW Index:
New graphics on front page. Will be converting the supporting pages and will then keep them that way for a very long time. I chose Moyra again since this set just really...I don't know. I really loved it as soon as I saw it. I'm took busy to make my own graphics for my own pathetic is that? *g*
I have Isis up in the Egyptian section, but that's it.
Bro. Hubbard:
Still collecting anecdotes and information on him. Will have a huge blast off when page is finally finished.
Alien Page:
The travel agency has apparently crashed. I'm so not looking forward to having to redo all the information I had on it, but I'd been planning an overhaul for awhile, graphics-wise as soon as I'm good enough in the technique I want to use. Also have to decide just what the aliens look like. *sigh*
Mental Pen:
I haven't archived my other fanfic, yet, but I will. Right now only my poem and novel are linked to from here.
Sad sad site....I need to overhaul it and add the cat information as well as my daughters. They were...miffed that I didn't have them listed, yet, but that I'd found time to put my cats on the page. *g* I do have pictures of my cats up, now. Go to
I need to add and delete some, though I don't think there are any bad links...I've just found better ones :) I need to do the new Moyra set on it.
I should probably re-word and freshen it up as well as change the graphics to match the site. I like the set on it, but I'm feeling like going a bit more uniform with things now...I know...ick...growing up...*sigh*
Big BIG overhaul needed here. I need to streamline and cut down loading time on it as well as add more of my sketches and also put up some of my computer graphics.
StoneGarnets Web Design:
Going slowly. It's there, but my hands keeping hurting so drawing with a mouse is very taxing....I know, excuses, excuses. It WILL be up before the end of the year. Before promises. I'm going to have to stop doing free graphics for awhile *wince* . I just don't have the time anymore. If you need or want a site overhaul, let me know and I'll tell you when I think I can do it for you. I don't want to say no, since I really love doing this, but it will be awhile if you want it for free. If you need it sooner, let me know. I'll have my favorite graphic designer sibs on the links page later, but until then, just email me and I'll be happy to send you a short list of the my opinion :)
Beyond Death:
It's linked to from the main page's getting like...five times more hits per day than the main site. How insane is that? My fanfic novel is being updated slowly, but it will pick up soon since I'm going to finish and close out the other stories I'm writing. Then I won't be taking anymore requests until I have BD to the point where I'm comfortable writing something else. This is my baby and I hate not being able to pour myself into it like I was doing. It's to 103 chapters now :) and is -nowhere- near finished.

Written projects:
Multiple Stargate SG-1 fanfics, but also one really -incredible- opportunity that is going to become top priority soon.

I've wanted to read a book like this for awhile and now I get to co-author it. Jennifer and I are going to write a history of the Georgia State Missionary Baptist Churches. It's not going to be a census or statistic layout. Instead, we're going to get as many of those who actually remember events to dictate and then approve our final edited version of their story as well as include photos and our own illustrations. We're going to try to keep it concise and direct, but without losing any of the realism and blunt honesty of everyone's recollection of past events. That sentence was probably a bit convoluted, but I can't think how else to word it.

One of the fics I'm writing is actually a co-authorship. The first one I've ever attempted and it's been a learning experience. Mireille is, besides being my best friend and a constant nag *g*...incredible and to think she swore she couldn't write...*g*. We've been slacking off on the French lessons a bit since she's going back to school for her *snicker* Miss Anatomy 1001 class and I...well I'm always busy.

My other half, another incredible nag, is taking way too long with her writing. Sand, I'll finish mine if you finish yours. *ducks*

And in other news...I went to the GA State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches yesterday and I wish I had been well enough to go today. I loved so many things about it. The food was good, the people were better, and it was nice to visit with Jennifer and Joyce as well as the Barrons and so many others. Watching my mom twirl around the parking lot with Katie was a blast. I love hearing her laugh. Brian's hair was...interesting. My sister was ill and Marla messed up her knee so my brothers stayed home. Mary was able to go today, though, and I can't wait for them to get home and tell me about it. I shamelessly slept till noon today, exhausted out of my mind, so I'm making up for it by working now. Still wish I could've gone...


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14 Aug 00 Monday 5:08PM

*rage...white white R.A.G.E*
Crosswinds WIPED OUT all of my files (that was like...350 files) except for six. None of which are html and it's really difficult to view them so that means I get to rebuild the travel agency from -scratch- and will probably wait until I can 3D it properly. I'm SO glad I moved my myth page when I did. Not using Crosswinds... EVER again. Becomming incredibly loyal to Tripod which has never deleted files of mine without notice unlike...Geocities and if I'm not busy enough! *continues grumbling incoherently for a few hours*

GW Index
Added Health Info and Special Mention Links. Changed the font colors around and lifted the picture enough that even though it covers some of the banner text, it doesn't hide the banner and lets the first line of the copyright info show so people know to click down to see the rest.

Health Info
This is currently about FMS, but I'm pretty much breaking it down to basics and will have a summary of all my fun, constant companions on here as well as information I've gathered and what I do to treat them.

New format and slightly different wording

New format, re-worded and more info.

Creative Urges
Was my art page...-WAS- being the operative word thanks to all the previously uploaded sketches being housed on...*drum roll* CROSSWINDS! I know I'm yelling, but OH that makes me so mad! No notice, nothing...just gone. *more grumbling* Will have to track down the disks I have all of my scanned work on since I'm having to transfer all of it between four computers and a zip drive is only good when you have empty zip disks. *sigh* No actually, not a sigh...just more grumbling...

BD: I'm hoping to have 104 out this week. I've got most of it written, just need to finish it up and get it out :)
Leira: Will have part Three out this week.
RD: Will work a bit on it as I clean up my zip disks and can download more eps to have playing while I write. Can't believe how wonderful it was to have Crystal Skull playing in the bottom left corner the whole time I was writing EH.
EH: Mir's turn. She's getting her part written and then we'll be writing together. We're going to try to get that done before she leaves next week for awhile.