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  • 10 June 00 Sat
    Redid first page of home site. I uploaded chapters 96 & 97 a couple days ago but was too dead to say so. My StoneGarnets@hotmail.com account isn't accessible, but everyone else's is so I'm kind worried now. The wedding's in seven days. This house is in an uproar. :)

  • 28 May 00 Sun
    Uploaded chapters 94 and 95.
    Mary's kitchen is going to be a spring yellow. I forget her other colors. I really need to write them down.
    Tubby's sick again. So annoying. I woke up to him hacking up on my freezer. Scared the daylights outa me...not what I want my introduction to the day to include. Then, I found out he hadn't just puked there, he'd puked a bit, walked, puked a bit, walked, etc...so I was cleaning the carpet for a good...oh...45 minutes. So not fun.

  • 27 May 00 Sat
    Went through and fixed Cassie's color throughout novel and fixed a small plot hole.
    Watched Escape From Mars and Galaxy Quest yesterday. Absolutely loved Galaxy Quest. Michael Shanks was the best part of Escape From Mars. I watched it to watch it and then just fast forwarded to his scenes. I didn't think I would, but I like that haircut on him.
    Mary & Adam have their apartment and we're buying the paint for it tomorrow. They're putting clouds on the room ceilings. LOL Can't wait to see what that looks like. We'll be moving them in and then Mary's moving into my room with me until the wedding while Tommi takes her old room, freeing up the dining room. It'll be so cool to have a dining room again. :)
    Watched Out Of Mind last Saturday. Loved it and can't wait for Mireille to send me the Season Three episodes so I can have a little SG-1 marathon party. She's just...the most fantastic for doing this. Copying that many episodes is work...believe me, I know. She's sending me some SG-1 in French, too, to motivate me to learn the language. LOL
    If she only knew how much I've always wanted to learn...I should probably start now especially with French SG-1 to help me. :)

  • 18 May 00 Thurs
    Uploaded chapters 92 and 93. Very hard day.

  • 14 May 00 Sun
    I put together a quick banner for Beyond Death and joined Link Exchange.
    1969 was on last night and it's definitely now a favorite. Out Of Mind is on next Saturday and then it looks like we're back to re-run land.

  • 13 May 00 Sat
    Uploaded Chapter 91. Added new table to Cover page for part two of the novel.
    Escape From Mars...tonight...I really hope Adam tapes it.
    Mary & Adam registered at Sear's yesterday. They've been asked repeatedly to register, so they're trying to pick a variety of things they need so there's something affordable for anyone wanting to buy from the registry.
    Tommi & DJ went to the prom with Carrie and Brandy. The boys looked great. Button down white shirts, Button down (black DJ, lilac Tommi) vests, Button down white jacket with black tux pants. They had to learn to use cufflinks since neither had had shirts that used them before. DJ has a set of roo cufflinks I gave him when I got back from Oz, so now he can actually wear them. :)

  • 10 May 00 Wed
    Uploaded Chapter 90. Changed Cassie's color from Orange to Silver. Haven't gone back through novel and changed it. Fixed some spelling and grammar errors in Chapter 67.
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