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  • 4 May 00 Thurs
    Uploaded chapters 88 and 89. Elevated a previously introduced minor character to main character status, but haven't gone through novel and updated his color.
    Sluggish day, brain-wise. Something nice today was being able to tape Kung Fu: The Legend Continues...the one that Amanda Tapping guest stars in. I don't watch the show except when my favorites guest star.
    Escape From Mars, starring Michael Shanks, is coming on the SciFi channel a week from Saturday. Very nice since I had to work when it was on the first time. We don't get SciFi, but Adam does...he promised to tape it for me. I've never seen MS in anything, but Stargate, so that will be nice, too.

  • 27 Apr 00 Wed
    Uploaded chapter 87. Fixed some things on front page. I was notified that the "skip next 5" link on the Tok'ra Times webring code is wrong. I'm working on fixing it, since the HTML I re-copied/pasted was just as broken as it was before. I edit the code to match my page, but trying it without the editing was just as faulty, so it's more than likely not my cosmetic changes. I'll be contacting the ringmaster next if I can't figure it out soon.

  • 22 Apr 00 Sat
    Uploaded chapters 79-86. Updated SpyBook.

  • 14 Apr 00 Fri
    Uploaded chapters 77 and 78. Added B D Mailing List to bottom navigation.

  • 14 Apr 00 Fri
    Uploaded chapters 69-76. Discontinuing bottom chapter navigation. Cover Page: Added Graphic Violence Warning. Added Singularity to spoilers section. Added Cassie's orange dialogue color. Counter at 1486. Added Listbot Mailing List button code. Set up mailing list for either discussion on the story or so that I can send one email and let all interested parties know when the story has been updated without them having to check my site everyday. It's been a success so far. :)

  • 10 Apr 00 Mon
    Finished changing Jolinar's color throughout story.
    Today was my second mapping. My first was in Sept of last year. It was interesting comparing the two maps. I have improved, but the Guaifenesin has actually pushed lower levels of problems up to the surface so at first glance it looked as if I was worse.
    Multi Healthcare Plus is closing on Fridays and opening on Thursdays now, so Tommi's driving me on Monday mornings instead of Fridays. He's working at the Regal Cinemas in Arbor Mall, so we're having to work around his schedule.
    Mary's out of work until the doctor releases her to go back. She's highly contagious, which means I'm avoiding her as if she's a trigger-happy skunk, and we find out tomorrow whether she just has Tonsilitis or if it's actually Strep.
    When I fill the cats' food bowl, I always put 3 level cups of dry food in. Tubby or Cinnamon will come running as soon as they hear the cup going through the food and will then sit there until I'm done pouring before digging in. This morning, I was in a rush, so I put two heaping cups in instead of three level ones. Cinnamon just sat there, waiting for the third cup. When I closed the bag and put it up, he meowed at me, rather upset. He finally forgave me a couple hours ago, but he probably still thinks he got gypped. :)

  • 8 Apr 00 Sat
    Uploaded chapters 67-68. Changed Jolinar's blue to a blue-violet to help distinguish her from Amber in 67/68. Have not changed it throughout story yet. Have not updated bottom navigation. The SpyBook is online and is linked to from Chapter 68.
    Went to SAM'S CLUB and got lots of food for my freezer. I was completely out...not fun. I'm stocked up for probably 6-8 weeks now, just in my freezer, so throwing in lots of green veggies will prolong that for awhile.

  • 5 Apr 00 Wed
    Uploaded chapters 63-66. Did not update bottom navigation. Changed Spoiler info on front page, change link look to Review page and posted Stacey Gordon's review of chapters 1-56. Counter is at 1390. Set up SpyBook site.

  • 1 Apr 00 Sat
    Uploaded chapters 60-62. Did not update bottom navigation.
    My mom's been getting ready for the Vacation Bible School seminar today and it looks like we're finally finished. It's been...hectic, so this'll be a nice, relaxing day. I hope.
    Quest has a low fever and both of his eyes are very irritated. We were afraid it was Pink Eye at first, but he just got something in his eye and rubbed them both so much it's causing problems. We now get to give him a pill and eyedrops. Joy of joys. Quest is the world's toughest cat when it comes to taking pills and guarding his eyes.
    Cinnamon's fine, now. His eye isn't bothering him at all. We're continuing the drops, but he's perky and happy again. Nice improvement.

  • 27 Mar 00 Mon
    Uploaded chapters 57-59. Did not update bottom navigation.

  • 25 Mar 00 Sat
    Uploaded chapters 54-56, but didn't update bottom navigation. Added AddMe! link to bottom of front page.
    In case the counter wasn't working when you visited the site, as of right now, Beyond Death is at 1246.
    Cinnamon is just over nine months old, now. I can't believe he's that old. We finally got him to the vet, yesterday, and like I suspected, he's got an ulcer just above his right eye. We're giving him eyedrops 4 times a day. We're having to get creative now, though. Dad fooled him with the first dose and Cinnamon's being careful now.
    Cinnamon was neutered, as well, and I'm glad to report that after 5 hours of walking around as if he was drunk, he's back to running everywhere and bugging Dad while he's working a call. Tubby & Quest are being extra nice to him - probably remembering their personal foray under the knife 2 1/2 years ago. :)

  • 22 Mar 00 Wed
    Updated Bottom Navigation for all 53 chapters. Counter.Com is working again. They've upgraded their service and that's why things were messing up.

  • 21 Mar 00 Tues
    Interesting day. Uploaded Chapters 48-53. I uploaded chapters 45-47 on Saturday, but wasn't able to put it on the updates page. Fixed some spelling things on Chapter 36, too.
    I pretty much exclusively use The Counter.Com for my page counters and I have no clue what's going on with them. My counter on my novel was around 1200 last time I checked, but it's not showing up. Working on getting this fixed.
    HP's removing pager pay so Dad's taking a 10% paycut the first of May.
    My ex-boyfriend called me a few days ago. We had a really awful break up seven years ago. Kind of weird talking to him again.
    Everyone's in a bit of a daze now. Mary's wedding's still two months away, but it's just not hitting reality with anyone. I can't wait to see what happens when everyone realizes it's really going to happen. It'll probably happen when Dad finally has to pull out his wallet for the big stuff (Photographer, Videographer, etc...). Even Mary and Adam are coasting a bit, reality-wise. :)

  • 16 Mar 00 Thurs
    Updated bottom navigation on Chapters 1-19.

  • 15 Mar 00 Wed
    I uploaded Chapters 40 through 44. Have not updated bottom navigation. Fixed some spelling errors on Front page. Moved Navigation to top of page since it takes awhile to get to bottom. Disclaimer, © info, and counter are still at bottom.

  • 12 Mar 00 Sun
    Kernel Jack reviewed the first 18 chapters of my novel. I posted her review on a new page connected to the site.

  • 11 Mar 00 Sat
    Uploaded Chapters 37-39. Haven't updated bottom navigation.
    I've received sone really sweet emails recently. Thank you. Another big thank you to Tok'ra Times for listing me in their Top Ten. Many who have started reading my novel were referred by that recommendation. :)

  • 6 Mar 00 Mon
    Updated Bottom navigation. Changed Martouf's dialogue color throughout story.

  • 5 Mar 00 Sun
    Uploaded chapters 33-36. Haven't updated bottom navigation. Changed Martouf's dialogue color on Front Page and latest chapters. Will change throughout story later.

  • 1 Mar 00 Wed
    Uploaded chapter 32. Haven't updated bottom navigation.
    I really appreciate the encouraging emails and guestbook entries I've recieved. Thank you.

  • 28 Feb 00 Mon
    Fixed all found spelling and non-dialogue grammar errors in chapters 1-31 of the fanfic. Updated bottom navigation.
    Very good day. Received my 3rd pair of shoes, some clothes, and, my favorite, the official Stargate SG-1 olive cap. It's so comfy. It comes all washed as if it's been worn for awhile, completely broken in. Click here if you want to get one of your own. :)
    P.S. I;m not getting reimbursed in any way for that link. It's a bit of free advertising. :)

  • 24 Feb 00 Thurs
    This week has been bad, but today has been a good day. Uploaded chapters 25-31 of my fanfic. Didn't update navigation, though, so just follow the "To Next Chapter" link or click to it from the front page.
    My parents decided to give me $200 to spend on clothes for my 22nd b-day, so I ordered what I needed and, well, then I ordered my shoes. I adore shoes. I just love them. My wardrobe colors are navy & olive with cream, white, and black accents, so I ordered 3 different pairs of olive shoes - I didn't have any - and the first two pairs arrived today. I'm just absolutely tickled.
    Even better good news. The Raisin is fixed and in our driveway. No more going to the doc in the Red Van. Yes!

  • 17 Feb 00 Thurs
    Added content to Isis's page in the mythology site. She's the only one I have up so far.
    The 'Raisin' is still being worked on, the 'white car' hasn't been fixed since Daniel's foray into a tree, and the 'Nissan' is becoming a lawn ornament. The only vehicle we have running at the moment is the 'red van'. I do not like the 'red van'. Oh well. At least I don't have to ride in it often anymore.
    I hadn't thought about it, but I think cats are as varied as humans when it comes to whether they're right-pawed, left-pawed, or ambidextrous. Tubby is defintely left-pawed. It's the paw he favors when batting and it's the paw he dips into water and drinks off of.

  • 12 Feb 00 Sat
    My brother's best friend's grandfather died and today was his funeral. My daughter, Nicole's great-grandfather died and today was his funeral, as well. A very sad day for a lot of people. Both men were pretty cool and they'll be missed.
    I finally found enough time to do it. I moved the front page of my mythology site from Crosswinds to Tripod. I changed counters, but used the same number the original had...starting at 890. I adore the Egyptian deity, Isis, so when I was looking for a suitable set to use, Moyra's Golden Isis just hit me and so I used it. I like the final result. Now I can just build the site back up, moving pages from Crosswinds. It'll take a bit of time, but it'll look and work great when I'm finished.
    I changed the page with my poem on it to match my writing page's new format. I really like the way it looks now.
    Watched "A Matter Of Time" -Stargate- with Dad. He's the coolest person to watch SG-1 with. He'll nitpick all the science and math, knock the linguistics, and truly appreciate the one-liners. I loved the scene where Carter explains the universe and wormholes with the 'apple' analogy. The part where she explains her plan to General Hammond using a donut was cute. The best part had to be where she's talking with Teal'c and you can really see the friendship. Since Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge adore each other, as friends, in real life, it was probably a very natural scene to play. It was nice.

  • 11 Feb 00 Fri
    Long day. Uploaded Chapter 24. Opened Valentine cards from Gramma & Grampa H. They even sent one to Adam. Daniel & Brandy are engaged...again. Mary & Carrie are going shopping for Carrie's bridesmaid dress tomorrow. Opened a late birthday card and found $10. Nice surprise. :)
    My Mary Kay lady, Joanna, is getting married. She's absolutely the most fantastic person. Bruce, a friend of mine, once asked her what happened to those nice little old ladies that sold Mary Kay. She informed him they'd eaten them and that they were the new generation. She's always able to talk, willing to look through the ingredient book with me to find things I'm not allergic to, and is just very cool. Anyone in GA lookin for a Mary Kay seller that always delivers on time, is willing to drive an hour for a demonstration, and who remembers your birthday, let me know. :)

  • 7 Feb 00 Mon
    I'm not quite sure why it didn't hit me before, but I have a personal writings page. My SG-1 fanfic is written, yet for some inexplicable reason, I didn't have it listed on my writings page. I have no explanation, but I have rectified the situation.
    The writings front page links to Mary's, Tommi's, and my personal writing pages. That's still the same, but I updated my personal writing page, Strokes From Garnet's Mental Pen. I removed Moyra's Bachannal set and replaced it with Berry Wine by Secret Heart-the same creator of the Ink set I'm using on my homepage now.
    Today has been absolutely wonderful so far. I joined 3 more SG-1 webrings for Beyond Death and while each one was polite, Trinette Gill, the webmaster of Tok'ra Times was especially so. After adding my site to the Tok'ra Times webring, she asked me if I would mind my site being added to her Top Ten list. Well of course I wasn't interested.(That statement is dripping with sarcasm and tinged with excitement.) I'm absolutely thrilled. I even signed the Tok'ra Times guestbook at her request - something I rarely do for anyone. I don't have anything against signing guestbooks, I just don't take the time to do it.
    One thing she mentioned was a banner. I hadn't even thought about making a personal banner to advertise my site or parts of my site. I'm definitely thinking about it now. We'll see what happens.

  • 5 Feb 00 Sat
    I looked at the Beyond Death front page and realized it was kind of cramped so I broke it into tables. I don't usually do that, but I like the way it turned out. I added the html for 3 new webrings (Tok'ra Times, SG-1 Fan, and the Original Stargate SG-1 webring), but haven't recieved word on whether I'm added, yet.
    My birthday was very laid-back, very quiet. Entrapment, Atomic Dog, Masterminds, Stargate SG-1 "Children Of The Gods", A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Shadow, and The 13th Warrior are the moves that were rented and we've just kind of watched them off and on.
    We bought Dominoes pizza because Pizza Hutt either wouldn't deliver to Lithia Springs, would take 1hr and 45 minutes to arrive, or wouldn't accept VISA. We called a few different ones since I usually prefer Pizza Hutt. Nothing beats Round Table Pizza in Lancaster, California, but we don't have them here so I make do. :)
    My daughter, Nicole, came over. She was all nice and sweet to me, wishing me Happy Birthday, but the only reason she came over was because she'd gotten stranded at a MacDonald's and needed a ride home. Ungrateful children. *sigh* :)
    Mary gave me a large, stuffed, white bear that has really soft, rumpled fur. I named him Mason and he's holding the cute little puffy elephant Daniel's girlfriend, Brandy, and her mom gave me when I went through a really awful patch a few weeks ago.

  • 3 Feb 00 Thurs
    Today was nice. I uploaded chapters 22 and 23, but didn't update the text navigation. Just click to 'em from the front page or use the To Next Chapter.
    My schedule has completely changed since I usually sketch or work during the two hours of MacGyver and Scarecrow & Mrs. King. It just feels really odd not to have that. Oh well.
    I'm not well enough to have a party or anything so my family's getting me unlimited Blockbuster movies, unlimited pizza, and a fantastic sugar-free chocolate chocolate and more chocolate cake. Mom got one just like it a few months ago and I couldn't believe how good it was. Luckily, even though sugar-free desserts are getting better, the stigma my family has placed on them still sticks and I don't usually have to hide them anymore. :)

  • 2 Feb 00 Wed
    I can't believe it's February. It feels like the year just started.
    I went with my mom, Mary, and my former Pastor's wife,Donna Martin, to the American Legion where Mary and Adam will be getting married. It's going to be gorgeous when we're finished with it. Now that I have the measurements I needed, everything's going to just fall in place.
    I can't believe that MediaOne, our cable network, not only won't carry the SciFi Channel, but is compounding the error by replacing WGN with Oxygen. There's only one show I watch on WGN and that's MacGyver. I've been archiving the episodes since they finally started from Season 1, which I haven't seen since the first airing of the series. I'm not even to Season 2 and I'm really annoyed. I know, such a small thing to be annoyed about, but oh well. I'm annoyed anyways.
    I uploaded chapters 19-21, saw the counter is at 286 which is just really unexpectedly cool, and I finished updating the text navigation at the bottom of each of the chapters.
    I'm not going to say what chapter it was, but a rather sweet scene I wrote was read by my father. He looked at me in disgust and said, "Just where are you going with this?...You don't need mush, just the technology. It's Stargate...just don't get too bizarre, here." The "..."s are for the pauses and other comments made. I love my dad. He's hilarious. I told him that from now on, anytime I write a "mushy" scene, I'll make sure his print out just has the words "mushy scene between person #1 and person #2" so he doesn't actually have to subject himself to reading it. He was thrilled with the idea. Hehehehe.
    I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. My dad's a sweetie, he's just kinda gruff on the outside and, well, mom's spent years breaking him down to the point where they'll kiss goodbye in public. He's just not the public affectionate type. In fact, his humor, his choice of words, and the way he approaches life (with the one huge difference that my dad's a Christian and Jack isn't) reminds me a lot of Jack O'Neill. Okay...time for bed. I'm identifying with a TV show way too much.

  • 29 Jan 00 Sat
    I took about an hour break and uploaded chapters 15-18 of my fanfiction. 230 hits on it today kind of stunned me...in a good way, of course. :) I wrote it for me and I'm glad others are enjoying it as well.
    At the bottom of each fic page, there's a little text navigation I initiated when I first created the fic site, but I haven't updated it for chapters 15-18. I'm out of time. When I have time, I'll correct it. Just follow the "To Next Chapter" link for now or else click to the specific chapter you want from the fic front page.
    My birthday's 7 days away. I'll be 22. Doesn't feel like a big difference. I never feel very different until about 2 or 3 weeks after my birthday and it really sinks in.
    I have a Stargate sound scheme on our computer and my Dad didn't realize it, but he's been saying "honkin'" a lot. I called him on it, laughing, and he gave me this blank stare. For those who aren't Stargate fans, "honkin'" is a Jack O'Neill-ism. :)

  • 15 Jan 00 Sat
    I found some really fantastic tutorials on Adobe Photoshop. If anyone's interested, just drop me a line.
    I added my fanfic to the Stargate SG-1 FanFiction WebRing. That's the only update to that page so far. I'm still waiting on my dad to finish beta-ing the latest addition I cooked up when my brain was overloading with too much photoshop info and I needed an outlet.
    I finally got a freezer. It's a nice, small chest one that actually fits through my bedroom door. No more desperate, ineffective tries to hide my food from 'guests' who just go and eat all my special food. It's tough enough walking past all the sugar rows my mom insists on keeping in the kitchen, but to get past them just to find out someone found my food and decided to eat it all is, well, it may sound over the top, but it's one thing that's guaranteed to get me upset. I've gone without eating anything for up to three days at a time since it was better to do that than eat the bad stuff and deal with the side effects. So I'm thrilled...I have a chest freezer. Now I just need the fridge. :)

  • 13 Jan 00 Thurs
    Mary, Mom, and I went to David's Bridal and found both her wedding dress and my Maid-Of-Honor dress. Her dress is embroidered, but not beaded or sequined since we both tend away from that type of thing. My dress is floor length Navy and Black. I love it.
    I've been working on different graphics applications so haven't had a lot of time to devote to much else, but I did get Chapters 8-12 of my fanfic uploaded today. Finally got to see SG-1 episode "Tok'ra part I". It really annoyed me that Fox changed the airing order of the epsiodes (They showed Bane and then Spirits instead of Bane, Tok'ra, Tok'ra II, and then Spirits.), but I'll live.
    This past weekend was awful. DJ, my brother, and his friend Anthony were driving home (to my house) on a little backroad shortcut we found the first year we moved here. A deer darted in front of them, causing DJ to swerve into a tree. It totalled our 'white car.' You can't even open the back doors and no one's found enough glass inside or around the car to show exactly where the back windshield went. The boys walked the rest of the way to our house. DJ was bleeding all over the place. The 'red van' was driven into a ditch the next day and the 'raisin' lost it's brakes. Bad weekend.

  • 4 Jan 00 Tues
    Yesterday was my mother's 48th birthday. That blows me away. I just don't see her as old. I guess the older I get, the higher the age my mind considers old. :)
    I have chapters 1-5 of my Stargate SG-1 Fanfic entitled Beyond Death. It's not finished and will probably be a work in progress for awhile. I haven't written a story in years, but I always loved it so this is quite an enjoyable project for me. It also provides much needed brain relief from my work.
    Tommi's officially with Amber now. She's really interesting. I'm going today with my sister to pick out her wedding dress. She knows what she wants, so it probably won't be more than a few hours. I'm going to be so dead by the time we get home.
    Quest is sick again. He keeps eating things he's not supposed to and gets "tummy upset". Tubby apparently made a New Years resolution to be sweeter to people in general since he's been an absolute sweetie since New Years. Cinnamon...well Cinnamon's Cinnamon. He's always been sweet.
    For 1999 Updates, click here.




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