• 31 Dec 99 Fri
    The last day of this year. It's definitely been an interesting one. My family and church have gone to Tennessee for a Watch Night Service. They'll pray and sing the New Year in. I miss going. Oh well...maybe next year.
    Anyone who's been to my site lately knows I changed the front page. I'll be changing each of the supporting pages to match, might have by the time you read this, actually. A tidbit of information...my mom hates the new scheme. I love it. She said it shows creativity and the technique is lovely, but that it's still a naked woman showing off her body...not a work of art. I don't agree, but oh well. I guess I can see how it would seem that way. I'm an artist and I can't help but appreciate beautifully executed artistic expression so we'll just have to agree to disagree.
    Adam and Mary are getting married in June, for sure. The wedding's falling in place pretty quickly and we'll be ordering the invitations presently. Daniel and Brandy are together, but aren't using the "E" word anymore...just boyfriend/girlfriend again. Thomas is now dating a girl named Amber. I'll meet her tomorrow. Just got Adobe Photoshop 5.0.
    Dad's been having a blast with his very sarcastic criticism of the "Millenium" hooplah going on. We've been recording CNN since 6am this morning and will keep recording on through till the end of each country's new years celebration. I think it's hilarious that all these people went to school, earned degrees and doctorates, but still can't count to 1000. Apparently this is to go down in history as the first 999 year millenium...maybe we'll knock another year off next time.

  • 22 Dec 99 Wed
    Have been working constantly to move my Geocities pages to Tripod since Geo won't let me into my account. This is tedious, annoying, and, well...that about covers it.
    I've got all the writing pages done and so my entire poem section is accessible from the homepage to it's new location on Tripod. I re-did the html while I was at it so it's cleaned up pretty well, I think. All the pages have counters on them as well as links to the GuestWorld guestbook i'm using now. I really don't have time to update the guestbook to the deluxe version that would match the pages, but I'll put it at about #1,002,051 on my list of things to do, I promise. :)
    I've gotten some emails about my Missing Children website. It's on the geocities server and so that's why I haven't been able to update it or anything. It'll eventually get transferred to tripod or Crosswinds as well.
    Extra news...I'm getting a brother-in-law. Adam proposed, Mary accepted, and the wedding's being planned for 2000. Gee...that's so far away. Hehe...Cinnamon's gone nuts. He's decided he's musically inclined. Every morning between 4 and 5 A.M., he gets on the piano and just walks or jumps across the keys until someone comes and makes him get off it. He'll play for hours, just having a grand ol' time. Wakes everyone up, usually.
    Oh, if anyone can either confirm or deny the information I was given about Michael Shanks living with Viatiare Bandera and having a child named Tatiana in 1998 with her, I'd really appreciate it. I haven't seen anything listed about it at the official fan club page and that's kinda something you'd expect to be there if it was true.
    It's amazing...everyone in my family will actually be here on Christmas Eve. Not Christmas, of course, since everyone's working, but we'll actually have an entire day together. I don't know what all other families do for Christmas, but our family's tradition is to open one present anytime we get a chance on Christmas Eve, and then open all our Christmas presents on the last stroke of midnight when it's officially Christmas. Then, we go to bed about 2 A.M. and get up when it's time for whoever to go to work. It's been perfect for us the last 5 years. Definitely a keeper.

  • 20 Nov 99 Sat
    Crosswinds has finished copying the files, so I now get to go through and re-fix all my crosswinds links. I simply need to remove the numeral "2" from about 75 links or so...joy of joys. I fixed all the links on the Gallery, and am fixing the links on Updates, but the other pages get to have the links fixed when I have time. I'll try to make it speedy, but if you click a link I haven't fixed, you'll just get a message telling you which "2" to remove, so just remove it. Pretty simple.
    Homepage: Updated text, added copyright info, and fixed link for Gallery on binding. Links, Favorites, and Updates: Added copywright info, site navigation & counters. Gallery: Added counter, changed links to existing sketches, changed link color and added following sketches: Mrs. Beakley Baby Mickey Baby Goofy Brianca Italia Mystril Nerisse Tammarin Tove

  • 18 Nov 99 Thurs
    Lots of little tidbits going on...Different programs kept freezing our computer...initiating the always welcome "blue screen of death"...insert extremely sarcastic look here. Finally we figured out the motherboard was dying. We have another one on its way to us, but until it gets here, I'm on Dad's work computer again. Many of my pages are on Crosswinds server, so some people will be slightly annoyed for a bit. Go to Crosswinds update page for details, but they're copying all the files to make sure nothing happens to them. Until that's finished, you can't access any User pages. Crosswinds is in the middle of a huge upgrade that will make them extremely fast when finished...until then, it just sucks.
    Also, everytime I load my homepage to check it's working, I get 4 Internet Explorer pop-ups. Annoying, annoying, annoying. Nothing I can do about it without getting a Premium Tripod membership, though, so donations are certainly welcome :)
    Latest news on the Hyneman front: DJ's officially engaged to Brandy after a brief separation, Mary's working in the GED offices screening new applicants and placing them in the classes they need, Tommi's seriously dating a really nice girl named Joy -Oh, the fun we've had teasing her- :) , and Tubby got shaved...hehehe. Tubby was throwing up repeatedly and even though we figured it was because we've graduated Cinnamon to catfood instead of kittyfood, thereby removing Tubby's favorite food, we took him to the vet anyways and they shaved a patch off his neck to draw blood from his jugular. This illicited quite a few hisses and an impressive growl, but he let them work. They told us to go back to the kittyfood, that the extra vitamins wouldn't hurt him and that he'd stop throwing up. So Tubby's happy again and Cinnamon's bulking up pretty fast. He's almost grown into his ears :)
    Also, if anyone knows of a Christopher Judge (the gorgeous actor that plays Teal'c on Stargate SG-1) Fan Club or someone who wants to start one, let me know. I'm almost finished with my sketch of Michael Shanks, so I'll scan that in when our comp's fixed, since, of course, there's no way to scan on Dad's comp...
    Mostly, I'm just taking care of dead links today. The biggest work has to wait for Crosswinds.

  • 27 Oct 99 Wed
    Quick warning, the Alien page link on my favorites page doesn't work because I didn't put html at the end of the link so if you click on it from there, you'll get a bandwidth warning from crosswinds. However, I've made sure all the links to the page on here are correct so if you really want to take a look, just click the above link. I couldn't sleep so I finished the front page of my Art site as well as adding my drawings of Brendan Fraser and Gillian Anderson. My homepage now links to the Art site under the term Gallery. Since I only have the two drawings uploaded at the moment, I haven't created pages for the dated link gallery...if you go to the page, you'll understand what that means. For now, the drawings are only accessible by their name in the category index. It took me about 4 hours to get this done, so I'm really thrilled with the progress. I now have the template for the drawing pages done so it'll be just a matter of making the pages, scanning in the drawings, and linking them. I'll do that later. All the guestbooks should be working now. The FMS one didn't because it was linked to the wrong email address and I totally forgot about it. It's been changed and so should be fine. Let me know if it doesn't, since that'll be a slightly more serious problem than just an email addy switch.

  • 26 Oct 99 Tues
    Didn't have a lot of time today, but managed to get some drawings scanned and got the front page done for my art site. It's still not linked to the front page. I'll link it as soon as I have at least a few supporting pages done. Because of space restraints, I'll be making the supporting pages in Crosswinds, so it'll take longer simply because I'll be uploading some identical things to both hosts. I'm pleased with the way the art site is coming along, though, so it'll be one of my top priorities.

  • 23 Oct 99 Sat
    I corrected the information on my personal page. I got photos of Tubby, Cinnamon, and Quest scanned in, but I don't have time to upload them today. Hoping to get photos of Tubby & Quest's birthday party developed soon-they turned 3 October 15th. My Grampa Hyneman brought our new computer with him when he and Gramma H came over from California, so we have our scanner, printers, and accessories all hooked up. I'm having to re-familiarize myself with things, but progress should pick up now. Changed some colors on my family page and added Somewhere as the city of Cinnamon's origin since I keep forgetting to ask Brandy, DJ's girlfriend, where he was born. The biggest thing I did was put all the links on my links page. I'm pretty happy with it and now I don't need to have the exact same set of bookmarks on each of our computers. I still have lots of work to do, but not as much as I did.

  • 28 Sept 99 Tues
    I finished Mary's website template about 3am this morning. Now I just need to add content. I linked to Tommi's, DJ's and Mary's websites on the family page. I created the links, favorites, and this update page for my main site. On the Favorites page I have the Alien site, the Greek Myth page, and my tribute page to Bro. Hubbard. I found out Crosswinds had deleted all the supporting pages to my Alien site, so I'm going to have to reconstruct them before linking to them. Just bear with me there. On the Greek Myth Index, it doesn't go past "A," because I haven't had a chance to finish it since all the data for it was on the computer that crashed. It's taking time to reconstruct it. I apologize for this and will have it up as soon as possible...please don't leave anymore insulting comments in the guestbook. It doesn't inspire me to finish the page no matter what college papers you have due. I've made a complete Web Site map to see all the dead links. I'm aware of most of them and will be fixing them as I go. All information on dead links is appreciated as I may have missed a few. Ignore all s1ra@atlanta.crosswinds.net email links. That email was on my computer that crashed and while I can still check it, I can't email from it so I generally leave it alone. The current email to use is stonegarnets@hotmail.com.

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