WARNING: There are some graphically violent scenes in this story.

My absolutely AMAZING beta readers. You have my gratitude and admiration. Thank you Dad (Retired USAF Chief Master Sargeant Don Hyneman), Mom (Cynthia Hyneman), my best friend, Mir (Mireille Turcotte), and Tommi (Thomas Hyneman) !!!

Col. Jack O'Neill

Capt. Dr. Janet Fraiser

Cassandra Margaret Fraiser

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Brigadier General Jacob Carter/Selmac


Yousef/Garshaw of Beloat

This story contains spoilers for:

Season One:

The Movie (slightly changed to match series events)

children of the gods, the broca divide, singularity

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Season Two:

the serpent's lair, in the line of duty, gamekeeper, need, thor's chariot, message in a bottle, secrets, bane, tok'ra (I&II), spirits, touchstone.


Maj. Gen. George Hammond

Capt. Dr. Samantha Carter

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Main Speaking Characters

Amber Covores, Dr.  M.D./Ph.D.
Amy Marlon
Angela Morhs, Nurse
Bre Jacey, Dr.  Ph.D.
 Cassandra Fraiser
 Eloise Ven Frances
 Hamper, Mrs.
 Janet Fraiser, Capt. Dr. , M.D.
Misheille Bantristq
 Nora Frome, Captain
Samantha Carter,  Capt. Dr.,  Ph.D.
 Syla Mason, Capt. Dr.  M.D.
 Vivien Sekhquicks

Al Warren, Dr.  M.D.
 Bill Cliston
  Daniel Jackson, Dr., Ph.D.
 George Hammond, Major General 
 Graham Simmons, Lieutenant
 Greg Harris, 1st Lieutenant
Hagar L. Trivies, Senior Airman
 H. Lucas Trivies, Senior Airman
Jacob Carter, Brigadier General
 Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, Colonel
 Siler, Sargeant
Teal'c of Chulak
 Terry Gorowitz, Major

Garshaw of Beloat
 Jolinar Of Malkshur