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This will have link to wedding pics soon. As soon as Nic & I get a good scanner :)

My 1998 trip to Australia was very eventful.
Each album has 12 pictures in it except for 7. It has 4.
I'll finish the photo albums when I get the rest scanned in. For now, here's the first 7 albums:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

More Coming Soon.

rather curious ppl have been here times.

13 April 99 Tuesday

Comments? Sign the guestbook or Email me with them. All are welcome as long as they're nice and meant well. Insults are NOT welcome. We're stressed enough as it is.

California Ceremony:
First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church has agreed to host our ceremony and reception on July 31st at 10:00am.
My grandmother has volunteered to develop pictures taken of the church sanctuary so that I'll have them, but she can't do it because she doesn't have a camera anymore so I'm going to see if someone can either loan her a camera or take the pictures for me.

Ceremony Insides:
We're planning to have a special "arrival for me. Nic's the one who suggested this and I think it might be fun. I arrive in a Porsche Boxter, chauffuered by my father. All the guests that arrive on time get to see and talk to me outside the church briefly while the photographer takes pictures. Then I go in the back and everyone is seated and the service begins.
Nic says I can't drive myself to the ceremony (I really want to drive the boxster) but Dad's volunteered to do that most awful of duties...chauffuering his daughter to the ceremony, in a porsche boxster...the poor man.
Dad and I are going to sing in the ceremony.

Who's Who
Minister-Bro. Harley Baker(USA)
Groom-Nicolas Simper(AUS)
Bride-Garnet Hyneman(USA)
Maid Of Honor-Mary Hyneman(USA)
Best Man #1-Karl Hillbrick(AUS)
Matron Of Honor-Trudy Hillbrick(AUS)
Best Man #2-Jay Roberts(USA)
3 Bridesmaids-Lisa Speegle, Lori Whitney, Misty Speegle(USA)
3 Groomsmen-Daniel Hyneman, Stuart Speegle, Thomas Hyneman(USA)
Flower Girl-Karli Russell (USA)

California Reception:
The reception will immediately follow the ceremony. We're still working out the specifics, but we'll probably use the lawn and the fellowship hall.

Reception Insides:
I had no idea how many differences there were between typical American weddings and typical Australian weddings. I'm learning quickly, and there will be guests from both US and OZ that will feel odd at our wedding as we combine some parts and make up new ones :)
We've found our knife, goblets, etc...pretty much everything's picked out. We'll be having the "dash" with the bubbles and everything after the reception. (This is an important note since it's usually done after the ceremony in OZ)

We're looking into having a separate kids room to keep little ones occupied with hired babysitter so no guests miss out and mothers won't be constantly worried about where their children are or what they're doing.

I've had so much fun with the fittings and it's almost sad that it's almost over. Joyce has finished my dress, and veil. She's finished Mary's dress and Mom's dress, too. They're gorgeous.
Jennifer, Joyce's daughter and a good friend of mine, has been so fantastic. She printed the invitations, dyed ribbon to the purple I wanted, and ribbon embroidered my dress. She does exquisite work, and the invitations are perfect.
We've been so blessed with all the pieces that have come together when we were about ready to tear our hair out in frustration.
I've taken pictures and I'm hoping to get them developed and as soon as Nic & I get a good scanner, they'll be part of the Online Wedding Album as well as our personal Wedding Photo Album.

Videographer & Photographer
We had hired The Aurora Gallery to do the photos and we may still use them. We're re-negotiating everything.

We're working on the order of everything, but we've decided on the food we're serving. Since it won't be an actual meal, we're going to serve a:
variety of fruits and vegetables
variety of cheeses and meats
variety of crackers (ritz, triscuit, etc..)
variety of dips (ranch, onion, and creamcheese fruit dip)
variety of nuts, maybe nut mix
The cake is my Gramma & Grampa Hyneman's wedding gift to us through Judy Quinlan's talented efforts. It took lots of discussions and compromising, but I think our cake will be perfect.

Georgia Reception:
Central Baptist Church has agreed to host the Reception, but we haven't rescheduled the date or time for it.

Who's Coming?
We're inviting everyone from middle USA and outside USA to the wedding in California. Everyone in Eastern USA is being invited to the reception we're holding in Georgia. This way even if someone doesn't have the money to fly to California, they can celebrate with us. This was requested by many friends here in Georgia and I think it'll be fun. :)

The wedding is by invitation only to ensure we have enough food and seating for everyone. It's not our intention to leave someone out who genuinely wishes to come. We're just not in a position to help with plane fares like we wanted to be. I'm sorry for this, but there's nothing we can do about it.

The Wedding Trip
My family's looking at flight prices and we may fly out on the 16th or 17th of July. This time is really awful for my Dad, but because Nic's Mum and Nan are on a very restricted schedule, we're making do. Honeymoon
Nic and I'll be going to Florida, more than likely. Still finalizing this.

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