29 Sept 00 Friday 11:52AM

I'm so tired...but very happy. GateCon just finished and I'm working on getting photos up for the TRFC gallery as well as upping the advertising for the Teryl Rothery Fan Club's b-day present to Teryl in the form of bears.

Website Progress:

Added link to my new photo page. Photo updates will be listed under Bio since umm...that's where they go.

Just put up 114-117 this week. I'll be writing more today/tomorrow/Sunday...
Some have said the Java is causing problems and others really want the rotating photos. I'm working on a way to do both and not lose the diversity of characters represented in the novel.
I'm working on illustrations for my original characters and converting the rest of the site to the new layout.

Will get part five out as soon as I get another really good "rip-it-up in a nice way" beta.

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