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Though I do different embroidery methods, I prefer to incorporate them into a mostly crosstitch pattern. Since so many links change, I use this one the most. There are usually some of the most adorable gingerbread men and little bear patterns here.

About Crosstitch

White Bears
I actually like all bears, but one year I gave all my stuffed animals to my sister in apology for years of treating her like crap. The hardest ones to give to her were the white teddy bears. That's when I realized just how attached I am to all white bears, but especially polar bears. It takes massive amounts of willpower not to buy every version of white bear the different grocery stores put out every holiday.

Polar Bears Alive
Official Polar Bear Page
The Almost Complete Polar Bear Collection

I'm highly attracted to power. Always have been. Strength, fluidity, and power. I fell in love with elephants when I saw a painting of a huge elephant charging. I was awed by the force the elephant exhibited when just running. Incredible.

Elephant Information Repository
Save The Elephants!
*g* Elephant Jokes

Cats are the most gorgeous creatures that God ever created. I never tire of watching them and I wish I could take in and take care of every stray I see. Unfortunately, of everyone I know, I'm the most aware of how much vaccinations, spaying/neutering, bathing, and flea alternative cost - not to mention food. Tubby & Quest will be four this October, Cinnamon'll be two next June. That's all we can afford...

Feline Conservation Center
Big Cats and Wild Cat Research
Isis Cat Corner
Pawsense (catproof your computer!)
Kitten Rescue Handbook (I've used this many times! It's a fantastic resource!!!)
Cat Fanciers

There were many cartoons I loved, but the ones that contributed to my becoming such a stable, upstanding person are these three. I never missed an episode, would probably faint of happiness if I ever got them on tape (Hint-Hint: to my cousin Lori who HAS them on tape!).

Jem & The Holograms
Hollywood Jem
Jem Grrrlz!
Showtime Synergy!

The news is that He-Man and She-ra are returning to television. My opinion? FINALLY!!!!!!
She-ra page
Newsgroup/Mailing List info

TV Shows/Movies

Stargate SG-1
I liked the movie, but it was the premiere episode that hooked me. I saw it during a Showtime freebie drive and of course my parents are still holding a grudge against Showtime so I had to wait until Fox started airing it to see it. Now I have Mireille to send me all the episodes I can't get on FOX and there are different places to download the newest episodes from...I'm on cloud nine. I am WAY too addicted to this show.

Showtime Official Site
MGM's Official Site
Gate Guide
SG-1 Jumpgate
Philip's Screen Captures
Online Eps to download
The Nitpicker's Guide
SG-1 Compendium

Umm...I kinda have to admit to being an Angel/Willow shipper. I like Buffy, though I've gotten a bit bored with the constant sex stuff, but Angel's got me dragging along faithfully behind it. Totally putting aside the fact that David Boreanaz (Angel) well as a good actor, I like the storylines and the darker tone of the show. Haven't missed an ep and I really love Angel fiction as well as Angel/Stargate crossovers... (Hint-Hint, Rachel...finish Redemption! *ducks and runs*)

Willow's Key

I didn't start watching until long after my mom was hooked and so I'm only now watching the first two seasons on USA. David James Elliott is a great actor, though I don't know much about the man himself and he easy to look at for multiple hours a week. I like the storylines and I love JAG fanfiction, though I'm not really partial to shipper stuff in the fics, I'm a tried and true Harm/Mac shipper on the show.

Ex Libris
JAG Asylum
Maeve's JAG Page
Kath & Kerr's Fic
Semper H & M
H&M Fic

I absolutely, positively, refuse to watch Xena with my brothers in the room. I love this show and they used to, too, but because of the ep where Xena and Gabrielle become archangels (which was silly to me, too, but I got over it) they have decided it's a show just screaming for cynicism. Now, I'm a cynic, too, but there's a little thing called "suspension of disbelief" that you must apply to genuinely enjoy shows that satire real life, myth, or sci-fi.

Tom's Xena Page
Universal's Official Site

Star Trek
I prefer the original series, but I love all the spin offs for different reasons. They're all part of the Trek universe. I read all the books, but not as much fan fiction as I used to.

Official Star Trek Site
Star Trek WWW

I know Duchovny and Anderson are getting tired of X-Files, but I don't think I ever will. I'm a shipper and their New Year's kiss made my day. I don't read much X-Files fanfiction anymore, but I love SG-1/X-Files crossovers.

Hayley's X-Files Realm
X-Files In-Joke Title List

Babylon 5
I didn't start watching until Bruce Boxleitner took command as Cpt. John Sheridan because I thought the Centauri looked ridiculous. I watched 3 episodes and was hooked.

Official Babylon 5 Fan Club & the Babylon Emporium
Delenn Too's B5 Stuff

Star Wars
I have every book I could get my hands on. I've watched all 4 movies hundreds of times. I wasn't impressed with Jar Jar because I thought his race's use of our common cliches and phrases didn't seem very realistic, but otherwise loved all of the movies. I don't read much SW fanfiction at all.

Official SW Site
Lucas Arts Entertainment Company


Brendan Fraser
This boy has what we call the "Chameleon Ability." He can flip from Drama to Comedy without a hitch and he's always better than his movies. He's gorgeous, skilled, and even managed to make Encino Man palatable. Oh, and his last name rhymes with razor. *g*

BF Fan Club
BF Shrine
BF Zone

Richard Dean Anderson
My favorite of his roles is Nicodemus Legend. Unfortunately, it was only on the air for a short time when UPN first premiered. I didn't miss an episode of MacGyver (until our wonderful *insert sarcastic look* cable provider decided Oxygen was better than WGN...the ONLY station so far that plays Mac. Ugh!). I've already admitted my addiction to his current show, SG-1 and He's one of the few actors whose interviews I thoroughly enjoy. He just says what comes into his head without any prevarication. He loves kids and I've joined yet another mailing list just so I can keep up with the latest on him. I just cannot believe that this charismatic man, who I've had a crush on for forever, is two years older than my mom! *disbelief* I have seen this man play a bad guy...and *dramatic sigh*...nice....

I use these four sites on a constant basis.

European RDA page
Ultimate RDA Guide
RDA Web Site
RDA Jumpgate

Bruce Boxleitner
More than his excellent acting ability is his personal attitude toward people. His involvement with the space program has opened many doors for my friends who actually have the time and money to get tickets to the different activities and meet him in person. I've never heard a bad report. In fact, many of the girls will email, in detail, everything he said or did. He treats fans like old friends, putting everyone at ease. Truly a delightful man. From Scarecrow & Mrs. King to Babylon 5...this man is great.

BB Grapevine
"Just Another BB Picture Page" -love this site-

Cary Grant
My all-time favorite actor, this man had style and smoothness that just blows me away. I could sit and watch his movies all day.

CG Shrine

John de Lancie
This guy is just too cool. My favorites of his roles are Q from Star Trek and Bartok from Legend (with Richard Dean Anderson). I watch just about anything with him in it, though.

Alien Voices (with Leonard Nimoy)
JdL Tribute Page

Teryl Rothery
This gorgeous, intelligent, fun, and in her own words..."a kook." She's a convention favorite and her attitude toward fans is becoming legendary. Her filmography is...huge. As soon as the TRFC is up and operational, I think a lot of people will be shocked at just how versatile and skilled this woman is.

TR's Official Site
TR Fan Club

Amanda Tapping
I have a lot of her work on tape now, even if it's just clips from different projects. She's very skilled and I love her versatility. She stars in SG-1, but has been in Flash Forward, multiple TV movies and lots of Television guest starring roles. I like a lot of her opinions on things as well as her resistance to conformity.

Kamil's AT Website
Yukiko's AT Website
AT Online

Audrey Hepburn
I have loved Audrey for as long as I can remember. I love her movies and I respect her for the things she did with her life off-stage. Her legacy is one to respect and cherish.

AH's Children's Fund
Kersti's Tribute

Friend's Pages:
I would list Mir's site here, but she hasn't gotten around to making one she's willing for me to show. *shakes head sadly*

 My Loveable, Pouty & Sweet Sandra
Lori's Deaf Kids Site

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