Garnet's Favorites

Each of these sites are very special to me for different reasons.
  • Garnet's Preferred Mythology CollectionI'm an avid fan of storytelling, whether it's Asop's fables, Fairy Tales, or Ancient Mythology. I've collected many Egyptian, Norse, and Greek/Roman stories. As I have time, I'll add fairy tales to the mix.

  • Qatrian Travel Agency My alien site was created from an idea that just hit me one day. It's actually only a small part of my larger vision, but I'm not working on it anymore until I have the ability to create my own graphics. It just gets too frustrating not being able to make it look the way I picture it in my mind and I refuse to pay another artist to do it for me.

  • Tribute To Bro. Hubbard The third site is dedicated to an amazing man. H. Travis Hubbard was my pastor when I was a child. I was his favorite girl. He told me often how I was as beloved as his wonderful daughter, Sarah. I always considered him to be my favorite grandfather. My parents didn't have the money to send me to his funeral in 1998 when he died across country. This site is my way of finding closure and helping others to get a glimpse of the strong Christian spirit that burned inside this man.

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