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Hello and welcome to my "Book." I chose this Theme from the forever fantastic Moyra's Web Jewels, because I love books and it seemed fitting that you look inside a book to read about me and my life. For a quick update on what I've done on my site, just click here.


I'll explain what you'll find in each "button" on the binding. In Home , you'll find the guestbook. In Writings , you'll find poems written by my sister, Mary, my brother, Tommi, and me. In Gallery , you'll find my artwork.


In Favorites , you'll find my quirky pages dedicated to Aliens, Greek Mythology, and Bro. Travis Hubbard. In Links , you'll find the sites I most often visit for fun. In Email , well, you'll find my email address :)


In Family , you'll find information on my family, including links to their homepages. In Friends , you'll find an incomplete cover page...this one's on hold for awhile. In Personal , you'll find lots of little tidbits relating to my spiritual and physical aspects.


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