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These are previous captioned photos. If you captioned one, I acknowledged it, and told you I'd put it up, but you don't see it here, email me at garnetrain@marykay.com. Click any photo to go back to front Caption page.

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Jon: Do not do the bunny hop down the aisle!
Captioned by Maria on 27 May 02
Cynthia: //He looks ridiculous. I'll do whatever I want.//

Daniel: You put your right foot in, you put your
Captioned by Maria 31 May 02
right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about - everybody!

Jon: I'm staying here FIVE more minutes!
2640833lg.jpg Captioned by Maria 27 May 02

Bro Kent: //Bets.... hmmmm...... 3 months..... 6
Captioned by Maria 31 May 02
6 months..... a year..... 2 years...... I can't decide. I'll mark them all.//

Jon: //Look happy, look happy, don't trip.......
Captioned by Maria 31 May 02
look happy, look happy, don't trip.......//

Lexi: //I look just like Momma. Who do I get?//
Captioned by Maria 31 May 02