1991 - 13 years old, standing by the famous wall of Grampa Hyneman's shop in California


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1992 - 14 years old Keychains...*nostlagic grin*. Ask anyone who knew me long ago and one thing they remember was my fascination with keychains. I had them made into earrings, necklaces, rings, and I clipped them to my hats, jeans, essentially anywhere I could put them.


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1993 - 15 years old
The "J" was a gift from my then best friend, Jamie Lynne, as a way to remember her while I was roaming around. I still have it . . .standing next to same wall.


1993 - 15 years old
Mary hates this photo so I cut most of her out. I happen to like it :)


1994 - 16 years old
Easter. This was my Easter outfit. The last one I had. Now it's just like...oh...okay.


1994 - 16 years old
 My Dad's parents were here in Georgia for the family portrait and I didn't have a dress. This one was borrowed from one of my all-time closest friends, April Sexton.


1995 - 17 years old.
The Photographer did well, but they cut the negatives strangely and we were all...against the right border.


1996 - My 18th birthday portrait


1997 - 19 years old.
I went on a three week mission trip with some other good friends to Idaho, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia. One of my favorite parts of the trip were these three girls right here. :)


1998 - 20 years old.
I'm looking at Nic. This is in my driveway...The Red Van (now deceased) looks pretty good. Can barely see the dents. The White Car (now also deceased) isn't bashed in on one side...we just do not have luck with cars, I tell ya. I loved my hair here...long and only slightly frizz. Dunno what changed it, but was nice day...


1998 - 20 years old
I was engaged to Nicolas and we both posed for some professional shots. This was one of my standalones.


1998 - 20 years old.
This is the other one of my standalones


June 2000 - 22 years old.
My sister's wedding. I was her Maid of Honor.


June 2000 - 22 years old
Mary swiped icing on my nose after she and Joseph fed each other their token piece. I wasn't expecting it. There are about three photos in her album of her with icing on her nose, too. Gee...wonder why. *eg*