Janet's Kitty-Page One

The Gate disengaged behind her as she sighed and shuffled down the steps of the dais toward the team waiting for her.

"How bad is it?"
"Janet, you're just going to have to see this for yourself."

Janet hefted her medical bag, a bag full of alien-enhanced gear many doctors would marvel at, and shook her head before following Sam and Teal'c back to the village where the unforeseen had apparently happened.
As they neared the multi-colored huts, Janet's eyes took in the interesting architecture.
She didn't know enough to be able to guess at any earth-inspiration in the building of the structures, but the windows looked like they were stained glass inside large marshmallows.
She smiled at the thought as humanoid children played a variant of dodge ball in a clearing nearby.v She noticed a large, one-story building and examined it as thoroughly as she could since it seemed to be their final destination.
Sam and Teal'c were identically tight-lipped about the nature of the emergency and she was definitely getting worried.
Teal'c pushed aside the rock blocking the entrance and Janet looked on as the wheel rolled along a well-used track.

"DanielJackson is in here."

Janet didn't waste a second and walked into the room as soon as the rock was far enough along to allow her entrance.
She paused for a second, controlling her mirth and fascination with the sight before her.
The Colonel was there, holding Daniel down with his entire body.
Daniel was there, thrashing violently on the table, trying to throw the Colonel off.

"Doc! Earth to Fraiser!"

Janet shook herself to reality, realizing the Colonel was getting even more agitated.

"Do something for him."

Janet stepped forward, slowly, and reached out her hand to touch the tail swishing in time with Daniel's growling movements.
It was chestnut brown like his hair and was oh so soft.

"How did this happen?"
"He ate the local food even after Carter and I warned him it smelled funny."
"Have the natives said anything about it?"
"Other than dropping to their knees in worship? No."

Daniel's growling was distracting Janet and she forced herself to examine him carefully, hoping no one noticed her reaction to his changed appearance.
Daniel looked over at Janet as she probed his temple, checking for a fever.
His eyes filled with passion and he tried to buck Jack off of him to get to her.
Jack saw the look and couldn't help but remember when Sam had attacked him in the locker room.

"Doc...can you give him something? He's getting stronger and...what's that smell?"

Sam and Janet backed away from Daniel as the light scent drifted across their nostrils.
Thoughts of Daniel growling because they were the ones holding him down for completely different reasons than the Colonel filled their heads and they ducked out of the room, breathing hormone-free air as if they hadn't breathed in days.
Janet glanced at Sam, glad she wasn't alone in her reaction.

"Okay...obviously he's in some mating drive. I think we're going to need help with this one."

Sam nodded with embarrassment, still flushed from her reaction to Daniel.

"The Gate can only be activated every four hours. So what do we do until then? Daniel's getting stronger and the Colonel isn't going to appreciate having to hold Daniel down with him...well...like this."

Janet grinned for a moment.

"I supposed you and I could hold him down if the Colonel really can't handle it."

Sam cocked her head, aware of her friend's feelings for the normally gentle archaeologist.

"Janet, he's going to be humiliated when this wears off."

Janet sighed.

"I know, but I'm definitely going to have pleasant dreams for awhile."

Sam grinned back then, but frowned quickly to force herself to become serious.

"What do we do? Seriously."
"Well, I'm a little hesitant to use any drugs until I have a better idea of what happened. I want to see what he ate and know the events surrounding the meal since it could be...local voodoo or something."

Janet shrugged at Sam's amused glance.
She was becoming less and less skeptical of such things as time passed.
Sam thought back and recounted to Janet what had occurred.

SG-1 arrived and immediately checked out the area surrounding the Stargate.
The natives had heard the Gate engage and had quickly appeared en mass bearing gifts, hugs, kisses, and food.
Each member of SG-1 was treated to a luxurious couch and a massage using an assortment of oils unlike any they'd ever enjoyed before.
Daniel had quickly learned the language and so had set about learning the people's history.
The Goa'uld had been there, but were removed by the "Kohlach", the Guardian.
Unable to become a host, the Kohlach hunted and ate the Goa'uld, able to drive the slug-like symbiote from the host's body with a scent his body gave off before devouring it alive.
Unfortunately, the last Kohlach had died of old age with no offspring and the people had wondered about the Goa'uld returning.
After many years with no sign of the Goa'uld, they had turned to their own lives, never forgetting, but not actively remembering their past.
When SG-1 had arrived, many good crops had flourished and so the people took their arrival as a blessing and had welcomed them.
During the meal in their honor, a special plate of food was placed in front of each teammember.
Each politely rejected the foul-smelling meat except Daniel, who, not wanting to reject the gesture, had forced it down.
Minutes later, he'd turned blue and then yellow before seeming to go back to normal.
Just as the team had ventured closer, a chestnut brown tail had ripped out of him, splattering blood on everyone near him.
He'd howled in pain and then began growling angrily.
The natives fell to their knees, muttering something the team couldn't hear, and the Colonel had grabbed Daniel, carrying him to the empty room outside the feasting hall.

Janet's eyes had widened at Sam's description.

"He turned blue? As in slightly blue, navy blue, sky blue..."
"I'm thinking electric blue and then a very bright canary yellow."

Janet wracked her brain for possible explanations, deciding to risk a sedative to calm him just as the Colonel called out.

"He's loose!"

Daniel bounded out of the room, barely passing Janet before coming to a dead halt.
Turning, he looked at her.
Janet was frozen in place as Daniel's cat eyes focused on her.
She tried to make her feet move, but was helpless as he walked toward her.
His hands grasped her arms before snaking around her waist and pulling her firmly against him.
The rough contact between her body and his helped a small mewling sound make its way passed her lips before being captured in Daniel's mouth as he kissed her.
Sam called out to the Colonel, worried he hadn't followed Daniel out.
She considered freeing Janet from the increasingly passionate kiss, but knew her friend probably wouldn't appreciate it unless Daniel turned dangerous.

"I'm okay, Carter."

Jack stood in the doorway, exasperated at the obvious enjoyment the good Doctors were having with each other.
He rubbed his arm, knowing it was going to bruise from the way he'd landed when Daniel's tail had walloped him and sent him flying.
Teal'c hadn't even helped, just observing after his own bout with that tail.
Janet was lost in sensation.
Daniel's hands caressed her throat as his hips pressed her into the wall behind her.
It was his tail that was destroying her thought processes, however.
It was completely prehensile, wrapping around her, touching her...gentle enough not to cause pain, but firmly enough she was completely trapped.
She must've been really good in a past life.
Sam tried again to question the natives, but all they would say was "Kohlach" over and over whenever she motioned to Daniel.
Finally, she walked back to the Colonel.

"Sir, if I'm right, they think he's their Guardian. Sir...he is beginning to fit the description they gave."
"Okay...so how do we reverse it?"

Sam shrugged, discouraged.

"Sir, I have no idea. Daniel's the one who's supposed to..."
"I know, Captain."

Jack growled under his breath, annoyed beyond annoyance this time.

"As soon as we can get the gate opened, I want him through it."
"Yes, sir. Until then, what do we do?"
"Avoid the next meal and make sure the Doc doesn't catch whatever it is Daniel's got."

Sam's eyes widened.

"I didn't even think about it being contagious."
"I do not believe it is. However, we should stop them. DanielJackson is removing DoctorFraiser's clothing."

Jack whirled around to look, his eyebrows in his hair at the speed with which Daniel was moving.
Now that was a skill.
Sam turned red for her friend, not really wanting to get close enough for Daniel to attack her, but not wanting Janet to go through that either.
Fantasies were all well and good, but not when they were given a full audience.
And that is exactly what this one had.
Natives of all ages had folded their legs beneath them as they watched Daniel and Janet's passionate embrace become more and more heated.
Daniel growled and bit her neck, licking the blood that appeared.
Jack freaked at that, trying to pull Daniel away.
Daniel's tail released Janet for a moment, snapping back to send Jack to a rough landing five or six feet away.
Teal'c pulled out his zat'nik'i'tel and shot Daniel, fully expecting both of them to drop.
To his surprise as well as his teammates', Daniel seemed to absorb the energy, allowing none of it to even touch Janet as he finished divesting them both of their clothing and lifted her against the wall.
Her pleasured screams echoed throughout the village as Daniel used the energy he'd taken and thrust into her, kissing her throat and neck with a contrasting sweetness as he mated with her.
Jack just laid back, as unwilling as Teal'c to risk a second zatgun shot on their friend and hoping Daniel wasn't going to do anything but have sex with Janet.
Sam stared as Daniel went even faster, finally sitting down next to the Colonel after thirty minutes had passed with no sign of cessation.
She winced when she thought about how bruised Janet would be later, but knew her friend was beyond caring at the moment.
Janet shuddered repeatedly until passing out, her head lolling on Daniel's shoulder before he joined her in completion.
Daniel's eyes slowly returned to normal as his knees gave out and he dropped like a stone.
Teal'c had been waiting and caught the couple, joined a second later by Sam and Jack.
Daniel still wouldn't let go of Janet, so they were carefully carried, still joined, to the table Daniel had been on earlier.
Sam slipped out to get some fresh water and cloth to clean the blood from Janet's neck and legs.
Jack averted his eyes after making sure Janet wasn't in immediate danger of bleeding to death or suffocation, to minimize the woman's certain embarrassment later.
He motioned Teal'c to stand by him at the wall while Sam bathed Janet as best she could before covering Janet and Daniel with their uniforms.
Every now and then, Sam would get up and check to make sure they were just sleeping and that Janet hadn't started bleeding again.
A couple hours had passed before Daniel groaned, his tail moving lightly across Janet's hip and arm in a caress as his eyes opened.
They were wide a second later, confusion filling them as he realized just who was in his arms and that he was very much inside her.
He touched her, checking that she was real, before lifting himself a bit to look around.
As his eyes alighted on his tail, memories flashed and his cheeks burned.

"Daniel? You okay?"

Daniel turned to look at Jack, noticing the older man wasn't coming very close to him.
No wonder, considering the strength in his tail.
Daniel's sense of irony kicked into full swing as he tried to very gently disengage himself from Janet, wincing when he saw the blood covering himself and her.
As their furious mating replayed itself over and over in his head, he couldn't meet his teammates' eyes.
Janet's eyes drifted open and she stretched beside him before smiling brilliantly and kissing him.
Daniel's body reacted immediately, reminding him how soft and enjoyable she was and before he could stop himself, he was purring against her, the light vibration exciting him even more.
Three pairs of hands pulled the lovers apart and Daniel's glazed eyes met Janet's.
She kissed him on the cheek and motioned for the rest of SG-1 to go away for a moment before leaning forward so he could hear her whispers.

"I don't blame you for what just happened, but if you avoid me or anyone else because of it, I'll assume it's because you're ashamed. If you're ashamed, it's because you meant to do it and are taking responsibility for it. If you meant to do it, I'm available Friday night for a repeat."

Daniel just stared as she grinned before stretching again, and then she started getting dressed.
He laid there, propped on his elbows, watching her, catching each wince and smile, trying to figure out his emotions.
He couldn't believe she wanted to have anything to do with him after that.
Sam handed Daniel his clothes when she walked back in, passing Janet in the doorway as Janet left the room.

"Daniel...are you hurt? Does that...hurt?"

Daniel followed her gaze to his tail.

"No, it doesn't hurt. It's weird and I'll probably get it caught in every door between here and the infirmary, but I guess..."
"Are you sure it won't disappear as fast as it appeared?"
"No...I guess not. I don't think it will. We'll just have to wait and see."

Jack visually examined the doctor, reassuring himself that this small woman had survived that mutually brutal mating with his best friend.
She was way stronger than he'd originally thought she was.
If he knew Daniel, though, he was going to need a few beers and a shoulder to unburden on to get past the guilt.
As long as that tail stayed out of the way...
Daniel pulled on his pants, catching his tail.
Cursing under his breath at the pinching pain, he pulled the pants back down a bit.
Concentrating, he pushed his tail down so it wrapped around his leg.
Ignoring Sam's smile at the sight the tail made inside his pants, he decided he was just glad it was inside and knew he'd have to find a way to preserve his dignity and keep his tail from getting caught at the same time.
He shuffled past Sam, his cheeks burning again as he saw the crowd outside and realized they had probably watched.
He walked to Jack, burying his head in the crook of his arm and Jack grinned, wrapping an arm around Daniel's waist so he didn't have to look at anyone.

"Whatsay we go home, get you checked out, and if everything's okay...with the exception of your little friend there..."

Jack's grin widened at Daniel's mortified glare.

"...we'll come back and see what we can find out about what they did to you."

Daniel wanted to talk to the natives and find out everything he could about what had happened, but even more, he just wanted to crawl into a deep hole covered by a very big rock, so he just nodded and let Jack lead him down the path to the Stargate.
Sam hung back a bit, her arm around Janet's waist.
As soon as Teal'c had passed them, walking behind the Colonel and Daniel, Janet had slowed, no longer hiding the pain she was in.
It had been worth it, but she was sore.
Sam gave her a couple Ultram for the pain and Janet smiled at the role-reversal knowing Sam hated to give anyone first aid of any kind if she didn't have to.
She placed her feet carefully, avoiding any brushing of her thighs.
She wanted to be the one to check Daniel, but figured the way her body reacted to that thought she would be better off having Dr. Warner do it instead.
Teal'c dialed home and as soon as Jack sent the code, they stepped through the Gate.
A moment later landing on the ramp.
Janet winced at the pain the slightly jarring contact between the ramp and her feet had caused, and seeing that wince, General Hammond motioned them straight through to the infirmary.
His eyes caught the shape in Dr. Jackson's pants and he shook his head, not daring to ask what it was.
He'd probably find out in the infirmary since he was definitely accompanying them.
The Colonel was going to get an earful for letting anything happen to Dr.
Fraiser if there had been any obvious way to prevent it.

Janet relaxed on the infirmary bed, trying to keep from jumping up every time a new patient was brought in.
Daniel had been sedated so that his tail would stop reacting to his natural distaste for the infirmary while he was tested.
He was going to have to learn to control it and SG-1 had volunteered to "train" him until he had it down to keep Maybourne from getting his hands on him.
As a result, the General, after a blush-worthy debriefing, had put SG-1 and Janet on stand-down.
She had been tested as well and spent a few days in painless, drug-induced bliss recovering.
Dr. Warner had been very gentle with her, assuming she was embarrassed about what had happened.
She probably should have been, considering what a public spectacle it had been, but she just couldn't be.
If it had happened with anyone else, definitely, but with Daniel...
She could never be angry or humiliated by something he did when he couldn't control himself.
It was flattering in a way, actually...she was surprised he hadn't gone for Sam considering how much more beautiful she was.
Whatever the reason, Janet couldn't regret it.
She looked up as Dr. Warner approached the bed.

"Dr. Fraiser, we're going to have to stop all drug intervention from now on."

Her brow furrowed.

"Well, we're going to do an ultrasound to make sure, in case the test was affected by something unknown, but we're 99% positive you're pregnant."

Janet was floored.
She couldn't get pregnant.
She was on birth control, had been for some time now.
If she'd conceived, the baby could be in grave danger.
Birth defect after birth defect raced through her mind increasing her fear for a baby she hadn't known about or wanted a moment before.

"How soon can you do the ultrasound?"
"We're setting it up now."
"Why aren't you completely certain I'm pregnant?"
"There are...alien proteins in your urine and they could be affecting the test. We believe they're from Dr. Jackson's changing DNA. He's now grown liquid, mercury in consistency, in his finger tips that rips through forming metal claws in different shapes. The liquid metal bends to his will. Colonel O'Neill is with him now, helping him adjust."

Janet bit her lip.

"I want to see him."
"If you can walk, you can see him."

Janet glared at her colleague, knowing as well as he did that she wasn't going anywhere on her own steam.

Janet sighed at the coolness of the gel as Dr. Warner moved the probe around.
She watched his face, unable to see the screen at the angle she was turned.
His eyes went wide and for a second she actually thought they might fall out.

"What! What is it?!"

Wordlessly he maneuvered her so she could see not one, but three small shapes inside her.
Large enough to make out their separateness as well as the fact that they were not human.
They looked for all the world like hairless, developing kittens.

"I'm going to have kittens!"

Janet's shock increased until her vision blurred, pressure on her mind forcing it to shut down out of the need for self-protection.
Dr. Warner printed out the ultrasound results, knowing he was out of his league.

"How is she?"

Dr. Warner turned to face the General, his face grim.

"Sir, we need to talk in private after I return her to a private bed."

The General was immediately alarmed and moved so Dr. Warner could do just that.

"Sir! That's impossible."
"So is what's happening to Dr. Jackson, but that hasn't stopped it. I want you to take every linguist we have here to that planet and find out everything about this...Kohlach. I want answers now, people, or I won't be able to keep them here much longer. Maybourne is in my office with orders that will take them both should a return trip to the planet fail to bring back alternatives. I don't need to tell you how unlikely it will be that either one will return from a trip to Area 51."
"Sir, we can't let them go."
"Captain, I have no intention of letting them be taken until we've explored every option open to us. If you have an idea, by all means, please tell me."
"How soon do we leave, sir?"
"Well, Colonel...that depends on how fast you get everyone rounded up and briefed. I want you gone by 2100 hours tonight."
"Yes, sir."
"Teal'c, are you sure you've never heard of this...Kohlach...cat-thing?"
"I have heard mention of a creature that eats Goa'uld from Master Bra'tac, but it was only rumor. The Goa'uld would not allow tales of this creature to spread far or they would risk uprisings of slaves at the obvious weakness of the "gods". DanielJackson could become our greatest weapon in the fight against the Goa'uld."
"Which is exactly what Maybourne's hoping for! We can't let him..."

As soon as the General silenced Jack, he continued in a softer voice and tone.

"We're not giving up on Dr. Jackson or Dr. Fraiser. Dr. Warner has made it clear he doesn't believe she should be moved until her...children are born. Dr. Jackson needs to be told of her pregnancy...unless any of you think he will react negatively to it?"

Hammond sat back, watching the eye contact between his best team.
Their silent communication spoke volumes and he wasn't surprised when Capt. Carter said aloud what he'd been mentally wondering.

"Daniel may become violent if he thinks we're hurting her or if we stop him from joining her. He's okay right now, scared and curious about what's happening to him, but if he thought Janet was in trouble or was vulnerable...I don't know what he would do, sir."
"I normally don't ask, but I think in this case it needs to be known. Were Dr. Jackson & Dr. Fraiser, to the best of your knowledge, involved with each other before this mission?"

Sam shook her head.

"No, sir. I can definitively say no to that. Janet considered it, but, well..."

Sam stopped, unwilling to reveal the depths of her best friend's hopes in that direction.

"Very well. Thank you for that, Captain."

Jack's eyes met Sam's and she relaxed a bit more, knowing she wasn't alone in this.
She looked over at Teal'c, getting the same reassurance from his gaze as well.

"Sir, is Dr. Fraiser in danger?"

Hammond thought carefully before replying.

"Dr. Warner doesn't believe she's in any immediate danger, but we're dealing with alien entities here...there's no guarantee of anything."

Daniel laid next to Janet, knowing he'd get in trouble as soon as it was found out where he was.
He didn't care.
He was going to be a father.
His brain tried to wrap around it.
Dr. Warner had told him about Janet's pregnancy, but didn't include any details.
Jack had fallen asleep and Daniel had slipped by him, holding the revealing backside of his gown together around his tail, surprised Teal'c and Sam hadn't caught him.
He'd joined Janet, slipping under the thin blanket, and had been with her since.
She was curled in his arms, asleep, and he could feel her fear.
He hadn't heard what was wrong with the babies, but something was definitely wrong.
He held her, still trying to figure out his feelings for her.
She'd been his doctor, only seen whenever he was in the infirmary or for rare poker games she was free for, and he'd never questioned her friendship the many times she'd risked herself and pushed herself to save him.
Now, though, he was remembering glances she'd given him, hugs that were a little longer than normal, and the kiss on his cheek when he'd remembered her birthday...
Jack had ribbed him about that one, vocally announcing to the world that Daniel had forgotten each of his teammates' birthdays, but had remembered his doctor's.
Daniel smiled at her, protectiveness filling him as he gently touched her, trying to feel their baby.
Her eyes opened and he watched, holding his breath to see what she would do.
She smiled, touching his cheek before doubts filled her eyes.

"Daniel...I'm pregnant."

Her voice caught, and fear lanced through him as possible problems occurred to him.

"What's wrong with it?"

Janet choked on a sob, emotion twisting her lovely face and he gathered her close, comforting her as best he could.

"It's okay...I promise I won't let anything happen to you."
"Daniel...they're not human."

Daniel froze.

"What do you mean?"

Janet looked up at him, his tone frightening her a bit.

"They're kittens, Daniel. Just like the ones my cat had just a few weeks ago. There are three of them. They're so tiny and helpless..."

Her voice was a wobbly whisper and Daniel's mind just jammed, trying to think.
His mouth opened, but no words came out and when Janet began crying again, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.
He looked up as he heard footsteps and a few moments later, Jack appeared in the doorway, accompanied by Sam and Teal'c.

"I thought we'd find you here."

Daniel just looked at them through watery eyes.
He'd never imagined a situation like this before and he was willing to bet Janet hadn't either.

"Dr. Warner said my DNA has stopped changing. I have the claws, the eyes, and the tail, but that's it. Not quite the ferocious Kohlach, but close enough that I want to know what was in that meat."

Sam's nose wrinkled and everyone looked at her.

"I know what at least part of that meat was, Daniel, but you probably don't want to know."

Daniel blinked his eyes clear, focusing on Sam.

"Tell me anyway."

Sam looked at the Colonel, knowing he wasn't going to like it either.

"It was a Goa'uld...ground up and mashed together."

Daniel stared at her, unsure whether he'd heard her right.

"That's impossible, Sam. The Goa'uld haven't been there in..."
"They kept it from the last time they were there, storing it in those airtight containers we saw. That's why it reeked, Daniel. It had been there for years."

Daniel gagged along with Jack and Teal'c looked incredibly green.
The final effect gave him a camouflagey-type skin color that caught Sam's interest until the men got themselves under control.

"I am so glad I don't give a flying hoot about diplomacy. I am never eating anything I don't want to on these planets again, Daniel, no matter how much you try and guilt me into it."

Daniel just fishmouthed at him, unable to speak past the disgust at what he'd eaten.
He really couldn't blame Jack at that moment.
Janet chuckled and Sam smiled at the sound.

"How are you feeling?"
"I'm not sure."

Sam nodded.

"We went back to P39-XX4. Daniel, apparently they gave us that Goa'uld because the Kohlach looked human except when either mating or fighting. They thought that since we weren't Goa'uld, we might be Kohlachs. When only you ate the meat, they thought we were just the Kohlach's companions and couldn't understand why we were upset about your transformation. When we explained to them that you weren't a Kohlach, they were really upset. That's when that healer you'd befriended told us of a time when one of their men had eaten the Kohlach meat on a dare and had transformed just like you."

Sam paused, making sure she had everyone's attention.

"He didn't turn into a Kohlach either, stopping before the transformation was complete. He slowly returned to normal, retaining just his tail. I'm afraid he's an old man now and he still has it."

Daniel sighed.

"But everything else went?"
"Well, on him, but since we're not even sure they're completely human, it may affect you differently. They didn't know what to make of your children."

Daniel's hand caressed Janet's abdomen as Janet shifted, wincing at the pressure being placed on her back.

"How big are they?"
"Bigger than they were when Dr. Warner did the ultrasound."

Daniel smiled at the testiness in Janet's tone.

"Are you keeping them?"

Daniel growled at Sam, so angry he could hardly think straight.

"How can you ask that? They may not be like us, but it's not like they made us have sex. They don't deserve the death sentence for our actions anymore than we do!"

Jack stepped forward, his hands raised.

"Calm down, Daniel. We weren't saying they should die, we were making sure how you felt about this."

Daniel looked down at Janet.

"You agree with me, don't you?"

Janet bit her lip.


Daniel's brow furrowed.

"You don't sound very convinced."

Janet sighed.

"I don't want to kill them, but I am very afraid what will happen to them if Maybourne gets hold of them. I'm afraid of what will happen if Maybourne gets hold of me, to tell you the truth."

Daniel shook his head.

"He's not touching you or our children. Ever."

Janet was exhausted and her eyes shut of their own volition.
Daniel leaned to kiss her brow before snuggling up to her, wrapping himself around her.
Jack's eyebrows danced as he watched Daniel's lethal tail lovingly smooth Janet's hair and then slip around her waist to help support her already growing abdomen.
Jack looked over as a couple nurses entered, carrying folding chairs.
The team sat down as one, watching the couple on the bed.
Jack propped his feet up on the bed beside Janet, ignoring Daniel's warning look and leaned back.
Sam smiled at Daniel and Teal'c stilled, ready in case Daniel made a move toward Jack.
He relaxed when Daniel did.
It was going to be a long night.
Teal'c positioned himself so he could see the entry way and prepared himself for a nightwatch.
Maybourne wasn't getting to anyone tonight.

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