Droodles and such
Suspicions and such


"A sassy olive sticking out its pimento."

"An invisible stargate with its wormhole undone."





-Nurse Morhs-blond airmen, jaunty little walks with
blood, did something to Jack's eye (not sure how
Corvores was affected, though) causing Jack & Corvores
to link telepathically
-Hammond-blond airmen, mysterious orders, contact inside
-Jolinar/me, Janet/Sam, Jack/Corvores
-Aliens-on planet and inside "hosts"
-Bre-gives Grapevine scoops
-P4X-75H2 - Temple Planet
SG1 + Capt. Nora Frome of SG-13 hit by light
Light apparently causing metabiological changes in
everyone it touched.
-G78-XE2 - Sam's Planet
Dart (sedative/blood clot preventative) severed
Capt. Carter's jugular causing death





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