Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris

This is not a guestbook. The reviews were emailed to me and are printed here word for word as I recieved them. This is a page where I will list serious reviews of my novel by my peers. Not all of the reviews may be flattering, but they will reflect the honest opinion of those who wrote them. Thank you so much to those who took the time to do this for me. Click here to go back to the Front Page.

This review was posted 12 March 2000 Sunday
This review pertains to Chapters 1 through 18.

"Whilst I was not initially sure of the characterisation I have found this to be a very well written story which I want to hear more of. The first couple of chapters are not as good as the rest, they seemed less realistic, but once the story gets going it is very good. There is some great humour, sometimes the people do act seemingly out of character doing some very silly things, making this slightly less of a sensible story (personally I like silly touches though). The author has really managed to detail the close relationships of the team members well, capturing the familylike nature of their bond. So far the plot is very interesting, the storyline moves in surprising directions. The writing is excellently done, managing to capture emotion and thoughts, making it very moving as you can really feel what the characters feel."

Kernel Jack

This review was posted 5 April 2000 Wednesday
This review pertains to Chapters 1 through 56.

"I am thoroughly enjoying Beyond Death, each new part brings more character development. With some many fics over the Internet, its nice to see a different slant on the characters, bringing them more out into the open than they do on the show. It took a little while, not even three parts, for the novel to really take off, after that, it has gone in leaps and bounds. A thoroughly enjoyable read."



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