Linking Graphics

It was suggested that I make linking graphics for my site that are kinda specific to the reader. These are from different conversations I've had with know who you are...feel free to use any of them or suggest others to me.

Please don't re-size these graphics. They look funny when you do that. Link them back to . Thank you &;)

Want this one? It's called askclone.GIF, it's HEIGHT=93 and WIDTH=289.

Want this one? It's called bdexpert.GIF, it's HEIGHT=112 and WIDTH=199.

Want this one? It's called dontdie.GIF, it's HEIGHT=93 and WIDTH=234.

Want this one? It's called jackambershipper.GIF, it's HEIGHT=103 and WIDTH=322.

Want this one? It's called stillwait.GIF, it's HEIGHT=88 and WIDTH=303.




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