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"I wonder how long until Jack hunts us down."
Daniel sighed and rubbed his eyes.
The team had been 'hiding' in his office for hours, expecting the Colonel to show up at any time.
"Maybe he's decided to cool off first."
Sam didn't sound very convincing to anyone in the room, least of all herself.
"DanielJackson. I have seen this species."
Teal'c had decided to allow things to fall as they would.
Nothing would come of worrying about it the way his teammates were doing.
So, he'd continued working on the project he and DanielJackson had started months before.
Daniel had asked him to look through files of pictures and descriptions of every mythical or imagined creature Daniel could find.
So far, dragons, griffins, and greek sphinxes had been proven real, while vampires, thankfully, had not.
Even though they knew Teal'c hadn't seen everything, everyone had breathed easier once Teal'c had vetoed that one.
Sam and Daniel leaned in to see which creature Teal'c was looking at.
"Teal'c, are you sure?"
Sam really didn't want that one to be real, but knew it was likely.
"I am. I will write what I know of them while DanielJackson unlocks the door."
He looked pointedly at Daniel as he talked.
Daniel sighed again, knowing he'd been caught.
Sam chuckled.
"You realize if he comes here and finds the door locked, he'll just pick the lock and we'll die anyway."
A weak grin was etched in Daniel's tired features as he unlocked the door.
"I know. I'm just too full of hope for my own good."
Sam's smile dropped dead away as the door opened to reveal a very irritated Jack O'Neill.
"I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever unlock the stupid thing."
Jack made sure each one saw his displeasure as he stepped into the room and took the seat Daniel had vacated to unlock the door.
"I'm not going to pretend to understand why you wanted to go back, but I'm also not going to pretend not to be relieved we're not the ones going back there. Let's just drop it, okay?"
It hit all of them how exhausted Jack looked.
"Doc wants us to take a look at Corvores' findings before our next mission. Apparently we have rather large amounts of naquadah in our blood, among other things."
Sam rubbed her neck while watching Teal'c type.
"Sir, it makes sense. We mined it for a long time and Daniel lived on Abydos for a year. Most of the sand is naquadah. I'd be surprised if we didn't have quite a bit inside us."
Jack suddenly looked at what Teal'c was typing.
"I take it Teal'c found another wonderful creature we can start asking about?"
Carter shuddered lightly.
"He says gargoyles are real. They seem to turn to stone whenever light hits them and live 'normally' in the dark."
Jack's incredulous expression fell away as resignation set in.
"Of course there's gargoyles. I'm not even surprised anymore."
Daniel had been watching Jack carefully since he'd first entered the office.
"Jack...get your stuff. I'm taking you home."
Jack quirked an eyebrow at him.
"Was that an order? More importantly, were you thinking of crashing on my couch again?"
Daniel grinned.
"I can."
Sam's brow furrowed a bit.
"Is there a reason why you're either sleeping at Jack's or here on base?"
Daniel looked a bit sheepish.
"Uh...well...yeah, actually."
Jack raised his eyebrows, encouraging Daniel to continue.
Daniel said it as fast as he could.
Sam burst out laughing, earning an inquiring look from Jack.
"You understood that?"
"Yes, sir."
Sam tried to calm down as Daniel began to blush.
"He has a good reason, sir. Daniel, you can always stay at my or Janet's place if you want a change of scenery."
"Thanks, Sam."
Jack just shook his head.
"I'll get it out of him later. Right now, I'm going home and to bed. I suggest you two do the same."
Sam smiled.
"Yes, sir. As soon as Teal'c is finished with this, I'll take him to Janet's. Cassie wants to go see the new baby iguanas at the zoo and asked Teal'c to watch her since she doesn't get to see him very often."
Jack grinned. He knew Teal'c would enjoy that.
"Okay, kids. G'night. Let's go, Danny."
Daniel grabbed his coat and held the door open.
"Night Sam. Night Teal'c."
"Goodnight DanielJackson. Goodnight O'Neill."
"G'night sir. Night Daniel."
Daniel closed the door behind him, looking forward to a quiet night.
He and Jack chatted lightly about nothing as they walked down the hall.

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