Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris


Chapter Eighty Nine

* * * * * *

**Hello. Can you see?**
**Nothing that isn't red. I think I got blood in my eyes.**
**Poor you. That'll have to be cleaned out.**
**Well...I'm glad you're feeling better.**
**Sarcasm is unappreciated at the moment.**
Jack moved his head and immediately held still as what felt like thousands of sharp needles penetrated and attacked his nerves.
He groaned as nausea accompanied the pain.
**What exactly was the whole glowing eyes thing?**
**What glowing eyes thing?**
**You went nuts and a fist with glowing eyes was pounding the crap outa me. What was with the glowing eyes?**
**Strange. I have no memory of a fist. That must've been your mind's interpretation of the force of the memory I had.**
**Uh huh...and the glowing eyes were...what.**
**Not a clue. Ouch...not moving again.**
**I hear ya.**
**Wait...oh I remember. The guy at the front door. He had glowing eyes. That must have gotten through the wall.**
**Umm...his eyes glowed when you looked at him on the front step?**
**No, they glowed...umm...when he was leading me through the fake walls.**
Jack winced, waiting for another pounding, but instead, just felt the any other.
**I really don't need a reminder of that.**
**You couldn't remember because I seemed to have tapped into your it instead of simply remembering it. I think that somehow blocked you out.**
**It's okay. Well no, it's not, but pretend it is. When you panic, I get hurt.**
Jack opened his eyes, feeling a cool washcloth dripping a bit across his forehead.
As Daniel lifted it away, he saw that it was tinged with pink and reddish spots.
He turned his head, looking at the smile on Amber's face.
**It's not that funny.**
**No, not when analyzed. Just one of those humorous moments.**
**Okay...glowing eyes boy. Umm...**
Jack stiffened as two men, their eyes glowing flashed through his mind.
He tried to grab and push them away simultaneously.
**Jonathan, relax. Otherwise it'll keep hurting.**
His breath came in short gasps, small shivers of terror fueling his mind, afraid he'd be sucked back into the memories or worse, a superstition he couldn't shake...that remembering it too well would make it happen again.
**That's silly. It's not going to happen again.**
**You sound as convinced as I am.**
Amber sighed, turning slowly onto her side, wincing as she faced him on the bed.
"How are you feeling?"
Amber looked at Daniel, her eyes cool and assessing.
"I'm tired, in pain, and scared. Other than that, I'm fine."
Daniel frowned, and Amber watched, curious as he turned to Jonathan.
"How are you feeling, Jack?"
Amber chuckled as Daniel's voice cut through the memories in Jonathan's mind.
"Fine. A little tired."
Amber sighed again.
"He's tired, in pain, and scared, too."
She smiled at his glare and pushed her long hair behind her ears, out of the way.
She projected the memories back into his head, hoping that between the two of them, they could figure it out.
"An underground resistance."
Amber's eyebrows raised at Jonathan's awed tone.
"You're not actually thinking..."
"Tok'ra. Or renegade goolds, I suppose."
Jack turned as Janet walked into the room, his eyes meeting hers and then his gaze went beyond her, back to when he woke up and found out he'd been left behind.
"I wasn't imagining his glowing eyes, was I?"
"I seriously doubt it."
Amber pushed herself up into a sitting position, resting against the headboard.
Janet stepped back out of the room for a moment before re-appearing with her brush and one of Cassie's ponytail holders.
"I agree. I think that the airman is definitely the second host that was leading us through the walls. He looks the same."
"You're assuming the healer and the big guy in the truck were the same Tok'ra - if they are Tok'ra. It might've been a different one that just recognized the necklace when it fell."
"I don't think so. Remember what the second man said..."
Daniel watched the two toss sentences at each other, trying to follow what they were saying, hoping they hadn't gone insane.
Janet stood very still behind him, listening intently to the conversation, hoping things were finally connecting.
"I didn't think Tok'ra used contractions."
"They don't, usually, but if there is a Tok'ra cell on Earth...well, it would make sense to learn the lingo as camouflage."
"He thought the healer's symbiote had joined you...that's why he was trying to save you. He thought you had been Sam and emergency situation."
Jack just lay there, dumbfounded.
He'd been the first member of SG-1 to meet the Tok'ra.
It was the only thing he could think of that would make sense of what had happened.
Daniel sat down on the edge of the bed.
He'd looked over at Janet, trying to get her input on what to do, but she was watching the two on the bed.
"Care to share with the rest of the class?"
Jack grinned at him, obviously recognizing his own that particularly annoyed Daniel.
*They think the airman the General was conspiring with is a Tok'ra.*
*Yeah, I got that part. I'm wanting to know why and how they got that idea.*
"There's a Tok'ra cell here on Earth.*
Daniel sighed then looked at Janet when she stiffened further.
"Yeah, Jack. We were listening to what you said. We want to know what you weren't saying. The in-between stuff."
Jack cocked his head at him, turning to watch Teal'c as he settled onto the bed beside Amber.
"Okay...I was shot through the chest and my team assumed I was dead. I woke up on a flat slab and this guy was standing over me. He told me I'd been shot and left behind."
Amber took over while Janet checked Jonathan, holding water for him to drink.
"The man claimed to be a member of an underground resistance. I think he rescued me...uh...Jonathan before the Iraqis could capture...Jonathan."
Daniel winced each time she mistakenly spoke as if she'd been there.
*She was there, in a way. Our mind is our frame of reference. I believe she would be accurate in saying she was there.*
*I guess.*
"He did something that made me fall asleep and as I was drifting off, his eyes glowed. I'd thought something was wrong with my ears since his voice had echoed the entire time, but obviously, he was a Tok'ra."
Daniel noticed she wasn't trying to correct herself and assumed Jack had said something about it to her.
Probably something like what Jolinar thought.
Jack sighed deeply.
"I wish I'd known then what I know now. I wouldn't've run like I had from that second Tok'ra. The American one. He just wanted to know where the first one was."
"Or he was an Ashrak..."
Janet had moved to Amber, smiling at Teal'c when he stood, moving out of the way.
After Janet had quietly examined her, Amber turned so Janet could brush her hair in long, gentle strokes before twisting it into a funky bob on top of her head.
Janet smiled as Amber automatically checked to make sure no strands were loose.
*Such a severe hairstyle.*
*Well except for all the loopdeeloos in it...that's cute.*
*Don't tell her that.*
Janet suppressed a chuckled, knowing Sam was chomping at the bit to be in charge so she could jump into the conversation.
They were both was curious why Jolinar hadn't contributed anything yet.
*Do we tell them?*
*Yes, of course. I'm just trying to wrap my brain around all this.*
*Yeah, me too.*
"I do not believe we should speak further."
Everyone turned to Teal'c.
Jack cocked his head at him.
"We cannot be certain there are not listening devices placed in here. You yourself said that the reason AmberCorvores might have been joined to you was to gain access to classified information. What you have said will inform them their plan has succeeded if in fact that was their plan."
"Has something else happened?"
Janet finished examining Amber and put Sam in charge.
As soon as her eyes flashed, everyone automatically oriented on her, listening.
Sam smiled a bit and then her smile slipped away as she faced the Colonel.
"Since he was bugged, it's okay to tell you everything we found out from him."
"Sir, we've detained the airman in your spare bedroom."
Sam turned to Daniel.
"I questioned him, but I'm afraid I didn't learn much about the operation. I did, however, learn enough to indicate that there are two Goa'ulds here on Earth living here...not trying to conquer it, just to live here. At least...that's the impression I got, sir."
"Captain, let's save the impressions for when we're not being monitored. Just state what you were told."
Sam nodded.
"Yes, sir."
They sat quietly for awhile, each in their own thoughts after Sam relayed what the airman had told her.
"So...are we still going to Florida?"
Jack looked over at Daniel.
"I promised Cassie we were going. What time is it?"
"Almost seven, sir."
"Okay...we have Hammond call in the order for a military escort for us. We take Trivies with us as that escort, stopping to pick up some clothes for him. By the time we're back from Florida, I want to know everything Trivies knows...and not just about the operation. I want to know what side he's on."
"Yes, sir...Sir, how are you and Dr. Corvores doing?"
Jack and Amber looked at each other.
"Rough, Captain, but with some work, we'll make it."
Amber smiled weakly, her adrenaline rush having subsided.
Daniel rubbed a hand over his forehead, trying to massage the tension away.
"The clothes in the dryer should be done in just a few minutes. Are you still wanting to get breakfast on the way?"
"Yeah. Umm...who's driving?"
Sam grinned.
"I can't. Not without some wide field to make coordination mistakes in, but Janet should be fine to drive, sir."
" a practical problem. Seating arrangements and capacity for all travelers."
Daniel's eyes flashed, catching Sam off guard.
She suddenly realized Jolinar had been very quiet up until now.
"We wish to know how the airman has been detained. If he is a Tok'ra, should we not report him immediately?"
"Report him to who? Why don't we just skywrite..."
Janet took over, gently ending Jack's question by covering his mouth.
"I don't know about you, sir, but I'm getting a headache. Let's lower the volume."
Jack lightly bit her hand and she smiled as she withdrew it.
He then looked back at Jolinar.
"Listen. We don't know what's going on, so we don't know whom to trust. Okay?"
"I'm curious how we're detaining the airman, too."
Teal'c turned to face Amber.
"He is locked into the spare bedroom with GeneralHammond."
Jack looked at Teal'c oddly.
"What good does it do to lock them in? They just flip the knob...oh! Someone got out the spare key I keep in the drawer. Gee...wonder who that could've been."
Janet blushed.
"It wasn't me."
Jack stopped dead and stared at her.
"It wasn't?"
"No, sir. The only thing I looked through was your closet to get a shirt for Amber."
Jack cocked his head at her, considering her response.
Daniel had taken charge again, grinning.
"Jack...who else, under Janet's tutelage would've gone through the drawer?"
Jack looked at him.
"Yes, Daniel, I'm aware that the good doctor's playing a semantics game. I'm just curious what she plans to do with the knowledge she and Captain Carter gained from the action."
Daniel looked at Janet curiously and then stood, pulling open Jack's underwear drawer.
His eyes began to twinkle and he supplied Jolinar with information on why it was humorous as he rummaged through the drawer for a moment.
He then closed the drawer and sat back down on the bed, dying to know the story behind the drawer's contents.
Amber was smiling, too sleepy again to giggle.
She watched Teal'c, the only one in the room that didn't know what Jonathan's drawer held.
He crossed the room, pulled open the drawer and stared at the women's lingerie inside.
He sifted through it, finding socks and boxers at the bottom, but quite a bit of filmy silk on top.
He closed the drawer, not saying a word, and took a watchful stance at the doorway.
Jack kept waiting for someone to ask him why the lingerie was there, but no one did.
Just as he was about to volunteer the information, Daniel jumped up.
"Well, I think Cassie's been left alone long enough. I'm ready to go and I think we should get our stuff loaded."
Jack's jaw dropped a bit.
He'd been certain that Daniel would ask.
**They're playing with your mind, you know.**
Jack just listened as Janet jumped into the conversation.
**Yes, I know.**
"Daniel, we still need a vehicle that'll carry Teal'c, the Colonel, Amber, the airman, Cassie, and me plus luggage. My car's not big enough."
"No problem."
Amber chimed in, enjoying Jonathan's intense displeasure with everyone walking away with the impression he wore the lingerie or something even worse.
"My sister's pregnant and not going anywhere for awhile. Her husband hired a companion to help her around and she prefers a stick so she drives her own car. My sister's is just sitting in the driveway, collecting dust."
**Sister? Ah...that sister.**
Amber smiled as Jonathan gently sifted through her tired mind, saving her the trouble of explaining anything to him.
**Do you think she'll help? You're a bit...estranged.**
**In return for baby-sitting promises, absolutely. Especially since you'll be helping me.**
Jack grinned at Amber's comment before speaking to Janet.
"Her sister's got a Plymouth Voyager LE with luggage racks on top. We toss the luggage on top and the people inside. No prob."
"Great. How do we get it?"
Amber smiled.
"Hand me the phone."
Daniel reached and then stopped.
"What if the phone's tapped?"
Jack grouched a bit.
"Okay...Daniel, you and Amber go next door and use Mrs. Hamper's phone. She'll probably give you a box of food to bring back since she's convinced I don't eat unless she feeds me. Keep an eye out for people watching the house, but act normal so they won't know if you've spotted them. I don't really care if they know or not, but we don't need them making any overt moves against us."
"O'Neill, if this room is indeed monitored, they will know everything you..."
"Teal'c, I know, but there's no way around that unless we write everything down and then we go to the next step of paranoia. What if there's a hidden camera in here? That's why I hate conspiracies. It just makes your mind twist on itself until you pass out from the strain. We stay vigilant, but we don't go crazy with the "trying to out think the enemy" okay?"
"Yes, sir."
Amber stood, looking for shoes.
"Was I wearing shoes when I came here last night?"
"Yeah, I put them in Jack's closet."
Amber watched Daniel open the closet and pull out her comfortable low-heeled pumps.
Janet looked at them and then looked at Amber.
"What size are your feet?"
"Seven and a half medium. You?"
Janet smiled.
"Seven and a half wide. Wanna wear my sandals? They'll go a bit better on your feet, I think."
Amber looked at Janet closely.
**Why would sandals be better?**
**It's a fashion thing, Jonathan.**
**Ah...not even going to try.**
Amber smiled.
**She's trying to be friends.**
**Well, constantly watching you go insane probably brings out the mother in her.**
Amber turned and stuck her tongue out at Jonathan before nodding to Janet.
"Thank you."
Janet walked to the door.
"Teal'c, would you mind watching the Colonel?"
Teal'c looked grim.
"I would prefer to join GeneralHammond. Do you wish to go with me, O'Neill?"
Jack shook his head before he could stop himself.
Amber's sharp look was obvious as was the instant lack of color in Jack's face.
Janet watched them stare at each other for a few moments.
"I'm gonna go hang with Cassie, Doc. If you want to go with Teal'c, fine, but I'd rather not go anywhere near the airman until it's time to go. Whatever my reaction to him is, I don't want it to be recorded for the edification of whoever's behind this."
Janet nodded, listening to Sam's muttered theories.
"I think I'll stay with you and Cassandra for a while."
"Sounds good."
Teal'c left the room and Daniel motioned Amber out the door in front of him.
Janet turned to watch and sighed contentedly as strong arms wrapped around her from behind.
She relaxed, letting her head fall back against his chest and smiled at the soft kiss he placed on her shoulder.
He held her in silence for a few moments before tightening his arms briefly and then releasing her.
She stepped forward out of the embrace and turned to face him.
Jack smiled as she went on her tiptoes, kissing him softly, being careful of the scratches on his face.
She felt his smile and then he deepened the kiss before drawing back.
Her heart lifted a bit at his obvious reluctance.
Matching his smile, she stared into his twinkling eyes, enjoying the warmth they sent through her.
Sam smiled, lounging next to the pool in Janet's mind.
She grinned outright when the Colonel leaned in and rubbed his nose against Janet's.
The mental chuckling Janet sent around her soothed some of the worry that had been building in her.
Janet turned to the door, holding her hand out to him.
He took it, placing a small kiss on her knuckles before allowing her to lead him from the room.

* * * * * *

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