Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris

Chapter Eighty Three

**Sigh-ko-so-mat-ic. Where my body reacts to mental stimulus without physical cause. Stress or, well, a lot of things can cause it.**
**Yeah, I know that one. Just didn't know what it was called.**
Everyone glanced at him for a moment before nodding.
"That's what I was afraid of."
Daniel carefully sat next to Jack.
"Amber, you just need to tell us what you want, need, or are thinking. I have no idea what to do here."
Jack gripped Daniel's shoulder, feeling Amber's reaction to the deep sincerity in Daniel's voice.
**He really means that, doesn't he?**
**Yeah...he does. He's trying not to cry.**
**They can just look at me to see what you went through. Are you okay?**
**I'm not exactly jumping with joy that this is coming out, but I also think that if it was going to happen, we're in the best spot to do it. I'd rather them know than anyone else...if anyone ever had to.**
**I want to tell, but I also don't. How can I drop this on anyone else?**
Amber lifted her head, her hazel eyes meeting Daniel's blue ones.
"Thank you."
A trembly smile graced his lips before he drew back, looking at the door.
A communal sigh was shared as Cassie stepped into the room.
"There's a phone call for General Hammond. It's a girl."
Jack smirked a bit at Cassie's tone, but the smirk died as he looked at the General.
Hammond ignored him, picking up the bedroom extension, noticing it had no ringer.
"Hammond...I did the right thing...thank you...goodbye."
Jack shuffled over a bit as Daniel kicked off his boots and leaned against the headboard next to him.
"That was Lt. Simmons, not a girl. Nurse Morhs was found unconscious in Dr. Jackson's office. She's..."
", Dr. Jackson. She's...well, she's..."
Hammond choked a nervous laugh, deliberately not looking at anyone.
"She's pregnant and is saying that Col. O'Neill is the father."
Daniel fell off the bed, the thump jarring Amber.
Her eyes shot open as Jonathan's shock bumped her own and then knocked it completely out of the way.
**Emotion hog.**
Jonathan's huge incredulous eyes turned to her, not getting her remark.
**So you did make out with her, too.**
She tried to smile as her automatic response slipped into his mind, but realized she'd pushed too far.
He didn't respond vocally.
He looked over to Janet, helplessly, having no clue what to say to her.
He wanted to scream and yell, but his body had other priorities.
Jack watched Daniel climb back onto the bed, trying to speak, but as his body began to heave, he moved.
Jack gently shoved Amber onto Daniel's lap, scooting off his bed and through the door to the bathroom just beyond.
Amber tried to block Jonathan's illness out, but it was wreaking havoc on her already suggestible body.
The added stress of this new situation was just too much for Amber.
She was too battered emotionally to deal with it and began slipping into a detached state.
Her mind began blocking memories, thoughts, and emotions to achieve a protective numbness.
Daniel stared at the female heap in his lap and wasn't sure what to do.
Janet sat down on the bed, enjoying the warmth where the Colonel had just been.
*Janet, there's no way...*
*I know...I just hope he knows I know.*
Sam smiled her reassurance.
"Sir, the Colonel wouldn't have done anything..."
"I'm aware of that doctor, although the Colonel's reaction was interesting."
"Well not really..."
Janet jumped up, knowing the gist of what Daniel was about to say.
She left the room, stepping behind the retching Colonel.
Sam closed her eyes, not exactly excited by the sight.
Janet wetted a washcloth with cool water and bathed his forehead, allowing the cool driblets to run across his heated face.
When his body was dry heaving, she just wrapped an arm around him as he braced himself on his elbows, waiting for his body to settle.
"Everyone knows it isn't true, Jack."
"What if it is?"
Janet sat up at that, and Jack chuckled.
"I didn't sleep with her, Janet."
He didn't miss the tone of her voice.
The pressure from Amber's mental block was making his headache a killer and he tried not to just hurt.
"Considering all the blood she's drawn and all the tests run that no one knew about...isn't there a way for her to have impregnated herself? While I was asleep or something? If she actually is pregnant and this isn't just a ploy to get us back on base or something. Ugh."
Janet handed him a paper cup of water to rinse out his mouth.
"What is it?"
*You're not gonna kiss him, are you?*
*No! Sam...yuck. The man just vomited. He doesn't need that right now, anyway. Ick...*
"Conspiracies make me sick."
Janet groaned at the pun, getting out of the way as he pushed himself to his feet.
He splashed water on his face, then got out his toothbrush and toothpaste, determined to get the taste out of his mouth.
Janet sighed, her hand sliding across his shoulder.
"I'd better check on Cassie. I'd expected to find her right outside the door when I opened it, so I'm curious where she is."
Jack spat and grinned.
"She was outside the door when I opened it. I nearly tripped over her. She's probably watching the movie just to avoid getting hit by incoming SGC personnel."
Janet smirked.
"Serves her right...although I certainly think you and I should have a talk about the things you teach her. I don't believe in "good cop, bad cop" when it comes to parenting."
Jack rinsed and then turned to her, leaning against the vanity.
"Parenting, huh?"
Janet blushed red at her unintended implication.
Jack pulled her into a tight hug, still feeling weak in his stomach.
Her hands linked to her arms around his waist, just holding him.
Jack caught movement and turned his head so it lay on her shoulder and he could see into the hall.
Daniel stepped in, flushing the toilet before folding his arms and leaning against the bathroom door.
"Teal'c's gone to sit with Cassie. Amber's asleep...we think. She's got a pulse, but that's about it so I tucked her into Jack's bed. Cassie popped in and when she saw Amber asleep...well...she made it clear she didn't mind having a bedmate, but that she gets the left side."
Jack's smile was in his reply.
"I don't want to move Amber again, so that's probably a good idea. Besides, it would be good if Cassie and Amber bonded without anyone here sabotaging an unbiased friendship...ouch!"
Jack moved him and Janet so his rear was protected by the marble surface behind him.
She wasn't going to get another smack in like that.
He resisted the urge to rub the offended area, knowing it would make Daniel's day and the smirk the smack had brought out would turn into a full-fledged grin.
"What about Hammond?"
"He was going to go home or back to the base, but...Jack, are you aware of how long he's gone without sleep? I mean, he's dead on his feet."
"Tell him to take the spare room."
Janet pulled back a bit.
"Where is Sam sleeping?"
Jack's eyebrow lifted.
"You're not sleeping?"
"Yes, but I'm sleeping in a luxurious double king-sized feather bed covered with silk sheets and pillows."
Jack stared at her for a moment.
"When Sam's in charge, I can actually create a world inside my mind to my liking."
"What kind of things do you make?"
Janet blushed before she could catch herself, and Jack's hand captured her chin, lifting it up so she had to meet his eyes.
"Now, I just dying to know."
"But I'm not."
Both turned to look at a smiling Daniel.
"This is probably going to lead to a make-out session or something..."

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