Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris

Chapter Seventy Eight

Daniel started moving around the room, picking things up, and tossing the apples he found her way.
Sam paused as she saw the curious look in his eye.
Daniel cocked his head.
"How'd you get the watergun? It was in my bag. I figured it would be handy with Cass, but I forgot it in Janet's trunk."
"Cassie got it out. I sent her to get my duffel bag and when she came back, she had Corvores' camera and the watergun."
"Ah okay."
Sam didn't like the look in his eye.
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm gonna look through her overnight bag and see what she brought back. If there's something that catches my interest, I'll take it out and give it to you...all in the name of fairness, of course."
Sam sighed.
"That's between the two of you."
"Janet's not going to comment?"
Sam smirked.
"She's not caring about anything out here at the moment."
" Asleep's not the word for it."
"Not gonna tell, are ya?"
"I can't. I promised. You'd love it, though."
Daniel grinned.
Sam grabbed the plastic bag and Daniel held it while she dropped the bruised apples into it.
"You get to clean the floor where that apple bomb hit. Sam, that was sick."
"I know."
Daniel shook his head at the evil glint in her eye.
"Yeah, well...I'll put the pillows up while you get the spray carpet cleaner out of the hall closet."
Cassie appeared at the door, wondering what was about to happen.
Sam handed her the apples.
Cassie's nose wrinkled.
"You don't want me to put these back with the food now that they've been on the floor, do you?"
Sam grinned.
"No, just put 'em in the kitchen."
"Oh, okay."
Sam followed her out and grabbed the carpet cleaner.
As soon as she re-entered the bedroom, she noticed that except for water all over the bed and floor, everything looked like it was supposed to.
Daniel really did move fast.
"Daniel, you're getting faster."
"You've always been able to run, but lately...well tonight, actually, you've been moving really fast."
Daniel paused.
"I thought it was my imagination. I guess this is another side effect."
"They'll probably want you back in the infirmary."
Daniel glared at her for a moment.
"They'll have to drag me back in there. I'm so sick of the infirmary. I mean, I've been tired of it before, and I've never looked forward to it, but I'm really sick of it now."
"I don't blame you."
"Janet's not commenting yet, huh?"
"I told you. Daniel...she's...umm...making sure I know I'll suffer if I tell you so we'll drop it."
Daniel chuckled as she finished cleaning the spot and they left it to air dry.
Sam opened the window a little, pulling the screen down to keep out any insects.
The phone rang and before either adult could move, they heard Cassie answer.
Her excitement was palpable as they entered the room, listening to her chatter away to the Colonel.
Then she frowned, motioning Sam over.
"Carter, something's happened here. I need you to get here and, if necessary, sneak Amber out."
Sam's eyes widened and Daniel's brow furrowed as he mouthed questions at her.
She held up her hand.
"Sir, I would be disobeying..."
"Sam...I think someone's going to make a move on Amber, but I don't know how secure this line is so I'd rather not say any more on it. Teal'c is staying here with me, and we're going to see if the General's in on this, but we have to get Amber out. Now."
"I don't ask this lightly, but she's a mess right now and needs to be among people we know for sure we can trust. Right now, that's you, Janet, and Daniel."
"Daniel needs to stay here with Cassie, sir, but I'll be right there and we can discuss this in person."
Daniel was practically hopping, trying to get Sam to talk to him.
She smiled a bit at the picture he made, but the seriousness in the Colonel's tone caught Janet's attention.
*What could've happened to Corvores?*
*Not a clue, but it must've been bad if the Colonel's willing to risk getting her out of there.*
"Just get here, Carter."
"Yes, sir."
Sam hung up, telling Daniel everything as she grabbed Janet's purse.
Daniel sighed.
"Well at least with Amber here, Jack'll see everything that's going on here."
*When did Daniel start calling her Amber?*
*I've noticed that a couple times, too. Probably has something to do with his moodiness earlier.*
*Yeah, maybe.*
Both jumped as the doorbell rang.
Sam sighed.
"Well, at least it'll be hot for the two of you. The Colonel's definitely making it up to me."
Daniel smirked, getting out his wallet.
"Go on, I'll pay and try not to enjoy myself too much with Cassie."
Sam smacked his arm on her way out, letting his levity take away some of the tension the Colonel's call had caused.
She opened the door, motioning the delivery boy out of the way and quickly started down the steps before stopping cold.
*What are you doing?*
*Daniel can move...*
Not answering, Sam turned and went back up the steps.
The boy handed her the pizzas and left, leaving her facing a curious Daniel.
" fast can you move?"
Daniel understood immediately.
"I don't know. More, I don't know how fast I can go carrying someone else."
"Let's do a small test. She's a bit taller than me, but we're about the same build so it would be an efficient test."
"Yeah, okay."
Sam pushed through the doorway, stepping to drop the pizza on the coffee table in front of Cassandra.
"I thought you were leaving to help Jack."
Both adults looked at her and she held up her hands, showing they were empty.
"I won't tell. I'm great with secrets."
They smirked at the inside joke and Sam turned to Daniel.
"Okay...field test."
"I was going to suggest the Colonel's backyard, but you'd be going through corridors..."
Daniel stepped behind her and picked her up.
Sam tightened her muscles, imagining the way she would be if she were upset and scared, possibly injured since they didn't know what was wrong with Corvores.
"Can you loosen up a bit?"
"We don't know how loose Corvores will be, Daniel."
"Good point."
Janet didn't say anything, just watching.
Daniel looked down at Sam, hating the tension she was showing, even though he knew it was fake tension.
*I can help release your muscles.*
*Let's try this first, then try assistance, okay?*
*Very well.*
Daniel ran to the top of the stairs.
"Whoa! Cool!"
He grinned at Sam who was clutching his chest, no longer faking the tension, although excitement had replaced the fake fear.
"So, we're selling tickets for that ride."
Daniel chuckled and ran through each room of the house, stopping beside Cassie who just stared.
"Wow. I could barely see you."
Sam frowned as her heartbeat settled a bit.
"They'll see you on the cameras and they'll definitely be looking for you, Daniel."
"Yeah. but I'll have a better chance of outrunning anyone than you will."
"True...I'm thinking more along the lines of Maybourne-types wanting to find you for experiment purposes. This will high profile you pretty quickly."
Daniel's nose wrinkled a bit at the pun and Sam shrugged.
He set her down gently, holding her for a moment as she regained her equilibrium.
"So it was fun, huh?"
"A blast. I'm hanging with you when we run from the bad guys from now on."
Daniel laughed at that.
"I don't know how long I can keep it up, but it's nice."
"Okay, so I'm gone. Anyone listening to that call would assume you're coming so that might knock 'em off guard."
"They'll see you from the first check in on."
"No, I'll park down the road from the first look out and run/walk the rest of the way. It'll be good practice. If I can't get in, there's probably not a good chance I can get out."
They jumped as the phone rang again.
Daniel grinned as his hand beat Cassie's to it and she mouthed "It's my house."
Her house?
He stuck out his tongue, then answered the phone, a bit of devilment in his voice.
"Fraiser house."
"Fraiser house? Since when? Nevermind. Daniel, has Carter left, yet?"
"Maybe, why?"
"Tell her we'll be there soon. Not to come."
Daniel's jaw worked for a second.
"Yeah, sure. I'll let her know."
Daniel hung up, catching Sam's look.
"He's coming here. We're to sit tight."
Sam's mouth opened and shut before she finally spoke.
"Oh...well I was going to grouch about it, but I'm hungry. Pizza?"
Daniel grinned, curiosity running rampant, but not willing to dwell on it either.
"Yeah, let's eat."
"You can't eat, yet."
Daniel turned to Cassie.
"Oh? Why?"
"Cuz it's my turn. I heard Sam squealing."
Cassie held up her arms and Daniel grinned.
"I suspect this is going to become a regular occurrence."
Sam chuckled.
"I can't wait to see the Colonel's face when I demand a ride on slow missions."
Daniel mock groaned, picking Cassie up.
Her delight filled the house with sound as he raced from one room to another, his coordination flawless.
Sam grabbed three plates from the kitchen, filled one, pushed play, and sat back to watch the movie...waiting for her turn.

* * * * * *

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