Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris

Chapter Seventy One

Janet ignored Sam's laughter as she tried to keep a straight face.
*It's not that funny.*
*Janet, she did that on purpose.*
*I know. That's why we're watching Gumby:The Movie if she does anything like it again. What those women must've thought.*
Sam just laughed harder.
*You know when she said 'Daddy', I immediately pictured the Colonel.*
*Sam...we're not even dating. It's bad enough with Daniel putting thoughts into Cassie's already active imagination without you pushing it from this end.*
*Ah...I get it. He's who you immediately pictured, too.*
Janet picked up George of the Jungle, ignoring Cassie's groans.
"You always get that one."
*You do?*
*Have you seen it?*
Sam shook her head, grinning, and was rewarded with a life size Brendan Fraser as George.
Sam inhaled and held that breath until Janet removed the model.
*So...umm...we're watching that one when Cassie goes to sleep.*
*Oh yeah.*
Cassie picked up one movie after another, a look of distaste on her face.
"If I promise to be good, can I go to PG?"
*Make her go apologize to those women.*
*Humble pie, when eaten that young, builds character.*
Janet smiled a bit, which Cassie took as a yes and ran before Janet could change her mind.
*Okay. Next lesson we learn is how to do a Corvores.*
*Keep our outer expression blank no matter what we're feeling inside.*
*It probably would be useful considering you're so easy to read.*
Janet started to deny it, then gave up.
She'd already known that.
Janet automatically turned, her eyes finding Cassie even though she knew she wasn't the one calling out.
Sam forced herself to relax, having already worked through the reasons she couldn't have Cassie many times.
Besides, Cassie and Janet just fit together as if they were supposed to be with each other.
*Tell her you want her to call you Mom.*
*She lost her real parents and I promised her I wasn't trying to take their place. I'm just continuing what they started. I don't have the right..*
*We're not talking rights here, we're talking preferences on both sides. She may want to call you Mom, but isn't sure how you'd feel about it.*
*I'll think about it.*

Cassie looked up and realized Janet was walking her way.
She put back the two movies she'd been admiring and looked for something she'd actually be allowed to watch.
She grabbed The Mummy as she passed it, knowing Janet had a thing for Brendan Fraser, but hadn't been able to see it.
Cassie grinned remembering going to see it with SG-1 since Janet had been caught at the Academy Hospital and couldn't take her.
The painted woman at the beginning had caught them all off guard.
Jack had pulled her into his lap and had covered her eyes.
Daniel had covered Sam's eyes with his hand, laughing when she jumped.
She'd dumped her popcorn on him.
Ooh...Keanu Reeves.
She loved that movie.
She wondered for a moment how many movies she could get away with.
Was Dirty Dancing PG or PG-13?
Cassie plucked Dirty Dancing out.
It was an older movie, but she'd watched it a lot while at Laurie's house since Laurie was into Patrick Swayze's old films.
She just had to make sure she wore out the adults before watching it so they'd go to sleep first and she wouldn't get in trouble...although it would be funny to have it on if Jack were there.
Just to see the look on his face.
He always got like that whenever woman stuff came up.
He was so funny about things like that.
Janet tended to get...motherly.
She could be fun, too, but Jack was more so
She saw the look on Janet's face as she approached and realized she should probably get another one she really wanted in case Janet flipped at the title and made her put it back.

Daniel walked into the video store, his eyes watching Janet's quick form as she headed purposefully toward a little blonde moving through the aisles at breakneck speed.
He started to step forward and then stopped.
He knew Cassie just needed adjustment time, but that rejection had cut him a lot deeper than he'd expected and he wasn't sure he could handle it again...not yet, anyway.
He headed for the documentary section, looking for the newer one an old friend of his had done on the Sphinx.
*I am sorry.*
*I know. You just didn't think before you spoke.*
*She is a child, but she was correct. She is not to blame.*
*Neither's Jack.*
*Yes, he is.*
Daniel sighed.
*I'm not getting into this with you right now and I'm probably not going to get into it with you later, either. If you want to hold grudges, go for it. Just don't hurt Cassie again. That's inexcusable.*
Jolinar was silent, a fact Daniel was incredibly grateful for.
He held his breath and walked forward to where Janet was waving a movie in the air.
He took the movie out of her hands, startling her since he'd approached from behind and looked at the title.
"'re into Dirty Dancing? I never knew."
Janet stopped, turned, and glared the smile off his face.
It returned as soon as she was facing Cassie again.
He walked to the D's and put it back up, knowing Cassie was going to lose that one.
She probably knew that though and planned ahead.
Her innate sneakiness could be frightening at times.
"Dr. J!"
Daniel turned around in a circle, trying to locate Bre.
Her voice was a musical puzzle.
It sounded nice, but no musician could ever play that many notes at once.
Suddenly she was beside him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders.
Moving to politely extricate himself, she surprised him with a chaste kiss on the cheek.
While she was near his ear, she whispered lightly.
"That blonde guy in the green pants and ugly yellow shirt works for the Grapevine. I saw him tailing you and Dr. Fraiser, so I tailed him. He's got a gun in his glove compartment, but no registration or insurance so if you want, I can call in the license plate number, a fake complaint, and get him nailed on it."
Daniel's eyebrows were in his hairline.
"Bre, that would pretty effectively give away the fact we know him."
"Am I interrupting something?"
Daniel tried to turn to talk to Janet, but Bre molded herself to him so he actually had to place his arm around her waist and lift her in a slow turn.
"No. Bre was giving me a tip on the guy in the green pants and yellow shirt. He's a Viner."
"Viner? Oh, I love it. That would catch on so much faster than graper, you know?"
Janet rolled her eyes at Bre's quiet enthusiasm.
Cassie was fascinated.
"Are you Daniel's girlfriend?"
Daniel jumped, Jolinar's sharp amusement annoying him.
"No, Dr. J and I just get together every now and then for fun. Nothing serious."
Daniel could've slipped through the floor at that moment as Bre raised her voice.

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