Dead Man Kneels beside Osiris


Chapter Sixty Seven

* * * * * *

"I know, Jack, but I can't help it."
"I just wish you'd give some warning, that's all."
"She's living here now, too, and it's only fair to let her speak her mind. I'm trying not to abuse my advantage."
Jack tried not to glare at Daniel, knowing it really wasn't his fault.
He felt Amber's amusement, but was grateful she was trying to keep her thoughts on the matter quiet.
**You're welcome.**
Jack opened one drawer after another, trying to find the notebook, knowing Daniel was impatient to get going.
**You can't sneak out. They'd would just retrieve you and you wouldn't get to spend tomorrow with Cassie either.**
**I know that, but I'm fine...we're fine. It's stupid.**
**If it were Daniel that was suddenly linked with me, would you think that was fine?**
**That's just it. They're letting two brand new Tok'ra go out into the world, but they're not letting me. It makes no sense.**
**As long as Jolinar and Samantha don't take control, they look normal. We have a glaze on our eyes that is defying every test we've put it through. I don't blame them for wanting to keep us for observation.**
**What were those formulas running through your mind earlier?**
**Hmm? Oh...**
**Aack...I wasn't asking for a replay, just an explanation.**
**Sorry...they're too confusing not to run through before talking about.**
**What kind of substance results?**
**Earlier, when you decided to stare into...nevermind...**
**Thank you.**
**When I was with Nurse Morhs earlier, I was conducting tests on our blood, to try and see if I could identify what it was that had caused the substance.**
**May I point out a rather huge flaw in your logic?**
**I know, but I didn't believe Nurse Morhs was a true threat. I still don't think she's a vampire.**
**Got it!**
**Hmm? Oh...I told you it was there.**
**I don't like that you have better access to my memories than I do.**
**Too bad...**
"Jack? Is that it?"
"Yeah. You like? Here's the keys, by the way."
**That wasn't a gay reference. I just think it's cute. That's all.**
**Yuh huh....sure, Amber.**
He felt her amusement and let it drop.
"Thanks. Jack, where did you get this? It's...interesting."
Jack grinned at the way Daniel leafed through the blank journal.
"Just found it...somewhere. Will it do?"
"'s perfect. Thanks."
"Amber named it and we're not calling it that."
"What did she say?"
Jack just shook his head.
**That's downright immature.**
**So's keeping a diary, but I don't see you changing that habit.**
**I do not keep a diary.**
**Deliberately telling Daniel things you know he'll write down in his journal counts as keeping a diary. You're recording things for're just not the one physically writing them down.**
**We're not calling it that.**
**We just met up with Janet and I already told her the name. She's laughing...**
Jack mentally pushed the button and saw Janet's feet.
**Look up.**
Amber's mental laughter just grew as she looked at Teal'c and then back down at Janet's feet.
**Oh fine.**
Amber looked up and Jack smiled as Janet's laughter subsided to small chuckles.
**Happy? Sorry, dumb question.**
Jack was then looking into Daniel's waving hand.
"You zoned out again."
"Janet was laughing at Amber's name for the journal."
"Now you have to tell me."
Jack's mouth twisted a bit.
"SG1's Little SpyBook."
Daniel's mouth dropped open a bit.
"We're not calling it that."
"Nup...but the women are."
"What are we calling it?"
"Nothing. It's just a record of what we know. That's all. Why do we have to name it?"
Daniel grinned.
"If we don't come up with a counter name, their name'll stick, Jack."
Jack rubbed his forehead for a moment.
"Fine. Think of something...un-cute...'kay?"
"Yeah, sure. You got it for me especially, huh?"
"Don't go there, Daniel."
"Huh? Yuck. Like I'd start something like that."
Jack just shrugged.
"Anyway, I was just wondering if it was the coffee reference at the top that..."
Jack smiled a bit.
"Well, different things on it reminded me of SG1, actually."
"Yeah...the coffee reminded me of you, the minimalist reminded me of Teal'c, Carter's whole "take only what you need and keep it perfectly organized" habit reminded me of the less is more. Then, of course...that's Junior at the bottom right."
Daniel choked, laughing harder as Jack thumped him on the back.
Calming down, Daniel grinned each time he looked at "Junior".
"I guess the guy making the "peace" sign is you?"
Jack just gave him a look.
Daniel dropped it.
"What all are you putting in it?"
"I figured I'd list anything of import. How far back should I go?"
"The weirdness started with Carter dying..."
**No, it started when that light hit you on P4X-75H2 and Daniel's vision started changing. We have no actual proof, but it's more than likely connected to Sam dying without actually dying.**
**Fine, fine...P4X...**
"Start with P4X-75H2, then."
"Yeah, I know, that's the planet with the amazing temple."
"So why are you looking at me like that?"
"Because you said its numeric designation."
Jack grinned.
**Nice to actually know something, isn't it?**
**Don't start.**
**It's really not that hard to remember the code names.**
**I know, but if I always remembered them, Carter and Jackson wouldn't have anything to do during briefings.**
**You just don't want to give up the dumb soldier routine.**
**Not really...we're pretty balanced.**
**Not anymore. Every member of SG-1 is joined to someone else, now.**
**Teal'c isn't...ah...true...Junior. Well, we're just the SGC's first eight being SG team.**
**I'm not a member of...**
Daniel grinned.
"I didn't say anything."
"No, actually I didn't. I just mouthed "asparagus, watermelon, banana" over and over until you came back so you'd feel stupid."
"It worked."
"I know. I've been dying to do it to you since the first time you zoned on me in here."
Jack pursed his lips to keep from replying.
**We're almost to your office.**
"We're about to have company."
"Oh? Oh. Okay."
Daniel couldn't completely suppress his grimace.
"You promised you'd try."
"I know and I am."
The door opened and Janet walked in.
*I've got to see it.*
*Daniel's holding it...oh wow. Corvores was right. It is adorable.*
Janet walked right up to Daniel and picked the book out of his hands.
Daniel and Jack exchanged incredulous looks at Janet's enthusiasm.
"Colonel, this is beautiful. Daniel, you don't want to waste this book. Why don't we just stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap notebook to use."
Daniel grinned.
"Well...I try to use unusual journals so it would look odd for me to be walking around with a regular one. This one's definitely unusual."
*I like the gold.*
Janet thumbed it open.
"Why is one page white and one page black?"
Daniel shrugged.
"Oh. Yeah...this came with it."
Daniel glanced over.
"Really? Cool."
Janet snatched the pen out of the Colonel's hands.
She quickly wrote "Droodles and such" at the top of the white page, then flipped the pen over and wrote "Suspicions and such" at the top of the black page.
Jack cocked his head at her in confusion, while Daniel grinned, amused and fascinated.
"You can actually see the writing on the black page. Cool. Thanks Jack."
"Again, welcome. Doc...what's a droodle?"
*Yeah, Janet. Explain that one.*
Janet smiled a sweet smile at the Colonel, enjoying the way his eyes darkened and the corners of his mouth turned up.
*Ahh...Sam, it's all about power.*
*As if he can't turn you into melted goo with a look.*
Sam picked up the book she'd been reading.
Janet had dropped a list of every non-medical book she'd ever read so that Sam could see if she wanted to look through any of them.
One of them had been "Oodles of Droodles" by Roger Price.
It was one of Janet's secret pleasures and now Sam was hooked as well.
"This, sir, is a droodle."
Janet drew a circle with a square sticking out of it.

Teal'c's eyebrow dancing, he leaned forward for a better look.
"Is it a form of code?"
"No, Teal'c. It's a special doodle."
Sam grinned at the way the Colonel's eyebrows drew together.
"Okay, it's a doodle with..."
"...a definition."
"Uh huh."
Daniel's eyebrows were raised.
Janet quickly leaned over and whispered what it was in his ear.
He looked at it again, his eyes widening, and burst out laughing.
"Sir, look at this and tell me how many things it looks like to you."
Jack was obviously not going to play, but Corvores stepped over and looked.

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