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"Sir, you can give it to her when we pick you up tomorrow."
**Umm...she didn't just imply what I think she implied, did she?**
**I hope not.**
**You hope not. You're not the one who'll be stuck here for years if you have to wait for someone else to drive you.**
**Just have an airman drive you...ah, not trusting airmen at the moment. Okay, I don't blame you. You have a very active imagination for someone who hates coloring outside the lines, you know.**
**And just how many minds have you visited who hate coloring outside the lines? Hundreds were implied from the sound of the ignorantly male superiority complex you just revealed.**
**Ouch. Okay, the winning side of the battle of the sexes calls a time out to deal with Cass...far more important.**
**~Dream a little dream...~**
**Ugh. No singing, please.**
Amber deliberately sang off key and loud in her mind to set him off.
**You done?**
**Yes. Any other insults?**
**Plenty, but I'll save them for another time. You'll just have to come home with me tomorrow. We'll stop by your place to pick up a few things and then...oh come on.**
**Not going to happen. I hate parties, I hate being around SG-1 in non-scientific matters, I hate, I hate, I hate and I'm not going to change just so you won't be inconvenienced.**
**Yes, ma'am.**
"Amber's comin' with us, tomorrow."
No one missed the glare Amber sent him.
He ignored it as if it didn't exist.
**It'll be good for you to get some people interaction. You like kids, Cass is a great kid.**
**It'll put a larger strain on the food bill, since I'm a vegetarian.**
**Yeah, so...we'll feed you rabbit food.'re coming and that's it.**
"Daniel, make sure to stop by my office when we leave here. I have a blank notebook I got for you a while back and keep forgetting to give you."
Pressure rushed through his mind without any words and he raised both eyebrows at Amber.
**Something you wanted to say?**
**Yes, but I'm learning to control my impulses.**
"Yeah, okay."
"Sir, we'll leave the decision of what to do tomorrow with Cassandra up to the two of you. That way, it'll partly make up for the fact you won't be there, okay?"
Janet glanced over to make sure that was fine with Daniel and Teal'c.
Seeing no opposition, she looked at Corvores.
*We should probably get on a first name basis with her if the Colonel is going to insist she be included.*
Janet sighed inwardly, giving Sam a light breeze.
*That really disturbs me.*
*We're going to need to make a list, too.*
*What she's done we really need to be upset about.*
*You mean because it never seems to be her fault?*
*Yeah...something like that.*
"Great. Come by...about 0600?"
Janet ignored Sam's chuckling.
"Sir, you know she always sleeps in until 1100 on Saturdays. We'll be here about noon to pick you and Corvores up for lunch and we'll go from there."
Jack opened his mouth to argue, but shut it when Janet gave a quick shake of her head, indicating her unwillingness to change her statement.
"So much for me being in charge of tomorrow."
Daniel smiled.
"Okay, when are the rest of us leaving?"
Janet checked her watch.
"In about twenty minutes."
"Good. I'm driving."
"I'm driving."
"My car's bigger."
"Okay...I'm driving your car. Oh, Jack, we need your keys."
Jack's head jerked up.
"That would be...because?"
"So we can sack out at your place tonight. Cassie always sleeps better her first night back when it's at your place."
Jack's lips thinned and Janet prepared herself to interrupt the argument between the two men.
Then, Jack's shoulders slumped almost infinitesimally.
"Yeah, okay. I'll hand 'em to you when you come by the office."
"We'll take pictures."
Corvores stood.
"Actually, you can use my digital camera if you want. It's state-of-the-art and that way you can take the pictures and then send them to us while we're waiting here."
Daniel raised his eyebrows a bit.
"Great. Thanks."
*She is trying.*
*I thanked her.*
Jolinar's snort let him know what she thought of that.
Daniel sighed out loud, getting a quick look from everyone.
*I can't just unload all of it that fast.*
*You expected me to "unload" my bitterness and you have not had time to build up that much emotion toward her. So prove I can become as unfettered and carefree as you.*
*Your sarcasm is totally unappreciated.*
Daniel watched Janet stand, smiling a bit at Corvores.
*She is trying, as well.*
*I know...I know.*
Everyone was standing now, rather awkwardly trying to find a way to end the meeting without sounding too eager to get away.
Jack finally got sick of the silence.
"Danny, you're with me. Fraiser, get ready to go. Teal'c, you go with Amber to get the camera and anything else the two of you think should go."
Everyone catapulted into action.
Daniel's office door opened with Janet out first and heading away from them.
Teal'c and Amber left next, heading almost the same direction, leaving Daniel and Jack alone.
Daniel looked at Jack, waiting for him to lead the way.
"She really didn't mean what she said."
Daniel paused.
"I know. I could tell she meant it and as Jolinar insists on pointing out, except for maybe Teal'c, I'm the only one not even trying to be nice to her."
Jack grimaced.
"Yeah, well...I really think the two of you should just call it even, drop the grudge, and start over."
"That's rich...coming from you...sorry."
Jack's face had blanked and even the apology didn't breach it.
*He has learned how to do it! Ask him to teach you.*
*I just insulted him. I don't think he's going to teach me anything right now.*
*You are incredibly dense. Apologize again and promise to do better.*
Daniel rubbed the bridge of his nose, still expecting to find his glasses there.
When they weren't, he opened his eyes and met Jack's emotionless gaze.
"I don't mean to take it out on you. I'm just really tense right now."
Jack's mouth worked for a moment before he answered.
"No, you're right. I keep grudges and I push people away when I feel weak. I have no right to help you in any way. You just deal with this in your perfect, tried and true way while I just step over here to give your righteousness room..."
"Jack! Sheesh...I'm sorry. It was stupid. I only said it because..."
Jack grinned, driving his point home.
"You knew it would hurt me. You did the same thing Amber did."
Daniel knew his eyes were huge, but couldn't for the life of him speak.
Jolinar crowed with laughter.
*He is not even angry with you!*
*Really? I hadn't noticed.*
Jolinar's amusement didn't abate even a small amount.
"Okay. Fine. I'm being unreasonable."
Jack sighed, his grin dimming.
"I just would appreciate a little less tension between allies, okay? We've got enough weird things going on, and real enemies to figure out without spending our energy bickering."
"You're right."
Jack held open the office door.
"Oh, time tell me before you remove a known listening device, okay?"
"I really wanted to be the one that took it out."
Daniel stopped and then grinned before preceding Jack out of the office.

* * * * * *

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