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Jack's eyes were beginning to bore into him and Daniel was getting a bit nervous.
"They had just finished when I got here and let Corvores in with me."
"Ah...that explains the hole in the wall."
"Yeah, well...I'm not interested in being taped any more than anyone else is."
*It was a foolish tactical move. We knew where that one was. We do not know where they will put the replacement.*
*I heard you the first time. Objection double-noted.*
"Not sure I would've done that, but..."
"Jolinar's been harping on me about it. Don't need it from you, too."
*You are allowing your irritation to show. He will know if you do not attempt to hide your feelings.*
*I know, it just hurts.*
Daniel looked up automatically and knew from the look in Jack's eyes that Jack knew exactly what he was thinking.
Oh well.
"Okay, so to re-cap. We have a new alien infestation possibility, a secret cult that may or may not be connected to the Grapevine,'ll get your turn to talk."
Janet and Daniel closed their mouths, amused at Jack's attitude.
"...a General who may be in on everything or may just be being used, a demon-witch-vampire person who takes blood on disturbing walks and who did something to my eye, causing me and Amber to connect. I miss anything?"
"My automatic suspicion leans toward Maybourne."
"Yeah, mine, too."
Jack smirked.
"Yeah, but we have nothing to connect him to this. However a lynch mob is always in good taste when it comes to him, so if anything would like to…oh...say...accidentally drop some piece of evidence that ties him in, I'm all for it."
Daniel smiled as he watched Janet try to reprimand Jack without giving into the laugh in her voice.
Daniel looked at Jack, catching the quick, but very concerned look he shot Corvores before the look was gone and he was focused on the situation again.
She hadn't said another word and he was starting to feel bad about it.
"Okay, so someone needs to get a little spy notebook out and we're going to X-Files this."
", exactly?"
Jack leaned forward.
"Daniel, you have the prettiest handwriting, so you get to keep the notebook."
Daniel glared at him, but before he could say anything, Jack glared at Corvores.
She looked at Jack, no expression, but Jack's face just got darker and darker until Corvores spoke.
"That's enough...Jonathan."
A trio of raised eyebrows met Jack's gaze as he looked around.
"You're right, Amburger. We need to get Daniel a notebook..."
He was interrupted by Daniel's laughter.
Daniel couldn't help it.
What an awful nickname.
Pain erupted and his eyes opened in shock as his hands automatically reached down to touch his shin where Corvores had kicked him.
She stood there, as beautiful as a Greek statue, and he'd thought as cold as one, too.
Now, he began to wonder just how much was a mask.
*Let me have control.*
Daniel started to deny Jolinar, but then gave into an evil impulse.
*Yeah, sure.*
**Oh that was really mature, Amber.**
**It wasn't that funny.**
**Yes, it was.**
**No, it...oh good grief.**
**Umm, you might wanna back up.**
"You will not harm my host."
Amber backed up quickly and then stopped.
**You've made me paranoid.**
Amber controlled her expression, folded her hands behind her back and faced Jolinar down.
Jolinar walked up until she was nose to nose with Corvores.
**If you apologize for teasing me about the "pretty" remark, I'll defend you.**
**You're the one that said he was pretty.**
**I said his writing was pretty.**
**Okay, fine. I'm sorry for teasing you about giving into your deepest...**
Amber jumped back as Jack jumped forward.
**What are you going to do?**
**I'm either gonna noughie you to death or I'm gonna feed you my boot.**
**You won't do either. Daniel's pretty eyes will catch your attention and I'll...**
Jack pulled her down so she was tucked safely under his arm.
Then, he made a fascinating discovery.
Amber weighed barely anything.
**You're practically nothing.**
**Hey! Hey! Put me down!**
Jack grinned as he lifted her off the floor and proceeded to mess her hair so it fell in a long, dark cascade over his arm.
He then took each of the pins and tossed them in Daniel's trashbin.
**I will find a way to hurt you, Jonathan.**
He noughied harder, until Teal'c's hand on his arm stopped him.
"O'Neill, I do not believe this is the proper way to attack her. She has shown no weakness toward this method."
"You're right, Teal'c. Gimmee your boot."
Amber twisted out of his arms, looking like a professionally dressed sixteen-year-old, voicing her thoughts.
"No, Jonathan, I'm not eating your's or Teal'c's boot."
Daniel took over and lifted his foot.
"That's okay, Jack. I'll give you mine."
Amber glared at him.
**I apologized and he still wants to...**
**You two do seemed to be locked in a rut.**
**And we aren't?**
That stopped Jack.
**You...'re right. Fine. I'm sorry if you are.**
**I am, although I definitely prefer Jonathan to Jack.**
**Too bad.**
**What do I have to let you do to let me call you Jonathan?**
**Cut out the gay jokes, for one. They really creep me out.**
**Okay...what else?**
**Tell Daniel what you meant when you apologized.**
**That's the deal.**
Jack was obviously waiting.
Amber sighed and walked up to Daniel.
He took a step back, and she paused.
"The reason I said I got what I said from Jonathan's mind..."
**Hey! You can't call me that until after you meet the conditions.**
**No way, I'm not falling for that. You put a continuous condition on it which means it starts now and is only revoked if I break the conditions.**
Jack growled a bit under his breath as she continued.
" because from what I've learned of you in his mind, I knew it would hurt you. I wanted to get you back quickly and effectively and Jonathan knows you've always been overly sensitive to your place on the team. He doesn't feel that way, but he knows you sometimes do after a mission goes badly because of something you believe is your fault. I'm sorry I used my new knowledge of you that way."
**Does he look to you like he believes me?**
**He's thinking about it.**
Amber sighed.
"I'm really sorry."
"Thank you for telling me."
**Looks like that's it.**
**Yeah, I guess.**
**You didn't expect him to suddenly declare his undying love for me or something, did you?**
**No, of course not, but I am really surprised at the way he's treating you. It's not like him to hold a grudge...well against anyone but a Goold.**
**Maybe there's something else?**
Jack felt a flash of insight.
**Of course. I'm such an idiot.**
**Yeah? Okay, I'm with you so far...where did this gloriously brilliant deduction come from?**
**You're so cute with your hair down...maybe if you're good I'll take you to get your driving permit on your next birthday. You'll be what...fifteen?**
**Oh! That's what you realized? That I'm cute?**
**No, I realized Daniel's being stressed by Sha're, Carter, Jolinar, Demona, and you. Any man would be out of their mind with that many women bangin' on their brain.**
Jack grinned as Amber's indignation flowed through him.
That had been a good one and she knew it.
Now if he could just find a way to get her over this "Jonathan" fix, he'd be fine.
**What's your problem with it, anyway.**
**Nope, not going there. I refuse to relive that. It's bad, though. Trust me.**
"So what are we doing for Cass?"
"We're taking her out for pizza and then we're going to curl up with a couple movies she'll pick out."
"Hammond gave me a gift to give to her."

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