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"Ahh...Demon a. I like it. It fits."
Jack tossed a commiserating grin over his shoulder as he arrived at Amber's side.
**How sure are we the General didn't issue the order?**
**What? He said he didn't...he didn't.**
Jack glared at Amber and saw her wince from the vehemence of his thoughts.
**You actually meant that, didn't you?**
Amber didn't reply, but just pointed.
Jack turned, watching the airman hand the General a couple files and start to leave.
"Umm, sir."
Jack looked at Amber.
**What are you doing?**
**He needs to know that that's the airman that...**
**Yeah, I know that, but if we tell him and he is in on it...**
**So you do suspect him.**
**No, not him...but it wouldn't be the first time he's been used.**
**So what do we do?**
**We keep an eye on the airman and warn the others.**
**Others being...ah. SG-1+**
**I say we grab 'em and go. We can be at the last guard check before anyone realizes we're...**
**I'm sorry...I obviously didn't ask that correctly. In this current reality, what can we do?**
**Had to take the fun right outa that, didn't ya?**
**It's my job. Your conscience obviously died a horrific, torturous death. I'm it's replacement.**
**You're fired.**
**Get me out and I'll leave.**
**Anyway, find a reason for a trip to Dannyboy's office and I'll meet you there with them.**
**On my way.**
**Umm...okay. That works.**
"Where's Corvores going?"
"To your office. Grab Sam and Teal'c, then meet us there. Now. We've got to get our information flowing or we won't get anywhere."
"Yeah, okay. See ya."
"See ya."
Jack watched Daniel duck back into the room where Sam was having an animated conversation with Teal'c.
As soon as Daniel was out of sight, he walked up to the General.
"Sir, Daniel's back and normal. I'm gonna get him the list of stuff I hid around the house for Cassandra to find when she got there so she won't feel too cheated by me not being there..."
"Fine, Colonel. Just remember things have a way of getting around the base. Everyone knows you're not leaving until tomorrow."
Jack didn't even bother to sigh.
He just said
"yes, sir." and walked out of the room.
**Not as good as my exit.**
**He didn't even notice you. It's my charm. No one misses me.**
**I'm not letting you goad me into another argument. I'm at his office...well almost there.**
**That's a blue flag again. What are you doing?**
**I don't get the flag thing. I don't even like flags.**
**Must be my sub-conscious contribution to the link. Answer me...please.**
**I'm...what? Cool. Anyway, I'm watching some technicians working on the wall outside Daniel's office.**
Jack tried to see through her eyes and just got static.
**Hey. What was that?**
**The static?**
**I guess it could be called that. You filled my head with it for a moment.**
**Oh. I thought that maybe it was a busy signal or something.**
**I know that was an insult, but I don't know the context so I'm going to assume it was stupid and beneath my contempt.**
** go with that. I was trying to see through your eyes.**
**You tried too hard, I guess. Try visualizing buttons or already have the "through mouth" one so you can talk.**
**I know that was a dig, but I'm going to try it anyway.**
Jack stopped, visualizing buttons in his mind.
**Send Amber scary virtual reality images? That's a button?**
**I really hope so. I'm labeling it and then I'll hope my brain'll just automatically do it.**
**Go for it.**
Jack grinned a bit.
**See through Amber's eyes? Big buttons.**
**You're right. Okay. Virtual, Visual, Conquer...that'll do it for now.**
**Yeah...I'm not telling you what...oh please. That's not fair.**
**You want my body?**
**Not like that...I just want to know if we can swap or something. Stop laughing. Jeez.**
**It's worth a try, but not right now.**
**Yeah. Okay. Visualize.**
Jack pictured a hand pushing the button and was suddenly standing in the corridor just outside Daniel's office.
He tried to move forward and was abruptly back in the corridor outside the infirmary.
**You can't control me, however you can make requests.**
**Did you put me back?**
**Yes, although I'm not sure exactly how I did it. I liked it, though.**
**I'm on my way.**
Jack started walking, Teal'c following silently behind.

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