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    **You're such a baby. No one was watching. Believe me, I'm very sensitive to these things.**
    **If even one person saw your hand in my back pocket, Janet'll be informed of it almost immediately after they leave the room. I do not appreciate giving the Grapevine fodder to toss around.**
    **I needed those hairpins. Besides, they'll make it up if they can't get it for real, although the scoop on Daniel and Sam making out in his office was interesting.**
    **You heard about that, too, huh?**
    **Umm...I read it actually and listened to the accompanying sound bite.**
    **Web page?**
    **Yeah. It was in the Dr. J. and Capt. C section.**
    **They have a web page?**
    **I'll show you later if you'll be quiet.**
    **You'll show me anyway.**
    **Or....what? You'll be annoying until I do? Talk about a useless threat.**
    Jack smiled as the previously oblivious occupants in the room became aware of his presence.
    **You looked through my**
    **I wanted to see what you saw and so I did.**
    **Oh yeah, that helped.**
    **Do you want to see what I see?**
    **Yeah, sure. Why not.**
    Jack was watching Jacob's hand on Sam's shoulder when it was suddenly replaced by Nurse Morhs' ebony black eyes as she lifted a test tube full to the top of blood and something else.
    He gagged as she handed the tube to him, talking about doing something...
    It blinked out as he felt a cool hand touch his face and found himself staring into Janet's gorgeous brown eyes.
    Amber's groan filled his head.
    **You did that deliberately!**
    **You wanted to see what I was doing.**
    **So you stared into Nurse Morhs' eyes just for me, right?**
    Her amusement leaked through and he sent every piece of indignation he felt.
    Then, he leaned down and caught Janet in a full kiss, making sure Amber felt every bit of it.
    Jack looked on in amusement as Janet swayed a bit as he lifted his head.
    **Umm...that's not Janet.**
    His amusement had taken a slightly sour dip when he heard Janet's voice echo, meaning Sam had been in control.
    **How am I s'posed to know she's in charge when her headlights aren't on?**
    He growled at Amber's now almost hysterical laughter.
    **You're probably scaring people. Seeing a Greek statue double over in laughter promotes surprise and instant terror.**
    **I can..I can...I can't help it.**
    He listened to her mental laughter, picturing her standing completely blank to everyone around her.
    **Oh I hope so.**
    She reigned in her amusement as much as possible.
    **You might want to talk to your girlfriend.**
    **Shut up.**
    Jack folded his arms.
    "Colonel, mind telling me what your intentions toward my daughter are?"
    Jack just closed his eyes for a moment at the wicked amusement in the General's voice.
    "I assure you, sir, that your daughter is very safe with me."
    Martouf smirked at that and Jack's mind immediately remembered the time Martouf had said almost the exact same thing to him about Carter.
    **Oh that's just priceless.**
    **Shut up.**
    He felt Amber's apology even though she didn't voice it.
    **Thank you.**
    Jacob grinned, obviously enjoying both Jack and his daughter's embarrassment.
    Jack relaxed a bit as Sam leaned up and brushed his cheek with her lips.
    "It's okay, sir. Misdirected mail, that's all. I'll help you get it to her later."
    Jack smiled a bit sheepishly and then laughed at her mumbled compliment about sending explosive mail.
    He saw a pair of eyes roll by on the floor in front of him and freaked, jumping back.
    **You saw that?**
    **Yes! What the...what was that?**
    He felt Amber's intense concentration.
    **You saw through my eyes and you made me feel that...kiss...**
    **Excited, huh?**
    Amber ignored him, although her disgust came through, loud and clear.
    **I wondered if I could stimulate your other senses and yuck!**
    **Sorry...I'm a guy. It's automatic.**
    **Your brain is a gutter.**
    **Anyway, how'd you make me see the eyeballs...that by the way was cute and gross.**
    **I'm not completely sure, but I'm working on it.**
    **They're going to think I'm nuts if I do another dance like that so warn me next time, okay?**
    **I'll try.**
    ** did do it on purpose. Sheesh. They're going to think I'm insane , Amber. Colonels don't stay on active duty when considered insane.**
    **So they find out your dirty little secret. Big deal.**
    Jack ignored her.
    "Thanks, Carter."
    "For being...nevermind. What did I miss?"
    "Not telling."
    "You have to learn to hold two conversations or else just pick one and ignore the other."
    "Daniel, that's not fair."
    "What was it Sam said when I missed the first half of X-Files and asked to be filled in?"
    Sam grinned.
    "Miss the beginning, can't ask questions until next commercials."
    "Gee, I wonder where you got that from."
    Sam's grin widened to match her father's.
    "So, I have to either ignore Amber completely...I wish...or wait until one of you starts a sudden ad campaign?"
    "Nevermind, Jack. We were leaving until you started dancing in the doorway."
    Jack stoned his face.
    "Amber just learned another little skill. She can make me see things that aren't there."
    Seeing everyone's interest, he elaborated.
    "When Carter complimented me on the kiss..."
    Jack grinned again as Sam's cheeks flamed.
    "Amber rolled her eyes...literally."
    He rolled his when he saw everyone exchanging looks.
    "I saw a pair of eyeballs roll across the floor of the room. Amber was rolling her know, for real...oh forget it."
    Daniel grinned at Sam who was still blushing a bit, but was obviously dying to find out more about it.
    "I think we need to get everyone on their way before dealing with this."
    Jack agreed, trying to push out the medical jargon flitting around in his head.
    **Cut it out.**
    **I'm a doctor. Deal.**
    He just tried to ignore it when he felt a sudden flash of insight as Amber got excited and poured even more closely over the test results.
    "You're still in the doorway."
    "Huh? Oh."
    Jack stepped outside the room, allowing the three Tok'ra and Sam to exit the room.

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