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"George, what in the world is going on around here?"
Jacob had slipped into the office when he saw George enter.
*I can't believe all the stuff that's happening. I'm beginning to think we should just get as many hostless symbiotes as possible, bring them here, and stage an invasion just to bring a sense of sanity to the place.*
Jacob felt Selmac's amusement.
*I do not believe George would be as happy with that as we would be.*
"We lost another MALP, Jacob. Give me about 10 minutes to update the President and then I'll be free to talk."
Jacob settled into the chair George pushed out for him and listened as the entire incident was recounted to the Commander in Chief.
*Why would anyone lay a Chaapa'ai above a volcano like that?*
*If you did not wish to have visitors come to your world, it would be an effective deterrent. Only ships would be able to access the world.*
*And then, only if you knew where the world was.*
*The Chaapa'ai sequence would narrow the world's location to a handful of possibilities.*
The click of George hanging up the handset caught Jacob's attention.
"So, I take it you haven't changed your mind and are still sending us away."
George exhaled loudly.
"Jacob I don't want to, but we both know you need to go. I've ordered G.D.O.s prepared for you and Martouf. Capt. Carter will show you how to use them."
*It will also give us a chance to further analyze Tau'ri technology and see how long it will be before your race is truly ready to enter the war.*
*I don't think I'll tell George that, if you don't mind. Most Tau'ri I know get a little upset with the whole patronizing thing.*
*I mean no disrespect.*
*I know. You're just genetically arrogant.*
Selmac took over, barely giving Jacob warning.
"George, Jacob is busy for a moment. Please excuse us."
Ignoring George's incredibly curious gaze, Selmac tuned out all outside sensations so that she and Jacob were in darkness with only the mental maneuvering by each mind to give any indication they weren't alone.
*I resent that.*
*I'm sorry.*
*We are technologically superior. We should not have to apologize for that.*
*We're not asking you to apologize. We...they have been patronized by just about every race they've encountered that have technology they don't have. You saw the sparks between O'Neill and Martouf.*
*I had thought that perhaps Martouf had come to desire your daughter. Jolinar's reappearance has changed everything.*
*I like Martouf, but I think he deserves the best and while I love my daughter, I have to admit Dr. Jackson is a lot prettier.*
*You are awful. I wondered if O'Neill wished to have your daughter as well.*
*Oh they're close, but you saw Dr. Fraiser & O'Neill. I sincerely doubt my daughter fits in there anywhere but as a friend.*
*I still believe it is male posturing rather than a genuine dislike of us that causes the "sparks" between O'Neill and Martouf.*
*George is probably thinking I'm insane.*
*You truly hurt me with that comment. I did not join with you so I could live out my days in pain.*
*You aren't heartless like the Goa'uld, but you do do the whole...parents talking to other people's children thing. It really grates.*
*I will try not to say anything patronizing.*
*But you still won't change your opinion of my people.*
*It is my opinion. I am entitled to it.*
*Fine, but don't expect me to be happy with it. I'll try not to make generalizations, but I will point out to you every single patronizing thing said by a Tok'ra to a Tau'ri from now on. Then, you decide whether it's all really warranted.*
*Very well.*
Jacob pushed past Selmac and felt the connections to his body click in place.
Opening his eyes, he looked at a very concerned General.
"It's okay, George. Selmac and I just had a difference of opinion."
"You looked dead."
"Oh, well...did I really?"
"Yes, I was checking your pulse constantly and it just went slower and slower until it suddenly sped up and you opened your eyes."
*Why did that happen?*
*Neither of us were actively controlling your body. With only basic orders, it will go comatose. It will not die, but it will hibernate until we take back control.*
*I am glad you approve.*
Jacob's mouth twisted a bit at her sarcasm.
*I really am sorry for hurting you. You know how much I care.*
*Yes, but that does not change things.*
Jacob sighed and looked into George's eyes.
"I hurt Selmac's feelings and now we're having our cooling down period."
"I see."
"So, where's Sam?"
"She's coming here directly from the Commissary where she & Lt. Simmons are hooking up the monitor. I thought I'd leave the two of you alone for the last little bit. I believe Dr. Jackson and Martouf will be coming here, too so all the really personal good-byes can be said."
"George, have I ever told you what a softie you really are?"
George smiled a bit.
"You transferred the $100?"
Jacob laughed.
"Yes. It's in your account already."
"Still can't believe..."
The door opened, interrupting Jacob as both men turned to see Dr. Jackson and Martouf enter the room.
Jacob looked closely at Dr. Jackson, trying to figure out what was different.
*He is not even carrying his glasses and he cut his hair.*
Jacob looked closer and realized Selmac was right.
"When did you cut your hair?"
Dr. Jackson's face tightened a bit in obvious annoyance.
"Apparently, Jolinar decided my hair was in her eyes too much and cut a couple inches off while I was working through some translations. I was being nice and giving her and Martouf some time alone and this is what she does."
His dialogue ended in an almost growl and Jacob bit back a laugh.
*Jolinar should not have done that.*
*I think it's hilarious.*
*He will be even more punitive with her now that he has another reason not to trust her. She has always been more impetuous than is safe.*
*Why was she sent on missions if she was that unsafe?*
*She has a knack for military strategy few posses and her fighting skills are unsurpassed by anyone I know. I was shocked when I heard her army had been defeated. It was the first time such a thing had happened to her.*
*Well, now we know why that campaign failed.*
*At least it served its purpose. We did manage to retrieve Heru'hur's daughter before he could execute her. That is what is important.*
*True. Now if we can just find a willing host for her.*
*George promised he would check all available medical lists. All we can do now is wait.*
*I know.*
Jacob turned from the still very upset Dr. Jackson to the doorway where his daughter's flashing eyes caught him up short.
*They are very attractive on her.*
*I just wish it had been by choice.*
*I know. This is the second time your daughter has been forced into a symbiotic situation.*
*At least I know she's not alone.*
"George said we could all have a nice pow wow before we go."
"How long?"
"About 20 minutes. We've already given the coordinates for the world we're going to."
Jacob and George clasped hands and Jacob chuckled as George muttered something about going to check his account to make sure he wasn't going to be gypped.
Sam moved out of the way as the General stepped through the door, closing it behind him.
*Your dad looks like he's about to cry.*
*I probably look the same.*
*As soon as they leave, I want to go visit the Colonel until time to pick up Cassandra.*
*That's fine. I want a chance to finish his file.*
*So I'll be in charge for a few days?*
Sam grinned.
*If that's what it takes.*
*Umm...flip back over to Daniel and Martouf.*
*I'm serious. Daniel's hair is shorter. It still flops, but it's lost a good inch or two.*
Sam turned and her eyes widened.
"Daniel, I thought you were growing your hair out."
His lips thinned.
"I was. Jolinar had other ideas."
He turned to her fully, his blue eyes big and watery.
"She cut my hair, Sam. It's just...gone."
Janet died laughing.
*The poor baby. He was going to cut it even shorter once it was long enough to cut evenly.*
Sam fought back a smirk as she played along.
*I'm betting he hasn't told Jolinar that.*
Sam walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him.
"I'm so sorry."
Daniel buried his head in her shoulder, sniffling loudly.
"I can't believe she did it."
"Can the two of you ham it up any more or can those of us who are actually leaving say goodbye."
Daniel grinned and then scowled as Jolinar put her $.02 in again.

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