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"O'Neill, you are to rest."
"Teal'c, I know. I don't wanna sleep. I feel great."
"So do I."
Daniel watched closely as Jolinar turned, bringing Corvores into view.
Corvores was pretty constantly blank, even though Jack occasionally got a smirk out of her.
Daniel was dying to know what they said in their link.
He wondered if Jack had gotten as frustrated with not knowing what Sam & Janet or what he & Jolinar were saying. He had tuned out most of what Jack and Jolinar were saying.
They were being as rude as possible to each other and he wasn't going to worry about it.
"I'm so glad Amber and I are in separate bodies. I can't imagine what it's like for Daniel being a Tok'ra."
Before Jolinar could rise once again to the bait Jack dangled in front of her, the alarm claxon went off.
Daniel took over and ran out of the infirmary, followed by Jack, Corvores, and Teal'c.
He slowed down just long enough to grin at Corvores and Jack's little diversionary escape and then entered the control room.
"What happened?"
Lt. Simmons turned for a second as the Colonel echoed Daniel's question when he entered a second later.
"The MALP's destruction set off some alarms, sir."
Sam entered and dropped into a seat, ignoring the curious hesitation a few people had when they saw Dr. Fraiser taking over a computer.
*We recorded that, right?*
Sam grinned in spite of herself.
*Yes. Too bad a MALP had to die, though.*
Sam concentrated on the readings the dead MALP had sent back and worked on re-opening the video.
*Why won't the stupid thing open?*
*Not a clue.*
*You're such a help.*
Janet grinned, conjuring even more marshmallow-soft pillows for the floor before leisurely relaxing onto the pile.
*Now this is the way to work.*
Sam grinned back and then answered the Colonel.
"Yes, sir. Apparently the Stargate on PS4-T326 tops a volcano. When the Stargate activates, whatever or whoever goes through falls straight down into a pool of very active lava. There's a chance that if someone went through close enough to an edge that they could grab the gate itself, but it's a very slim chance."
"What happened?"
Sam repeated herself for the General and by the time she was done, she had the video on all the screens for everyone to watch.
Janet chuckled as they heard a few muttered "Cool."s around the room.
It was impressive.
Sam couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen and turned up the volume a bit so the rushing of wind and the river below filled the room as the doomed MALP raced to meet its fate.
No one made a sound as the lava filled the screen.
Then only a second more, full of melting noises, was heard before a screechy death cry.
Complete silence hit everyone as transmission was lost.
"Sir, can we?"
Hammond's eyes were only just returning to their normal size.
"Absolutely. Lt. Simmons, set up the big screen monitor in the Commissary."
Sam grinned again.
"Sir, I can make it repeat constantly so no one will have to touch it."
"Do it."
"Yes, sir."
Hammond sighed.
"Too bad we lost a MALP, though. The President won't appreciate that."
No one replied as they returned to their duties or helped Sam and the Lieutenant.
*Notice the way Martouf oriented on Daniel?*
*Don't start.*
Sam snickered in spite of herself before concentrating on the video.
*Continuous playback?*
*Too bad it wasn't a longer drop, the increased airspeed might've insulated the MALP's camera for a few moments more.*
Janet smiled as Sam became distracted.
*We're heading back to the office after this?*
*Yeah. I'm hoping I'll get to spend more time with Dad before he leaves, though.*
*I know. I'm sure the General will postpone the search a little bit now that your dad's available again.*
*I wish I knew what he and Martouf talked about that got him so riled up.*
*Probably the reptilians Jolinar saw.*
*Yeah, I guess.*
George realized the control room was entirely too crowded and directed Dr. Corvores and Col. O'Neill out with a glare.
They almost slinked out under that look.
He smiled before following them out and then heading back to his office.

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