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Janet rounded the corner, her face as solemn as she could make it.
*Everyone probably knew before you even stepped out the infirmary door.*
*The rate the Grapevine moves, they probably all knew before I did.*
Sam grinned.
*You know you'll have to stop reading when we get to the General's office.*
*Yeah, I know. I'm assuming I get to continue it afterwards?*
*Well, I don't see why not. After all, you'll just annoy me to death about it if I don't let you.*
*I can't help it. I never knew any of this stuff. I'd never have smarted off that first day like I did if I'd known.*
*You smarted off? Really? I'm shocked.*
Sam wrinkled her nose up at the air around her, knowing Janet would see it.
*I assumed the Colonel would be like every other male commanding officer I'd ever had and so I routed him by smarting off first.*
*What did you say?*
*Oh you internal organs may be on the inside, but I can handle everything you can...etc...*
*You're kidding. So essentially you did what you were accusing him of doing...*
*Sort of...he was being prejudicial, though. I mean, he still came down on me for being a scientist. I just confused it with sexism.*
*I'm surprised they let you stay. That big a chip on your shoulder, right off the bat...*
*They didn't have a choice. I knew more about the Gate than they did and I had the General's backing. The Colonel tried to get me removed, but I guess he gave up.*
*Sam, no matter what he initially thought, that's not how it is now.*
*I know.*
*Do you? you remember on P3S...I forget the rest. It was that tropical planet with the huge rainbow flowers around the Stargate?*
*P3S-942. Kind of hard to forget that one.*
*Yeah, well...I was patching up Lt. Haroyd's papercut...*
*He still asking you out?*
*No, he stopped when everyone mentally hooked me up with the Colonel. Anyway, I finished and walked around that boulder formation the men had declared as their bathroom area...*
*So naturally you went there.*
*Not to watch, I assure you.*
*I had to walk past it to get back to the Ladies' area and you know it.*
*Uh huh.*
Janet stopped and conjured up a ton of chocolate chips.
Sam clutched the file in her hand and tried to stay above the rising chocolate level while laughing.
*I give.*
The chocolate disappeared and Sam dropped back onto the beanbag.
*Not that you play fair.*
Before Janet could think up something else, Sam held the file above her head and asked Janet to continue her story.
*As I was saying, I heard them talking about you.*
Sam's attention was completely riveted on Janet, her indignation already increasing.
*Oh really.*
*I assure you. Your attitude would've been completely warranted. Your measurements, fighting ability, and general gutter talk were the main topics.*
Sam was incensed.
*What did you do?*
*I didn't have to do anything. The Colonel came up from the other direction, heard only enough to realize it was about you before he practically destroyed the guy he heard talking and challenged every one of the others to say what they really thought to you if they actually thought they could take you.*
Sam just gaped, torn between wanting to defend herself and her elation at her Commanding Officer's actions.
*He could've been brought directly before summary courts-martial. I can't believe he did that.*
*No kidding. I pretended to have just walked up from Lt. Haroyd and when I demanded to know what had happened, I got a mumbled reply from everyone. The Colonel just stood there, silent, probably expecting to be brought up on charges.*
*I'm assuming none were brought.*
*They told me the Lieutenant tried to climb the rocks and fell, hitting everything on his way down. Since the explanation fit the injuries, he didn't tell me any differently, and I didn't officially see anything, that's what went in my report.*
*I'm not sure how I feel about it.*
*Well, before you get any upset going about him defending you, remember he defended Teal'c, too. I don't think you can say he thought Teal'c was too weak to defend himself.*
*True. Good point.*
*I know.*
Sam smirked.
*The Colonel may not have been sure of you in the beginning, but he's proud as anything of you now.*
*I still wish I'd known all this.*
*I wish I'd known it all, too.*
*You do know it.*
*I didn't when I first met him, though. I thought he was an arrogant fly-boy who needed to be taken down a peg or two.*
Sam laughed out loud at that.
"Capt. Carter?"
The file disappeared out of Sam's hands and she braced herself against the tingles shooting through her.
Then, she was in charge and looking General Hammond in the eye.
"Yes, sir. You said you wanted me to check your files for tampering?"
Hammond held out his chair for her to sit in.
"Yes. I don't have to remind you, Captain, that everything in there is Top Secret."
"No, sir, you don't."
"Good. No surveillance of any type is directed into this room and I'm going to be watching over your shoulder so that if you find something I'll know immediately. Understood?"
"Yes, sir."
*Big enough viewscreen?*
Janet grinned.
*Not every day you get to go through the General's secrets. If I watch, we'll have a complete word-for-word record of what we see.*
*True. Let me know if you need a different angle or anything.*
*Will do.*
Sam grinned and began typing.

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