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*Can I?*
*Yeah, sure. I don't want to talk to Corvores. Just leave Jack and Janet alone.*
*Of course.*
Jolinar looked at Corvores, noting how disgusted the young woman seemed.
"Are you okay?"
Corvores face instantly blanked and Jolinar felt a measure of respect at the ability.
*You respect that...stone look?*
*The ability to hide information from enemies that might hurt you is a desirable trait.*
"I'm fine."
*Except we're not her enemies.*
*She believes you are.*
Daniel took over and frowned at Corvores.
"Are you sure? You look a little peaked."
Corvores sat up, her hair spilling all over her shoulders.
"I'm sure. Why are you smiling?"
Daniel couldn't help it as he noticed how uncomfortable she was.
"I'm just not used to seeing you with your hair down."
Corvores blanked again.
"You won't again if I can get Jack to give me back my hairpins."
Daniel cocked his head.
Corvores remained blank.
He had no clue what she was thinking.
*Perhaps O'Neill will learn her secret and then teach us.*
*You mean just kind of go through her thoughts?*
*No. She may simply teach him. It is too bad you are not on better terms with her and have, in fact, given her ample reason to hold a grudge.*
Daniel sat down on the bed next to Corvores.
"You aren't going to use anything Jack knows about me against me, are you?"
Her lips thinned a bit, but that was the only indication she'd even heard him.
"Sheesh, Danny. What are you doing over there?"
Daniel looked up to where Jack was staring at him in shock.
"What? Oh, Janet leave already?"
Jack started to reply and then his mouth closed and he and Corvores entered what looked like a staring contest.
*They are obviously communicating far faster than we are.*
*I guess. I hope we don't look that stupid when we talk, though.*
*I do not think we communicate on the same level...their concentration seems to go much deeper.*
"Daniel, we made a deal that neither of us would use the information gathered through the link without the other's permission. Okay?*
Daniel relaxed as Jack finally spoke.
"Cool. Makes sense."
Jack's mouth quirked a bit and then he sent a warning glance at Corvores.
*We should commence distance tests on their link immediately.*
*Umm...I think Warren's wanting them to stay in here.*
*He is a fool. This is an advantage that should be exploited.*
*I agree, but I also think we've antagonized the infirmary staff enough lately.*
*Nurse Morhs should be watched.*
*We tried that. Now Jack's in the infirmary again.*
*That was not as a direct result of our following her.*
*Feel kind of stupid for laughing at me earlier, though, don't you?*
*I'm so surprised.*
*You think me arrogant.*
*You are arrogant.*
*No comment.*
*That is a singularly Tau'ri expression.*
*Oh, so Tau'ri is an insulting adjective now?*
*It has always been so.*
Daniel cut off the argument by putting Jolinar in charge.
At least if she had multiple targets he'd have a break.
"Colonel O'Neill."
"Yeah, Teal'c. I'm okay...stop fussing."
Jolinar stayed seated by Corvores as Teal'c made his way back into the infirmary, his eyebrow raised as he reached the Colonel's side.
*Where'd he go?*
*I do not know.*
*So ask.*
Daniel smiled inwardly at Jolinar's annoyance.
"Daniel wishes to know where you went."
"Why did DanielJackson not ask me himself?"
"I am in control at the moment and he did not wish to switch again."
"I see."
Teal'c turned the chair so he could watch all of the room's occupants.
Jolinar waited a moment, informing Daniel of her general opinion of even a good Jaffa's intelligence level.
Daniel tuned her out as much as he could, going over the information she'd provided him on the reptile people she'd seen.
"You will not tell me?"
"You will tell Daniel?"
*Do you wish to switch?*
*Nope, I'm fine. Teal'c doesn't want to talk, he doesn't have to.*
Jolinar glared at Teal'c for a moment before turning back to Corvores.
*I don't see why you find her so fascinating.*
*Her mask intrigues me.*
Daniel couldn't mask his amusement at the comment and instead of waiting for Jolinar to ask, simply showed her examples of the way the word "mask" could be used as an insult.
Jolinar studied Corvores closely.
Corvores didn't even flinch under the intense scrutiny.
*Highly desirable.*
Daniel choked on a thought.
*Her ability to withstand both interrogation and watching eyes. I wish to possess it.*
*Oh...that's okay. Why don't you ask her to teach you?*
Jolinar opened her mouth to ask, when Jack muttered something to Teal'c.
All Daniel heard was Jolinar's name in a really insulting tone of voice.
The rest was jumbled and Daniel wouldn't have put it past Jack to have just muttered gibberish to get Jolinar upset.
Sure enough, Jolinar responded with a biting remark and Daniel tuned out again.

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