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*So...what are we doing about Cassandra?**
*I have no idea. She was really looking forward to staying with Jack tonight.*
*I vote we go to the Colonel's place and use it while he's here and can't do anything about it. We could rearrange the kitchen.**
Janet grinned and tossed aside Daniel's file.
Sam had finally finished it just before smacking Jolinar.
*Why don't you put it away?*
Janet frowned.
*I tried to, but couldn't. It's as if I leave any thought out while I'm in charge and then let you take over, it stays out. Right now, I have no personal memory of Daniel's file. Nothing at all.*
*So I guess that means you can't leave out the Colonel's file.*
*Even though he's buddies with Corvores now?*
*That is just ...I don't know, part of me screams sick and part of me thinks maybe he's just seen something we haven't.*
*Well, at least you know he's completely fixated on you.*
*That was nice to know.*
*The Colonel might be a bit embarrassed if he knew we heard him, but I do love eavesdropping.*
*Well I don't. We have to get going soon if you're going to help the General.*
*Yeah, I can't wait. Take over, say good-bye and then we'll, go. Okay?*
Janet filled her body, gently dropping Sam onto the bean bag bed she'd been laying on.
*Cool. Never had one of these.*
*My ex-husband loved 'em.*
*No wonder.*
Janet stepped up and then sat down on the Colonel's bed.
He'd been watching her, his eyes never wavering.
"We're about to go get our security clearance upped, sir."
Jack grinned.
"Poor you."
Janet sighed.
"Sam's just bored to tears about it."
"Figures. Who wants to know all the General's secrets anyway?"
Janet glanced over to where Corvores had thrown an arm over her eyes, groaning to herself.
"What's wrong?"
Jack propped himself on one arm, using his free hand to tangle in her hair, pulling her down.
Sam grinned.
*Should I close my eyes?*
*No prob.*
Janet's heart sped up until she could feel the blood rushing through her ears.
Jack stopped, less than an inch away.
"She's groaning because I'm about to fulfill a particular fantasy."
"She sees your fantasies?"
"Oh yeah."
"Oh...and they involve me?"
Jack's eyes darkened until they were almost black behind the thin glaze that still covered them.
"Oh yeah."
His hand firmly and gently pulled her closer.
Her eyes started to drift shut in anticipation.
His breath warmed her lips and she barely felt the kiss before she was pulled into a bear hug.
"I really want this."
Janet held him and they curled together so she was mostly in his lap.
"Oh I think Jack applies at the moment."
Janet grinned, ignoring Sam's chuckles.
"It's obviously been awhile."
Janet's grin softened into a smile as Jack's eyebrows raised.
"Yes, nowadays we kiss like this."
*Go Janet!*
Janet angled her mouth over his, catching the little sound of surprise that tried to escape him.
*Fine, just shut up.*
Sam caught the file as it dropped to her, noting Daniel's had disappeared.
Turning onto her stomach, she flipped the cover open and began reading about the Colonel.

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