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    "Find Dem...oww...cut that out."
    "Then behave."
    Jack saw the shock in the look Daniel and Janet exchanged when Amber pinched him and deliberately sent her every mushy thought he'd ever had about Janet.
    **Okay! I give up. Stop! Now!**
    He rubbed his arm where a small welt was already visible and mock-glared at her.
    Then he grinned when he caught her wince.
    **You felt the pinch, too?**
    **The kicks earlier?**
    **You would enjoy that.**
    **I'm a firm believer in justice.**
    **I've never wanted to stick my tongue out at someone before.**
    Jack chuckled.
    "Find Nurse Morhs ...and dissect her or something. Find out what she did."
    Daniel lit up and made like he was going to walk away.
    "That's a good point. Janet, you find her and I'll prepare the autopsy bay."
    Janet's eyes flashed and Sam up-smacked the back of Daniel's head.
    Just as Sam's hand made contact, Daniel's eyes flashed.
    As Jolinar's head recoiled from the light blow, she dropped into a Tok'ra combat stance.
    "Umm...I don't think that's necessary."
    Jolinar didn't even look at Amber and her echoing voice growled.
    "He does not appreciate hand delivered concussions anymore than I do."
    Jack burst out laughing.
    "Daniel, you dog. You probably didn't even feel the impact. Jolinar got it all. Smart move."
    Jolinar froze, obviously in discussion with Daniel.
    "He said your punishment would be to talk with me for awhile."
    "Where does he get off dealing anyone a punishment?"
    **You're doing it again.**
    **Assuming...what exactly?**
    **That you know Jolinar. You were very wrong about me. What makes you think you know her motivations?**
    Jack sighed and ignored Amber while turning to Carter.
    "We're fine. Let's go home."
    "Sir, I don't think that's a good idea. Your bloodwork results aren't even in."
    "Carter, when's your dad leaving?"
    "Within the hour, sir."
    "Exactly. Then, just like we were ordered to, we go to my place and...what?"
    **I said, I'm going to get the key to her quarters and the order while the office door is open.**
    "Oh, okay. Sure."
    **You're talking out loud.**
    **I am? Ah..okay. Now I know what the button "through mouth" does.**
    **That was lame.**
    **I know. You're really in for it. I tell a gazillion more jokes mentally than I ever let out of my mouth.**
    **Someone kill me now.**
    **I'll think up some really bad ones, just for you.**
    **Thanks...just oh so much.**
    No one stopped Amber as she slipped into Dr. Fraiser's office and to the desk.
    Pulling the drawer open, she found the key, but not the order.
    **Where is it?**
    **I don't know. I swear it was here. Why would someone take the order and leave the key?**
    **Without the order you have no proof you didn't take the key yourself.**
    **I don't believe this.**
    **It's okay. I know you were telling the truth. We just need to find the Airman that delivered the order to you.**
    Jack realized he was missing conversations again.
    "What did you just say? I missed it."
    "Oh, okay."
    **I got it.**
    **That's him?**
    **Good. I don't recognize him, but someone else might.**
    **Relax. We'll take care of it.**
    **This is just so strange.**
    **Yeah. I know.**
    Daniel was sighing in response to something Dr. Warren had said.
    "Jack, you really need to learn to..."
    "Yeah, we already talked about it. We'll probably hold practice drills tonight. I probably shouldn't drive, though, since I'm not used to this, yet."
    Dr. Warren stepped forward and Jack realized both Tok'ra and Hammond were gone.
    **What's up?**
    **I'm being politely ushered out of Dr. Fraiser's office.**
    **Now you know how Janet felt.**
    **I was under orders.**
    **Which you followed as strictly and enthusiastically as possible.**
    **Of course.**
    **Anyway. I'm missing pieces of...**
    **What is it?**
    **Oh. They're releasing us tomorrow, though. Maybe the party can be postponed a bit?**
    **No...Cassie's been gone for just over a month now and I'm ready to have her home.**
    **I know, but it's going to be strange enough for her having two mothers in one. Perhaps..**
    **You don't know her like I do.**
    **No, I don't. I only know what you've shown me, but it's enough to know she's extremely intelligent and adores you. She'll understand.**
    **I don't so why would she?**
    **You're being obstinate. You know it's only common sense to take precautions.**
    "Colonel, if you'll come back over here, we'll just give you a light sedative to help you sleep."
    "I'll go, but no sedative or anything else. I feel fine. I also better not have Nurse Morhs..."
    **That wasn't so bad, was it?**
    "...anywhere near me."
    "Nurse Morhs is a member of our staff, Colonel."
    "I don't want her anywhere near me."
    Daniel stepped closer.
    "I agree. Jack says she did something so I think she should be relieved of all infirmary duties until she's been thoroughly investigated."
    Dr. Warren sighed.
    "She won't attend you, Colonel, if that will help you relax."
    "Thank you."
    **They will not.**
    **Yes, they will.**
    **We don't do that.**
    **Yes, you...well maybe you won't, but they do.**
    **It would be unethical to drug a patient to allow someone to harm him. That doesn't happen...oh that's just sick.**
    **Shut up.**
    **She's not a pixie.**
    **If you just have to look at my fantasies, at least be polite enough to do it silently.**
    **Please stop picturing her on a flower or at least think of her quickly so I don't actually participate.**
    Jack sat down on the other bed.
    **If you think I'm bad when I'm awake, just wait until I'm asleep.**
    **I'll deliberately spend three hours meditating solely on sub-atomic particles if you torment me in my sleep.**
    **You wouldn't.**

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