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    **Her bloodwork would show something like that.**
    **Are you sure it was her blood? She's taken enough to mix a couple hundred different vials together.**
    **I'm not her primary physician so I personally wouldn't know, but if you'll recall, bloodtests and full physicals are required of everyone joining the SGC. Something would've shown.**
    **Maybe...but I'm telling you she blew in my eye and that's what started this.**
    **You're superstitious! You think she cursed you or something.**
    **Normally, no. Right now? Yes.**
    **Did you hear that?**
    **No...well, I heard her in your head, but not through my own ears.**
    **Wait...okay, I'm hearing too.'s all tinny.**
    Jack nodded, knowing she'd feel his agreement.
    **Like we're in a tunnel or something, but I'll take it.**
    **Same here. I was not looking forward to being a mute with only you for company.**
    Jack winced and then shrunk back when Demona leaned closer to examine him.
    "Yeah...that's me."
    His voice echoed in his head as sounds sorted themselves out.
    **I'm sitting up. You probably could, too, if you weren't covered by people.**
    **What can I say? They love me.**
    He heard her snort in her mind and looked over to see it, but she was sitting still...statuesque again.
    **You think I'm beautiful?**
    **I have a feeling my pride's going to go down the tube here.**
    **It's okay to be terrified. I am too.**
    Jack pushed himself up, noting he wasn't weak.
    He felt amazingly rested and strong.
    He grinned, seeing everyone relax and let him sit.
    He glanced around the room, pushing past Demona as she tried to stick him again and walked over to Corvores.
    **Yeah, I'm scared.**
    She raised expressionless eyes to him and it shocked him how he felt her fear, but saw nothing of it in her expression.
    **Wish you could teach me how to do that. Must be a great poker player.**
    **I don't play poker.**
    **You don't know how?**
    **I wouldn't be able to stand it if I learned and someone cheated. I don't even play board games anymore because people always make "house rules" and then break them.**
    Jack cocked his head and tried her name.
    Her eyes did widen then and she smiled a bit and spoke aloud just like he had.
    **If you're going to be in my head, we might as well be friends.**
    **Just until we find a way to reverse this, of course.**
    **Oh yeah...definitely.**
    **Then we go back?**
    **Well...on one condition.**
    **Ick. No kidding. No making out. That was just....**
    **Yeah, yeah...okay. That's nuff. A guy's ego can only take so much.**
    **I don't hate you.**
    **I know. We'll deal with Maybourne.**
    **Thank you.**
    Jack sat down on the bed beside her.
    **I wonder how far away this link is good.**
    **Only one way to find out.**
    **If it works when we're on separate planets, it could be a huge asset. If we get in trouble, I just tell you and you tell Hammond what's really going're scared of the Stargate? Why?**
    **I'm not scared of the Stargate! I'm just not comfortable with the thought of going through it. That's all.**
    **Loss of control.**
    **Yeah, I guess.**
    **Makes sense.**
    **Scares you too?**
    **Little bit. Never know for sure where I'm going to end up. That kinda adds to the coolness factor, though...oh...have a problem with that too, huh?**
    **I suppose I seem totally alien to you, don't I?**
    **Frankly, yes. I have never understood why stupid rules were made or why they shouldn't be broken when circumstances dictate they should change.**
    **That's where you and I differ. I think the rules should be followed. Safe, comfortable lines no one crosses.**
    **Not interested.**
    **I know.**
    They both suddenly realized they were the center of attention.
    Daniel, Janet, Hammond, and a slew of others were just standing there watching them.
    **We tell them?**
    **Of course we should.**
    Jack sighed.
    **Awright. Go ahead.**
    **Oh thank you.**
    Amber took a deep breath.
    **Don't choke.**
    Her automatic annoyance only seemed to amuse him.
    She was terrified to her core.
    She'd never been so laid open as she was right now.
    Suddenly she was hitting her knees beside Sam on Nasya, the stench of blood and death assaulting her.
    Sam turned to look at her, blood dripping a bit out of her mouth, talking about the man dying...
    Not Sam, Jolinar...
    A deathglider flying above, making people shout to be heard.
    Amber shook her head to clear the memory.
    **I didn't know.**
    **You don't unless you're there.**
    **Where did that come from?**
    **I've been kind of having Carter flashbacks ever since she died. Even though she's in the Doc, I'm still having them.**
    **Afraid she won't be allowed to go back to SG-1 now that she's in Dr. Fraiser.**
    "Dr. Corvores?"
    Amber carefully controlled her surprise.
    **Really want to know how to do that.**
    **I just do it and hope I get it done right.**
    **Trust me. You've mastered the whole "made of stone" mask.**
    **Thank you.**
    "What happened?"
    Jack and Amber looked at each other, neither sure what to say.
    **You know how twins finish each other's sentences?**
    **I'm not sure that...**
    **C'mon. It's worth a shot.**
    Amber sighed and started.
    "The Colonel and I got to the infirmary..."
    "Warren was in the Doc's office so we had to wait..."
    "We talked a little bit..."
    "Then Dem...oww.."
    Jack looked as incredulous as everyone else did as he massaged his leg where Amber's heel had gotten him.
    "He means Nurse Morhs..."
    **You can't call her Demona out loud.**
    **Yes, I can.**
    **It's not proper.**
    **Neither's draining my entire blood supply, but that's not stopping her.**
    **You're such a baby.**
    **Baby my...oww**
    **You deserved it.**
    **Did...oh this is pathetic.**
    **Yes, it is.**
    They both turned their attention outward in time to listen to Hammond and Dr. Fraiser talking.
    "...obviously telepathic connection of some type..."
    Jack grinned.
    "One way to put it."
    He tucked his leg under him to keep Amber from kicking him again.
    Hammond turned to him.
    "Colonel, what about Nurse Morhs?"
    Ignoring the Amber-colored static in his head as well as her warning look, he scowled.
    "She blew in my eye sir. Walked right up to me and blew."
    "I don't recall her blowing in his eye, but I do know that he remembers it clearly and it was after that point our minds were clouded and we were forced against our will to...well..."
    "Make out, sir. "
    "Yes, sir."
    **I was going to say thank you.**
    **Oh. You're welcome.**
    **Too late. I'm not saying it now.**

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