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    More pictures flashed through his mind.
    **And cut that out. That's sick.**
    **What? Oh saw those too?**
    **Yes. Stop it.**
    **I can't help it. It's how I think of you.**
    **None of your business.**
    **I'm naked and stabbed in all of them. I think it's my business.**
    **You are not. Just most of them for maximum pain.**
    **You are severely demented. I'd rather be connected to Carter than you.**
    **You mean Dr. Fraiser.**
    Jack grimaced and then really panicked.
    **What if she saw?**
    **Stop it. Yuck!**
    Jack barely noticed her objections, his thoughts roiling.
    **Bad enough I went through that...**
    **What? I did not maul you.**
    **It was disgusting.**
    **Now that I agree with. For a doctor, your teeth are pathetic.**
    **No wonder you were disappointed. I'm not into biting.**
    **I'm talking hygiene.**
    **I got my insult in first.**
    **Mine was better and started before yours did.**
    **No kidding. Must be your age that slowed it down enough for mine to slip in.**
    Jack felt his eyes open.
    He closed them just as fast.
    **No way. I'm not staring at you for eternity. Am I dead? This is definitely a possible version of Hell.**
    **At least you're not deluded about your final resting-place. What did you see? Mine still won't open.**
    **You didn't see what I saw?**
    **No. I get a lot of sickening stuff involving Dr. Fraiser and disconnected memories of SG-1, but not with each thought.**
    **Same here. I mean, I'm getting signals with each of your thoughts, but the pictures are just kind of a small stream now with a few strong ones. Except for the ones involving my death, I don't recognize anyone.**
    **Good. Let's keep it that way.**
    **Just determined to be a sweetheart about this, aren't ya.**
    **What did you see?**
    **You. White everything and you lying down, your head turned toward me. Still fuzzy, but definitely you.**
    **Okay, mine are open now. I only see you, too...wait...okay...other shapes are forming. You may just have to keep them open.**
    Jack opened his eyes again and saw her staring at him.
    **Seeing anything yet?**
    **Shapes moving around, but nothing concrete yet.**
    Pain lanced through Jack.
    **Was that me?**
    **No. It was me. I think it's a penlight. Oh it hurts.**
    **What happened?**
    **What do you mean?**
    **I remember thinking maybe I was wrong about you and then we were suddenly kissing...why?**
    Jack felt intense disgust radiate through him.
    Then he realized the disgust wasn't his.
    **Ugh...feeling a bit sick are we?**
    **I just had a feeling that wasn't mine. Different than the anger. I almost couldn't tell it wasn't mine.**
    **I wonder what kind of connection we have. It's strange.**
    Jack felt his body shudder and felt hands pressing on his chest.
    **Are they doing CPR? Great. I may be dying or something.**
    Fear raced around his stomach.
    **That's how you feel afraid? I'm different.**
    Jack smiled.
    **I know. Your toes curl. That's why I never saw the fear before today. I wasn't looking inside your shoes.**
    He could tell she wasn't amused.
    **Do I really look like a statue?**
    **Stop that.**
    **I can't help it. I didn't realize just how...I mean I did, but it didn't really hit me...I don't know.**
    **Real coherent there Corvores.**
    **Call me Amber.**
    **No, I don't think so.**
    His vision was slowly gaining definition.
    He saw colored blocks moving around.
    **Legos? Aren't you a little old for that?**
    **Okay. That's it. We need some ground rules.**
    **Why? So you can break them whenever you feel like it?**
    Jack froze.
    **That's your problem? Rules?**
    **I can see pretty well now.**
    **Answer me.**
    **Why what?**
    **Why should I answer you? You may have somehow gotten into my mind, but I'm under no commitment to you of any kind.**
    **I'm in charge.**
    **Not here you aren't.**
    **Dr. Fraiser is the one who apparently was bathing you. Nurse Morhs is taking your blood. What?**
    **That's it!**
    **What's it?**
    **Demona? You call Angela Morhs, Demona? What a typically childish...**
    **She is a demon. Maybe even a vampire. She blew in my eye and that's when my brain went weird and I started thinking you were nice.**
    **I am nice.**
    **No...nice is not the word that comes to mind when I think of you.**
    **Which is apparently often.**
    **Shut up.**
    **No. Besides, when did she blow in your eye? Make out with her too did you?**
    **Wouldn't you like to know.**
    **You do seem to have a preoccupation with teeth...fangs would probably apply.**
    **You think too much.**
    **You don't think at all. No wonder I scare you.**
    **You do not.**
    **Red flag. I saw the red flag on that one. Red flag obviously means a lie.**
    **So you don't hate me.**
    **I can see!**
    **So can I. Ugh! I really didn't need that.**
    **Shut up. It's my mind and seeing Janet first thing is what I wanted so just deal.**
    Jack looked into Janet's concerned face and watched her beautiful mouth move.
    He ignored Corvores disgust as much as possible.
    **Can you hear?**
    **No. You?**
    **No. Weird. They want to know what happened.**
    **How do you know?**
    **I read lips.**
    **Huh? Hey! Stay out of there!**
    **It's not like I meant to see it. The memory flashed with the words.**
    **That's confidential.**
    **If you swear you'll follow the rule, too, and not reveal anything of mine, I'll agree to not reveal anything I learn through this link without your permission.**
    Jack paused.
    **Thank you and yes, I agree.**
    **Good. Now please look at someone else for a moment...preferably non-SG-1.**
    **No can do. They're filling my entire line of sight....Aack!**
    **She's not a demon.**
    **Yes, she is!**

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