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"So what are we talking about here? Another Broca virus?"
"No, sir. It's not a virus."
George stood at the foot of the Colonel's infirmary bed.
SG-1, both Tok'ra, and, of course, Dr. Fraiser had taken up watch posts, moving only when personnel came in to check on the patients.
George noticed the new markings on the chair.
Wonder who thought that one up.
Dr. Warren was standing a bit off to the side, close enough to talk, but obviously trying not to antagonize Dr. Fraiser.
"Their eyes are still glazed over with a thin film we're running tests on now. They seem to be sleeping deeply and as far as we can tell, except for the odd behavior and the eye film, nothing is wrong. Quite the opposite in fact. Small scratches Dr. Corvores made in the Colonel's arm and neck have already healed completely, leaving no trace they were ever there."
George sighed, catching a commiserating look from Jake.
"Can't even send him on a simple errand without him getting hurt."
Everyone smiled a bit.
*What errand?*
*Don't know.*
Sam reclined, warm and comfy, still reading Daniel's file.
*Can I read Jack's next?*
Sam sighed and stretched before curling her legs under her.
*I'm almost done with this one.*
*Poor you.*
*Why not?*
*It's three times as long as Daniel's and I really don't think he'd appreciate it.*
*He probably thinks I already know.*
*I'll enlighten him when he wakes up.*
*How long?*
*Anytime now if the action on the monitor is anything to go by. Just not sure what'll happen when he does.*
Daniel leaned half against Teal'c and half against the wall.
Bre had left to finish some simpler translations he'd given her to do and now he tried to relax.
*You were correct.*
*You are...have...I have been rude.*
Daniel stopped breathing for a second.
*Thank you. Does this mean you're going to make an effort to change?*
*Yes. Do I have to prove it first or may I come out now?*
*Yeah, sure. Just...go easy on everyone, okay?*
*Very well.*
Martouf was distracted from his conversation with Selmac when Daniel's eyes flashed, alerting him his wife was finally making an appearance.
*He should allow her to be in control more often.*
*Caution. We do not know what happens inside their minds. Jolinar may have been busy or they may have been speaking.*
*She was probably sulking.*
*Undoubtedly. She is as passionate as you.*
She looked over, a strange look in her eye.
"What is it?"
She shrugged a bit.
"I am reconsidering."
Selmac stepped over to General Hammond to have a word and leave them at least a little alone for awhile.
Lantash took over, his hand catching hers.
"What are you reconsidering?"
"My methods."
Lantash frowned.
*Perhaps Daniel can work miracles after all?*
*Martouf, this is not acceptable. She should not be a prisoner.*
*Losing control may help her to learn how her more violent impulses affect others.*
*Perhaps, but it could just damage her self-esteem.*
*Jolinar is stronger than you are giving her credit for.*
"Do you wish to speak of this?"
She smiled at him, uncertainty evident in her expression.
"No. Not yet. Let us speak of something else."
Selmac stepped behind her host's daughter, reveling in his love for her.
*She's not in charge.*
*I am curious what she is doing. The high level of visuality in the doctor's mind that Dr. Jackson spoke of is very interesting.*
Selmac felt Jacob's amusement.
*Do you wish to take over?*
*Yeah. Let me talk to George for a little bit. Sammie doesn't seem to be coming out any time soon.*
Selmac relaxed and moved backwards as she felt Jacob move forward, filling their brain with his mind and taking primary control.
She busied herself healing a couple bruises on his hip where he'd hit the wall earlier while avoiding the scurrying nurses.
Jacob turned to where George was still talking to Dr. Warren - a singularly unimpressive man in his opinion.
He started to speak when two groans filled the air and everyone was once again riveted on the occupants of the two infirmary beds.

* * * * * *

**Ugh. Everything's fuzzy. Why?**
Jack groaned, his brain full up with cotton candy.
**I have no idea. I feel like a truck hit me.**
**Colonel, are you the one bathing my forehead?**
** I thought you were bathing mine.**
**No...I guess they're just not talking.**
**Which means we sound like idiots.**
**It seems to be what people are determined to do to me lately.**
**I'm sorry about Maybourne.**
**So am I.**
Jack tried to breathe, relieved to find his throat wasn't nearly as dry as the last time he woke up.
**I can't open my eyes.**
**Me either.**
**Is this normal?**
**Is suddenly making out in the middle of the infirmary normal?**
**Oh my...I completely forgot that...what will the General think of my professional manner after that?**
Jack grinned.
**It's shot. Completely.**
Pictures of him in some seriously deadly situations appeared in his mind, accompanied by a lot of anger.
**Whoa! Where did that come from? Corvores?**
**Where did what come from?**
**I don't usually picture myself sleeping naked with sharp knives in a bed of steel-covered porcupines.**
**Sir, I didn' did you...get out of my head!**
**The reason we're not hearing voices may not be because they're not speaking, but because our ears aren't hearing them. We're talking telepathically, and I want you out!**
Jack started to panic.
He'd evaded goa'uld, psychiatrists, quit drinking, and pretty much any other mind-altering anything only to get stuck
The word just repeated itself over and over.
**I am not a vulcan. What a stupid thing to say.**
**I didn't say it.**
**Picturing me with pointed blood gushing from a hole in my head...rather obvious meaning, sir.**
Jack sighed.
**Maybe when we wake up, this will go away.**
**We may be connected for life, sir.**
**You truly hate me, don't you.**
Jack stopped all thought for a second.
**What now?**
**There was a red flag with that 'yes' me, for lack of a better term.**
**Red flag?**
**Yeah...curious. Okay. Here's a test. Have you ever been in love?**
**None of your business.**
Nothing accompanied the thought.
**Okay. So much for that.**
**Why do you want to know?**
**Just curious what you'd say.**
Jack tried to open his eyes again, but still couldn't.
Frustrated and not a bit queasy about the current situation he tried to turn his head and felt movement.
**Cool. Now the eyes.**
**I think I turned my head.**
**Oh. Congratulations. How?*
**Not telling.**
**I think we're on first name terms now.**
**No, sir. I don't think so.**
**Fine, Spock. Be that way.**

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