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Daniel skidded to a stop and fell.
Daniel barely heard her.
He stared at Jack and Corvores...kissing.
Was this how Jack felt about Jolinar and Martouf kissing?
If it were, he would never ever ever let them kiss again.
Disgust just roiled around and around Daniel's brain.
He'd have felt better about Jack kissing Junior.
More appealing, too.
" my foot. Now. What are you looking at?"
Reality came back to Daniel and he realized he'd knocked Bre and Sam down, too.
Sam couldn't see through Bre now, but when she did...
Daniel turned around and dragged Sam, kicking and cursing out of the infirmary doorway.
Then he realized the reason Sam was so heavy was because she was still tangled with Bre.
He sighed and lugged them both around, catching the look Teal'c was giving him.
Probably wondering if a goa'uld had slipped into his brain when no one was paying attention.
He pulled Teal'c over and whispered furiously in his ear.
Teal'c's eyes widened fractionally and he then stepped into the infirmary entrance, refusing to allow Sam any decent visibility.
Sam's head dipped and Janet's amused tones soothed Daniel.
"Daniel, are you insane or just trying really hard to get Sam to punch you?"
Janet winced a bit and rubbed her abused wrist.
It had not stood up well in that little tangle.
Daniel took her wrist and rubbed it lightly.
"I'm sorry, Janet. Trust me, you don't want to see what Jack's plan apparently entails."
At least I hope it's Jack's plan.
If Jack were to really hook up with...'s got to be something Corvores did.
Daniel mentally bid farewell to his wallet.
Not much point in carrying it around now.
Jack would probably just have Daniel's paycheck direct deposited into a new savings account.
For all eternity.
Daniel sighed.
He could just move in with Sam and Janet.
They'd take pity on him.
*What in the world is up with him?*
Janet chuckled at Sam's fury and confusion.
*I don't know, but it's got to be Corvores and Jack.*
Janet sighed.
*Don't start.*
Sam smiled.
*Well, at least you get to deal with crushed toes instead of me. Daniel's got a really boney...*
*You're not actually going to enforce that in here.*
A little box rolled by Sam's feet.
*What a cute way you have of tossing threats. I don't suppose the abject absurdity of the order makes any difference to you.*
*I think it's funny, actually. I don't mind it and I love making you follow it.*
*You are a control freak.*
*That's why I'm in charge.*
Sam snorted.
Janet walked up to Teal'c.
"Teal'c, please move."
Teal'c didn't budge.
Teal'c looked her in the eye.
"You do not wish to see this."
"Try me."
"You are too small to hurt me. You will not pass."
Janet stood there, stunned.
*What could they possibly be doing that Daniel and Teal'c would go insane over?*
*I don't know, but I'm dying to find out. Threaten him. You're good at that.*
Janet smiled sweetly at Teal'c.
"I believe an extended enema during your next post-mission examination can be arranged...thank you, Teal'c."
"Teal'c, you can't let her..."
" may take my place both here and during the examination if you wish."
Daniel stopped.
He really couldn't blame Teal'c for that one.
"Fine, Janet. Don't say we didn't warn you."
Janet threw him an even sweeter smile and stepped into the infirmary as Teal'c stepped aside.
And stopped.
And stared.
*Sam, take over. Now.*
*Janet, they can't really be...*
*I said now.*
Sam tensed and then was in control.
As soon as the dizziness passed, she walked past each and every nurse, ambulatory patient, and known Grapevine agent to where the Colonel and Corvores were making out.
There had to be twenty to twenty-five people just standing there watching them.
Dr. Warren was standing in the doorway to Janet's office and as she approached, he motioned her over.
"Actually, I'm Carter. Fraiser's not here at the moment. She's taking an extended leave of absence."
Dr. Warren's eyebrows lifted a bit.
"I see. I understand. If there's anything I can do..."
As Sam moved, the crowd moved.
Everyone was either riveted on the Colonel and Corvores, now pressed up against the wall, or on Sam, probably thinking it was Janet.
Sam winced at the banging inside her head.
Janet had conjured up a kitchen with lots of long handled pans.
She'd also conjured up as many breakable items as she could and was having a smashing time.
Daniel slinked in behind her.
She didn't blame him.
If Corvores had somehow blackmailed the Colonel into this, Daniel was dead.
However...she had to admit it didn't look like the Colonel was exactly fighting it.
At all.
For a second, Sam felt jealous, too.
It was wiped out by Janet's constant dialogue, mostly quoting the Colonel saying he'd collect the other half of that blown kiss in private.
Sam winced again.
Janet was killing her...and everything else in the kitchen, for that matter.
The Colonel was going to have to talk fast to get out of this one.
Daniel just decided to get it over with.
He ignored Jolinar's comments, prompted by his unintentional threat toward her and Martouf, and put his hand on Jack's shoulder.
Jack didn't even stop.
This was just too weird.
This whole day was weird.
Daniel looked around on a hunch and saw Nurse Morhs in the corner.
She was even weirder.
She took blood from her patients and then took the blood for a jaunty walk.
Demented would probably be a better term.
Daniel clamped his hand tighter on Jack's shoulder, trying to get a reaction.
It was like he was a part of Corvores or something.
Daniel turned to Sam.
"He's got to be drugged or something. Even if they were somehow together, they wouldn't be going at it like this...not in public. Corvores is like...well...I can't see her exactly going for something like this."
Daniel then stage whispered into Sam's ear.
"It's against the rules."
Sam froze and after a moment so did Janet.
As soon as the pressure and pain decreased, Sam's mind cleared.
Corvores...rules...there was no possible way this was natural.
*You want him to stay with her if he doesn't want to?*
Janet looked around.
*You're right...*
Sam felt herself drop into the chair and then ducked as Janet turned off her personal feelings on the matter.
She'd done it a little a few times, but this time she went into full medical mode.
Sam's eyes widened as drop lists and mental books appeared.
Information, possible causes, assumptions, and impressions flowed around her.
*Take the Oath. And mean it.*
*The Oath? Janet, I'm not a doctor, but I'm also not going to misuse anything I see or read here. Cool...really?*
*Out of that! Now!*
*Janet, what's the point of these cool personal files if no one reads them?*
Janet sighed.
*You swear?*
*I swear.*
Sam hadn't thought it possible, but even more information poured over her.
Not into her, over her.
A river in one section, a flood in another.
Sam grabbed a mental file as it flew past and opened it. was hers.
She looked around for a different one.
Daniel was pulling on Jack and only succeeding in getting grumbled threats as Jack's mouth moved over Corvores' neck.
Daniel was ready to puke, but tried, for his friend, to separate the two.
Considering how fast this little session was progressing, they had to do it soon.
Daniel turned to Janet.
"Can't you do something?"
Janet turned to him, nothing in her eyes but concern.
"I can give them a sedative, but since I don't know what's causing this, I can't be sure what would happen."
"Umm...I hate to say this, but no, doctor, you can't give them a sedative."
Janet whirled to confront Dr. Warren.
"Why haven't you already done something?"
"Same reason you haven't. I'm not sure why they're doing that."
"Have you tried to stop them?"
"I had just opened the office door when all of you piled in."
"I'll take that as a no."
Dr. Warren motioned for them to move.
"Colonel O'Neill, I have to give you fair warning that if you do not cease this activity immediately, I'm going to consider you ill and have you sedated."
Janet stared at him incredulously, but didn't move when Dr. Warren prepared two sedatives.
"Are you sure you should prepare two? I mean, you didn't exactly warn Corvores."
Janet shot a disgusted look at Daniel that only grew when Dr. Warren nodded and repeated the warning to Dr. Corvores.
Daniel shrugged.
They heard the slight hiss from each person as the sedative was administered.
They waited a few seconds and nothing happened.
"Okay, I vote we forcibly separate them."
Dr. Warren started to motion over the security guards someone had summoned, but Teal'c stepped forward.
He placed one hand on each person in question, then gently pushed, applying more and more force until they finally separated.
As Jack's eyes opened, everyone could see they were completely glazed over.
The glaze was more than mirrored in Corvores as her eyes opened.
Then they both fell, unconscious, but breathing, toward the floor.
Teal'c caught Jack and carried him to what might as well be SG-1's infirmary bed.
Daniel caught Corvores and carried her to another one.
Jacob put his arm around Janet and guided her to Jack's bed.
SG-1's chair mysteriously appeared...only it was different.
Everyone stood back and admired the chair for a moment.
Not an inch of the chair had been left alone, the only exception being the SG-1 logo on the back.
Autographs from the entire infirmary staff covered the chair.
Daniel grinned.
Janet smiled back and sat down.
She'd never gotten to sit in it before.
She'd add her signature later.
She also intended to sit here and watch exactly what Dr. Warren did and offer sugestions until the General himself threw her out.
This probably wouldn't have happened if they'd just left her in charge.
Sam hadn't let go of Daniel's file when Janet had slowed down the thought race since she had plenty of authority to think, but no authority to do.
Sam only glanced up at the viewscreen occasionally.
His file was probably the most absorbing reading she'd ever had.
She knew, peripherally, that he was hurt a lot, but
Janet just ignored her, not bothering to take the mental file away.
She'd always prided herself on her eidetic memory so she knew that what Sam was reading was completely accurate information as of the last time Janet read his file.
Dr. Warren had put the infirmary personnel to work and had the security guards make everyone leave.
He started to have SG-1 and the Tok'ra leave, but saw they'd already taken up their respective positions around the room to talk and watch.
He just gave up.
It was hard enough giving orders and knowing he was constantly compared to Dr. Fraiser by the staff.
To have her publicly stand against him again was just going to make it worse.
He sent a nurse to inform the General and waited.
If the General wanted them out, he could order it.
Martouf moved back against the wall, out of the way as multiple people scurried around, hooking the two new patients up and recording information.
*Perhaps we should give them technology for healing.*
*They will use it for war.*
*Perhaps. Maybe not. They have not acted according to our expectations before. I doubt they will now.*
*I wonder if Jolinar is still able to use Goa'uld technology. More, I wonder if Samantha is.*
*Why would she?*
*Being a host changed her mind. Why wouldn't she still be able to?*
*We should ask.*
*Later. They are very confusing right now.*
Martouf chuckled.
Jacob leaned over.
"Lantash is not impressed."
"Surprise. Selmac is concerned in case this is something bad, but mostly is just amused. It's still strange seeing my people through her eyes."
Martouf smiled.
"It was the same for me when I first blended with Lantash,"
Daniel listened with half an ear to Martouf and General Carter.
*Let me out.*
*You've been tormenting me and being generally rude. I'm sick of it and I'm not letting you out anywhere until you agree to be nice to me. You can abuse Martouf and Lantash all you want, but you have to be nice to me. I'm basically a patient person, but I'm fed up with your attitude. I really don't appreciate you posting and re-posting memories of Corvores.*
*Nope. Consider yourself grounded until such time as I feel you've learned your lesson. You don't have to pretend to like me, you just have to pretend to be civilized. That's all.*
His mind filled with her anger and then she walled herself away.
She was really draining him with her mood swings.
She wasn't evil, just bitter and, well...slightly desperate.
Martouf was leaving again, these aliens, all her Tok'ra responsibilities...her life was in chaos.
That didn't mean he had to put up with her attitude, though.
Janet settled back, enjoying the chair's cushioning.
She hawk-eyed each and every thing done to the Colonel, glancing over to check on Corvores, as well.
Sam was still engrossed in Daniel's file.
Well, she had to admit she'd taken it home with her to read, too, when she'd first joined the SGC.
Daniel's knack for injuries was apparently a life-long pursuit, not a new hobby.
*Really...try reading from the front.*
Sam grinned.
*I'll get there.*
Janet sighed and Sam sobered up.
*You okay?*
*I don't know. I'll decide when the Colonel wakes up. I'm still a bit shaken.*
*Understandable. I'm here.*
*I know.*
Sam smiled and went back to her reading.

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