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Jack shifted his weight from one foot to another outside Janet's office.
They were waiting for Dr. Warren to finish up.
Apparently, the doctor was in closed session for at least another 15 minutes.
Corvores stood next to him perfectly calm, with no apparent need to move or even twitch.
She freaked him out more than he wanted to admit.
When she stood like that, her eyes directed to a point beyond, she looked almost like she'd died standing up.
He was so tempted to reach out and just give her shoulder a shove to see if she'd fall down as stiffly as she was standing.
If he ever actually did it, he'd have to make sure he removed her vocal cords or just killed her because the General would probably kill him after having to listen to the cold-toned discourse she'd give him hour.
It wasn't that she wasn't pretty.
She was gorgeous.
It was just the whole statue thing and never getting past that marble surface that really got to him.
No apparent chinks.
Her need to shove each and every regulation in his face didn't help, either.
Oh well.
He glanced up as Nurse Morhs walked past carrying yet another vial of blood.
He really hoped the rest of the crew had found out something useful about what she was doing.
He started to say something to her when she stopped and stared at him.
She took a step forward and blew in his eye.
What the...
Jack blinked furiously and looked around.
The nurse was walking to check on a patient and no one had apparently noticed...whatever had just happened.
Jack looked a bit closer at Corvores.
She really was stunning...something about her eyes.
Amber was staring off into space.
The Colonel believed her.
She hadn't thought he did until they were walking here from the General's office.
Every time she glanced at him, he didn't seem the least bit concerned about walking with her.
Well, besides the whole hate thing they shared.
That was just constant.
She could tell, though, that he believed her.
The General hadn't until the Colonel had said something.
Then, he wavered.
She hated this place.
Their rules were weird and no one ever really had to follow them.
The Colonel, especially, never seemed to really care about rules unless they suited him.
That was the main problem she had with him.
How could he exist without rules?
Rules kept lives in balance, preventing chaos and excess possibilities.
Sometimes, it was as if the Colonel was chaos personified to her.
Amber went even more still.
That was why he terrified her.
She didn't really hate him.
She feared him and people like him.
No rules, no fear, just run, jump, and somehow fly type people.
"Do you really believe me?"
Jack started a bit and then looked at Corvores, her eyes definitely larger than before and focused completely on him.
"I'm giving you the benefit of a doubt."
Jack's eyebrow started to rise a bit and he could swear she almost blushed.
Then her face smoothed itself out into its normal statuesque stillness and color.
He went very still.
She was faking.
In the instant before her control took over, he saw fear in those eyes and maybe something more.
It wasn't that she was vulcan, she was just hiding inside herself.
Great, O'Neill...what good does that do? wouldn't be the first time he'd reached out to an enemy and found an ally hidden inside.
Amber looked at him.
Really looked at him.
He'd been rude from the first moment they'd met when she took his blood to run the same analysis on it she'd run on Capt. Carter's.
Dr. Fraiser had told her he was always like that when stuck in the infirmary, but she'd taken it personally.
The thing with Maybourne was really unsettling and had just reinforced her opinion of men who walked outside the lines.
Except...the Colonel wasn't the one who'd done it.
That stopped Amber's mental track.
Dr. Jackson was the one, yet, instead of finding multiple ways to get Dr. Jackson back, she was tormenting the Colonel.
He was probably in on it, but what if he wasn't?
Why did she home in on him?
She didn't really hate him that much, did she?
What if this war between them really didn't have to happen?
What if she was wrong?
Jack tried to push aside the impressions he'd made before and concentrate on what he found here and now.
Just in case he'd misread her from the beginning.
Maybe she had a crush on him and she felt this stupid stunt about Maybourne was as close as she'd get.
Besides, he did promise to pretend they were together.
There was a chance she truly was malicious, cruel, and conniving.
If anything could shake her up enough to let him see behind that the real her...
Jack stepped closer to her and after only a moment's pause, laid his hand on her shoulder.
Her eyes widened in definite shock as she looked up at him and her mouth opened.
He'd just intended to emphasize the platitude he was about to voice, but before he could stop himself, his head dipped down and he brushed his lips along hers.
Not really a kiss, but enough of one to get the point across.
His eyes flew open as tingles shot through him and met her equally huge eyes.
He was as stunned as she was.
Suddenly her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him into a deep kiss, her mouth moving against his.
His brain started to go all fuzzy and confusion raced through it.
He told himself to pull back, but felt his arms slip around her waist to pull her closer, instead.

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