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"Shh...she might hear you."
Bre stopped and stared at the sight in front of her.
Nurse Morhs had just walked around the corner carrying yet another vial of blood and just as Bre was going to approach her to ask about Dr. J's results, she spotted not only Dr. J, but Dr. Fraiser, Teal'c, and both Tok'ra.
"Dr. J?"
He turned to her, a guilty blush tinting his ears.
"Bre, hi. What are you up to?"
"Actually, I was on my way to Nurse Morhs quarters since that's where she's always headed this time of day."
She noticed his confusion and smiled.
"I work here a lot, so I see her each time she comes here. It's like clockwork."
"Oh...okay. Why were you going to her quarters?"
Bre's eyebrows raised at the definite note of suspicion in his voice.
Now she was just dying to know what was up.
"You asked me to ask her about your test results. I did everything else first since I knew she'd be here now."
Dr. Fraiser started to...hmm...actually...
"Umm...are you Capt. Carter right now?"
Capt. Carter grinned and nodded slightly before returning to her apparent surveillance.
Bre relaxed.
That explained the way the woman was standing as she peeked around the corner, obviously watching Nurse Morhs talking to an airman in the corridor.
Dr. Fraiser never stood quite like that.
Capt. Carter placed her hand on Dr. J's shoulder.
Oh good.
Anytime they touched in public it would just lend credence to the huge scoop she'd just given the Grapevine.
She just hoped she'd be there when someone passed it on to Dr. J and Capt. Carter.
"Daniel, she looks like she's about to move."
Capt. Carter glanced back at everyone behind her.
"Get ready for it."
Bre looked around to see if anyone else was half as interested in this as she was.
"What are you doing?"
The Tok'ra looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, but Teal'c, Capt. Carter, and Dr. J, well...they looked very serious and intent.
Teal'c's glance measured if checking her loyalty.
That or he was checking her out.
Either one was fine with her.
He was gorgeous.
"We are following Nurse Morhs."
Bre could practically scream with glee.
The Grapevine would just die.
Dr. J turned to her.
" said yourself it was as if the SGC was having a secret blood drive. Aren't you curious what she's doing taking the blood to her quarters?"
Bre stopped and stared at him.
"Do you think she's a Goa'uld?"
Capt. Carter shook her head.
"No, she isn't a goa'uld, but whatever she is, she's breaking tons of protocol and rules taking blood for her own purposes."
Dr. J glanced back to her.
"We think she may be a vampire."
All but Teal'c closed their eyes and shook their heads a bit, smiling.
Obviously the "we" applied to Dr. J, Teal'c, and her.
She definitely thought Nurse Morhs was a vamp.
Bre blushed in spite of herself when Dr. J motioned her closer.
She was almost curled against him when he leaned even closer to whisper in her ear.
"I'm trusting the Grapevine will not be informed of our findings until we all agree on a plan of action. Understood?"
He knew.
Bre tried to look virginally innocent and she hoped to her core someone with a direct line to the Grapevine Ruling Council would walk by and see her in an almost embrace with Dr. J.
That would just make her life.
Dr. J just grinned that melting grin and released her.
Oh Posh and Toenails...
"Can I come, too?"
Capt. Carter choked a bit and Bre looked at her suspiciously to see if she was laughing at her, but she looked like she was genuinely choking.
Dr. J had turned at the sound and lightly pounded Capt. Carter on the back while whispering in her ear.
Whatever he was saying, it seemed to be making the choking worse.
Dr. J wrapped his arm around Capt. Carter as she calmed down.
Maybe she was faking was a really good fake if she was.
Bre wished she'd thought of choking.
Oh well.
The Tok'ra Bre assumed was Capt. Carter's dad leaned over and in a conspirational whisper swiftly lifted Bre spirits.
"Only if you promise to be as inconspicuous and spy-like as we are. Otherwise someone might notice us."
The other Tok'ra chuckled, but Capt. Carter and Dr. J both directed glares at him.
That last surprised Bre.
She'd never seen Dr. J glare at anything but those cool artifacts SG-2 had brought back months and months ago.
No one had been able to make even a start on translating them.
The language didn't seem to have an apparent Earth ancestry of any type...not even a possible derivation of an unspoken root language.
Dr. J had spent every waking moment on them until the General himself ordered Dr. J to just lock them up until something else was found that might shed some light on them.
Then, Dr. J had glared.
"This is serious. She's single-handedly draining SGC personnel and we have to know why. We can go without anyone who really doesn't want to be here."
Capt. Carter's dad raised his hands in obvious surrender as Dr. J spoke.
"I was just joking. By all means, we'll continue to help you spy on her. Is she still in the corridor?"
Dr. J peered around the corner.
"Yes, but it looks like she won't be for long."
Capt. Carter looked, too, then ducked back.
"Oh what I wouldn't give for the Colonel's personal B.C.P.S."
Bre must've looked really confused because Dr. J grinned and whispered.
"Battle Commander's periscope."
"Oh. Okay."
Capt. Carter's dad laughed.
"You're right. Peering into that to see around the corner as people walked by us wouldn't look conspicuous at all."
Capt. Carter just glared at him again.
He kept chuckling.
"Okay. She's on the move. Let's go."
Bre slipped in between Capt. Carter and Dr. J, holding her breath in case Capt. Carter objected.
Other than a chuckle, in addition to Capt. Carter's father's chuckling, Bre didn't hear anything so she stayed close to Dr. J.
She learned their plan of action quickly.
Anytime anyone looked too suspiciously or too curiously at them, they grouped and chatted.
They changed the order in which they walked.
If it was too open a corridor with no one in it to provide even a slight cover, they peered around corners until the nurse moved on.
*Sam, do you have the same suspicion I'm starting to have?*
Sam stopped quickly to keep from stepping on Daniel's female shadow.
*What suspicion is that?*
*I think we're heading back to the infirmary.*
Sam looked around, the same suspicion realizing itself in her mind.
*No way. That's too weird.*
*I'm having the same thought here.*
Sam reached over Dr, Jacey and tapped Daniel on the shoulder.
He jumped a bit and she realized he'd been peering very intently around the corner.
He held up a finger, signaling for her to wait so she looked back at Teal'c to see what he was doing.
"What is it, Sam?"
Sam turned back to him.
"What's she doing?"
Daniel's mouth twisted.
"I'm not sure anymore. She's cradling the vial like it's holy or something and she's stopped to chat with almost every blond airman in each corridor we've gone through. She has to be an alien or something."
Sam sighed.
"Does it look to anyone else like we're headed back to the infirmary?"
Daniel started to speak and then stopped, looking closely at Bre who seemed to develop a pinky glow across her cheeks under the scrutiny.
"I thought you said she went to her quarters?"
Bre shrugged.
"I never followed her or anything. If I talked to her, she said she was going to her quarters and she did it everyday. Why would I think she was lying?"
Daniel smiled at her a bit.
*If he keeps smiling at her, we'll have to scoop her into something to keep her with us.*
Sam smiled at Janet's comment.
*Let her have her crush. It'll go soon enough when we find Sha're.*
*You really think we'll find her?*
*Yes, actually, I do. I just hope we can actually bring her home next time.*
*Good point.*
"Good point."
Sam started a bit as Daniel echoed Janet's thoughts and realized he was still talking to Bre.
" she still talking?"
Daniel glanced back around and froze.
"Uh oh."
Five whispered "What?"s echoed his comment.
Daniel stared into the empty corridor.
*Primitive stealth tactics and now you lose...*
*Oh shut up.*
Jolinar quieted, but deliberately flashed the memory of the empty corridor in his mind to taunt him.
Daniel counted to 152 in Abydonian before getting calm enough to speak to the others.
"She's gone."
Seeing the raised eyebrows, Daniel catapulted into the corridor, checking everywhere the nurse might have gone.
Sam joined him, but it was as if she'd either disappeared or run very quickly.
"Let's drop in at the infirmary and see if our theory's right, then."
The group raced toward the infirmary.

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