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    Daniel stepped up to the General.
    "Dr. Corvores personally removed Janet's pictures, bag, purse, everything...and put them in Sam's quarters. Doesn't that count as breaking and entering, General?"
    Hammond frowned.
    "Dr. Fraiser, we'll discuss your infraction in private, later. I don't appreciate you going behind my back."
    "Yes, sir."
    Hammond turned to Jack, his jaw set.
    "Colonel, I want Dr. Corvores in my office before I get there. I want to know just what she thought she was doing."
    "As in...termination, sir?"
    Hammond pursed his lips for a moment.
    "That remains to be seen, Colonel."
    Daniel smiled and then sighed.
    "General, for Jolinar's edification, you mean fire Corvores from her job, not shoot her, right?"
    Hammond looked at him, smiled, and then left the room, a chuckling Colonel on his heels.
    Martouf raised his eyebrows at Jacob who just grinned and shrugged.
    Daniel looked at Sam.
    "Now we just need to get Nurse Morhs to stop her blood collection and everything will get at least mostly back to normal."
    Sam chuckled.
    "I'm sure it's legit, Daniel."
    "Well I'm not, so I say we watch her carefully. Just in case she's a vampire or something."
    Teal'c stepped forward.
    "You were not able to look in Colonel O'Neill's file to see why the blood was drawn?"
    Sam sighed.
    "No, Teal'c. We tried, but couldn't get past Corvores."
    "Then I believe we should follow Nurse Morhs. We should see if she is, in fact, a vampire, as DanielJackson suspects."
    Sam grinned.
    "Sure. Why not? Martouf? Dad?"
    Jacob exchanged a look with Martouf.
    "Won't a five-person tag team be a bit conspicuous?"
    Daniel grinned.
    "Gorilla warfare? Ambush?"
    Sam up-smacked the back of his head, grinning at his heartfelt glower.
    "No...we just follow her. We talk, spending the rest of Dad's time here together, and just happen to go wherever she goes."
    Jacob laughed.
    "As you said. Why not?"
    Teal'c looked out the door, spotting Nurse Morhs beside a patient's bed.
    "I believe we may begin our tracking now. She has just withdrawn blood."
    Daniel stepped out the door and led them, following her out of the infirmary.
    Jolinar was still laughing at him, but he was certain there was something wrong with Nurse Morhs.
    Janet settled back in a huge, soft chair, full of her soft body pillows.
    This was definitely a good side effect of her joining with Sam.
    *Do you think she's a vampire?*
    Janet laughed.
    *No. I think she may be going a bit overboard, though, so I'm as curious as you are. I'm sure her bloodwork would have been strange if she was a vampire."
    "Do you think she's one of those..."
    "No. They freak me out, though. At least with the Goa'uld, we can just send the host to Cimmeria and free them. These are parasites in a different context.*
    *Think they'll fire Corvores?*
    Sam stopped a second, getting an amused look from all three Tok'ra and a curious one from Teal'c.
    *Why not?*
    *She's a good doctor...just young. She may just not have been thinking. Maybe if we can instigate a Ms. Manners course, she'll improve.*
    Sam tried to picture it.
    *Not likely.*
    *No, it isn't.*

* * * * * *

"General, you specifically ordered Dr. Fraiser not to have anything to do with the infirmary except as a patient. You also mentioned that we were to help her in this. The only way she listens to me is when I'm directly in front of her and she can't avoid me."
Amber inwardly groaned.
She'd had a bad feeling from the moment Dr. Fraiser had stood up to her.
"Doctor, I'm aware of my orders. I have no problem with Dr. Warren using her office or in your not allowing Dr. Fraiser access to patient records. I do have a problem with your removing her personal effects from her office."
Amber straightened her spine in confusion as the Colonel leaned against the wall, obviously enjoying her predicament.
Well that was fine.
"I don't understand, sir. The Airman handed me the order as well as the key to Capt. Carter's quarters. It specifically said..."
"What order? I didn't issue an order that had anything to do with Dr. Fraiser's belongings and I certainly didn't give you a key."
"Then how did I get into Capt. Carter's quarters, sir? I have no lockpicking and few code-breaking skills."
Jack froze against the wall.
He believed her.
There was just something about her that caught him as telling the truth.
"Okay. So, assuming you're telling the truth..."
Jack caught Hammond's sharp look and winced a bit.
"Someone's issuing orders without the General's approval and has access to Carter's quarters. Why would anyone do that?"
"I don't know, sir."
Hammond sat back, watching Corvores closely.
For the Colonel to even be voicing that question, he must think Corvores might be telling the truth.
"Colonel, go with the doctor and get the order. Since you didn't give me the key, thinking I gave it to you, I'm assuming you still have it?"
Corvores nodded.
"It's in Dr. Fraiser's top drawer with the order."
"Good. Go and I'll start checking through my papers to see if anything's been moved around. Tell Capt. Carter to come here when you see her and I'll have her run through my files and check for tampering there."
Jack raised his eyebrows.
"She's the best we have here, Colonel, so I'm willing to up her security clearance if you are."
"Yes, sir."
Jack knew Sam would be thrilled.
"You realize, sir, that you'll be upping Dr. Fraiser's as well."
"Yes, Colonel, I do."
Janet wouldn't mind that, either.
Jack opened the office door and waved Corvores through.
Joys and fun.
The last thing they needed was another troublemaker.

* * * * * *

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