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Jack sighed as consciousness returned, a bit confused at first at where he was.
He blinked against the light as he lifted the arm he'd flung over his eyes.
His stomach was roiling with nausea and hunger.
His eyes slowly focused on the shelves around him, noting some toilet paper rolls and a few boxes were on top of him as well as lying on the ground around him.
His brow furrowed a bit as he worked his mind around the mess.
He remembered Demona and vaguely recalled getting into the storage room, but he definitely didn't remember knocking stuff down.
He must've moved in his sleep and hit the shelves with his feet, causing things to fall, since that was the main area of debris.
He heaved himself to a sitting position, groaning as his head objected.
He regulated his breathing, inhaling evenly through his nose, exhaling through his mouth.
His nausea slowly went down.
He widened his eyes and rubbed his cheeks as blood rushed through them, heating his face.
Pushing through the mental malaise, he slowly moved to his knees, using the shelving to balance himself.
Giving himself something to focus on, he put each and every item that had fallen back in their rightful place on the shelf, not allowing himself any annoyance when he had to move things around that were already on the shelf because of the way they'd toppled.
When he was certain everything was organized, he decided to try his feet.
Deliberately using more wall than shelf, considering how much fun he'd just had putting everything to rights, he pulled himself up.
One of his feet had fallen asleep and was complaining noticeably as it awoke.
When he was on his knees, he'd handled it by not moving it much, but now he wished he'd just gone ahead and dealt with it.
As soon as it stopped twitching, he took careful steps until he reached the storage room door.
Unlatching it, he opened the door, leaning a bit more on it than he intended, and jumped when a large brown hand closed around his own.
"O'Neill, do you require assistance?"
Jack tried to speak, but his throat felt like a dirt road had settled in it...maybe a few tumbleweeds, too.
Teal'c helped him into the chair just outside the door.
"I will return."
Jack correctly interpreted Teal'c's "stay put" look and settled in, hoping Teal'c was getting water.
Jack spent the few minutes Teal'c was gone by trying to remember each and every thing that had happened that day.
He'd gotten halfway through Corvores terms when Teal'c reappeared with not just a glass of water, but a wet washcloth and what looked suspiciously like a Jell-O cup with a spoon.
Raising his eyebrows, Jack cautiously sipped the water and motioned to the Jell-O cup.
"I asked Dr Corvores if your food intake should be monitored. She said you are to be on a B.R.A.T. Plus diet until such time as you demonstrate to her that you can handle "real food."
Wincing a bit as the tumbleweeds pushed down his throat, he rasped a bit as he question Teal'c.
"B.R.A.T. diet?"
"Bread, rice, applesauce, toast and like foods. She said Jell-O, whether liquid or solid, would stay down."
"Ick. Liquid Jell-O?"
Teal'c pressed the washcloth against the back of Jack's neck after wiping his forehead and eyes.
"I was unimpressed as well, but she assures me it is best."
Jack sighed at the coolness, already feeling better.
"Okay. Tell ya what. You eat the Jell-O. I'll watch and commiserate."
Teal'c simply raised an eyebrow.
Trying to give in gracefully, Jack took the spoon and Jell-O cup, handing Teal'c the empty glass.
"Did ya have to get green?"
"It was that or yellow."
Jack grimaced and ate.
"Where is everyone?"
"I believe Dr. Fraiser, Capt. Carter, and Capt. Carter's father went to spy on DanielJackson."
The rest of the memories hit Jack.
"Daniel kissed Martouf?"
"He did."
Jack just stared at Teal'c.
"I believe Jolinar of Malkshur was in charge at the time. It was a simple kiss on the cheek O'Neill."
"Oh...I was kinda picturing...nevermind."
Teal'c's mouth curved a bit.
"I am aware of what you pictured O'Neill. It did not happen."
Jack waited while Teal'c went to dispose of the cup and return the washcloth, glass and spoon.
He stared at the floor, thinking about Cass, Tok'ra, and other flitting subjects.
He looked up as Teal'c approached.
"Well, I guess I should go to the General's Office and let him know I'm alive."
Teal'c nodded.
"I will accompany you."
"Wouldn't have it any other way."
Teal'c gingerly helped the Colonel, relieved to note strength returning to the soldier's body.
"I'm okay, Teal'c. I can walk."
Teal'c released him, amused at the way his pride worked.
"Very well."
Jack gave him a grin, bending his knees a bit to work out the kinks.
He hated to admit Corvores was right about anything, but his stomach did feel better.
Teal'c took up position beside him and Jack walked, not mentioning the slow pace, knowing Teal'c wouldn't either.

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