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Janet stared after the Colonel a moment before following.
He was the second patient to complain about Angela taking too much blood.
She followed him, dimly hearing Sam's father jump to follow her.
As she watched, Jack ducked into the nearest storage room and she heard the lock click just as she reached the door.
Well wasn't that just wonderful.
Maybe he'd sleep, but she couldn't count on it.
Teal'c set SG-1's chair in front of the storage room door and sat down.
Well, that settled that.
"Teal'c, if he comes out, I want to know immediately."
Teal'c looked at her closely.
"Nurse Morhs seemed to enjoy extracting Colonel O'Neill's blood. I will not allow her to continue."
Janet sighed.
"I'll take a look at his chart and see how many times she's taken blood and where the samples went. He may just be disoriented."
At Teal'c's look she straightened her shoulders.
"Teal'c, if he hasn't come out in 15 minutes, I want you to go in. I won't ask how, but I want someone with him."
"Very well."
"Thank you."
Janet stepped back into the infirmary.
She was on a mission.
"Dr. Fraiser. I'm glad you're up. The General has asked you stay in Capt. Carter's on-base quarters for the night while they finish the refurbishment you asked for in yours."
Sam laughed at the mental imagery that accompanied Janet's exasperation at having to talk to Corvores, who undoubtedly heard General Hammond's orders regarding Janet's infirmary activities.
Turning, Janet smiled a pleasant smile, a trustworthy smile.
"Thank you."
Janet then turned around, heading for Angela.
"Umm...Dr. Fraiser, can I help you with something?"
Janet barely glanced back to acknowledge Dr. Corvores' wary question.
"No thank you, doctor. Nurse Morhs can help me."
Janet could practically feel the indecision in Corvores and prayed she'd mind her own business for once.
She had no idea how she was going to make it without the infirmary.
*You'll be fine and they'll let you come back. It's not like this is permanent.*
Janet just felt more and more tense until she heard footsteps heading away from her.
Relaxing, she tapped Angela on the shoulder.
"Angela, I need a look at Colonel O'Neill's latest test results."
Angela turned to her.
"Dr. Fraiser, I've been ordered by Dr. Warren under General Hammond's authority not to allow you access to the infirmary except as a patient or to visit another patient as long as it's not as the patient's doctor."
Janet stopped, so frustrated she could scream.
"I can't practice, but that doesn't mean I can't look at a patient's records."
"I'm sorry, doctor, but I have my orders."
Janet fumed and walked to her office, only to find the door locked.
She knocked, trying to see who was inside.
"Dr. Fraiser, your office is currently being used by Dr. Warren. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until he's finished talking with a patient before he can talk to you. In the meantime, can I help you?"
She had whirled around, finding herself face to face with Corvores.
*Does she annoy you half as much as she annoys me?*
Sam sat, helpless to do anything but nod in shared annoyance.
Janet kept her voice calm and even.
"I need my purse and other personal effects I keep in my office."
Corvores simply took a step back, freeing Janet's path to the corridor outside the infirmary.
"Your personal effects were removed when Dr. Warren became Acting Chief Medical Officer. They were put in Capt. Carter's quarters. If you need anything extra, I'm sure the General wouldn't mind you having someone get what you need."
Janet was stunned.
"This is my office."
Corvores cocked her head.
"No one has said it isn't, but because it only has infirmary-related material inside it, you have no reason to enter it until the General revokes his order. Please, doctor, don't make this difficult on everyone."
Sam tensed, feeling Janet's anger as well as her own.
Janet took one last look at the office door and then turned a bit to her left, catching a glance at the subtle attack stance Sam's father was in.
Realizing she wasn't getting anywhere and was just making a scene, Janet walked past Corvores and into the corridor without another word.
*Sam, how did you get into the General's office?*
*To refill those chocolates.*
Sam cocked her head, curious.
*I didn't put any chocolates in there.*
*Sam, it's me. You can tell me.*
*Janet, I'm serious. I didn't put any chocolates there.*
Janet stopped in the corridor, barely noticing the amused look Jacob gave her.
*The General is certain they came from you.*
Sam just shrugged.
*Well, I didn't. I just assumed he'd put them there himself.*
*I guess Daniel did it. How could he get into the General's office, though?*
Sam laughed.
*Daniel can get into pretty much anywhere on the base, Janet. Between the Colonel, and me he's learned just about every lock-picking technique we know.*
Janet tapped her foot a moment.
*You know, I'm just dying to see what's really happening between Daniel and Martouf.*
Sam laughed harder.
*I don't suppose I can be in charge when we get there.*
*Ugh. Okay. I get dizzy every time we switch, though.*
*Yeah. Me too.*
*Strange. We should probably tell them that when we get there.*
*There being...*
*Martouf's quarters. That's where I'm guessing Martouf would take his...wife. I just need to tell Daniel about the Colonel, of course.*
*Daniel won't buy it.*
*I don't care. I gotta see.*
*Umm, Janet?*
*My Dad. Is he following us?*
*Why yes, he is...imagine that.*
Sam snorted.
*Joy. Just make sure I see his face when it becomes obvious where we're going, okay?*
Janet chuckled.
*Will do.*

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