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Sam opened her eyes and realized she was laying on the infirmary bed.
Looking inwardly, she saw Janet in miniature laying down on a huge king-sized feather bed complete with body-sized pillows.
Janet's mind was so visual that it was almost as if a world existed inside it.
When Sam wasn't in charge, she usually sat in a field or a big recliner in the middle of nowhere, seeing the outside on a larger-than-life...for her anyway...viewscreen.
It was a lot like watching a movie.
Right now, though, Janet had vetoed the screen in favor of a comfy bed and Sam wasn't about to wake her up.
It felt too good to move.
She rubbed the last of the sleep from her eyes and looked around, noticing the empty chair by her bed.
Focusing on the other infirmary bed, she realized the Colonel was the occupant and Teal'c was watching her curiously.
Smiling for him, she tentatively started to stand, pain shooting through her sprained wrist.
Dr. Corvores obviously hadn't decided to give her a brace just yet.
"Capt. Carter?"
For a second Sam wondered how Teal'c knew, and then remembered that she made Janet's eyes flash.
That was such an odd side effect.
"Yeah, Teal'c. It's me. How ya doin?"
Sam laid her hand on his shoulder, grateful for his reassuring presence.
His eyebrow lifted a bit and his eyes smiled at her.
"I am fine. Col. O'Neill is ill."
"What happened? He looked fine earlier."
"I do not know. Dr. Warren believes it is because O'Neill has gone too long without proper sustenance or sleep."
Sam grimaced, then reached over and smoothed the hair off the Colonel's forehead.
It was cool to the touch.
No fever.
Janet wrinkled her nose and burrowed into a pillow.
*Go 'way.*
Sam snickered.
*The Colonel's in the neighboring bed.*
A rush of adrenaline pushed Janet into the driver's seat and Sam felt her body shrink and change into her familiar form rather than Janet's form before falling onto the bed Janet vacated as Janet took over to get a better look.
*I knew it.*
*Shut up.*
Sam was still a bit dizzy at the abrupt way she went from having a full size body to a small one inside Janet's mind, but grinned evilly as she teased her friend.
*You do have a crush on him.*
*Wanna go back in the box?*
*Ooo...touchy aren't we?*
Sam felt a slight shift before the now familiar view screen popped up around her.
It was the same as having peripheral vision, just bigger.
She saw the empty chair by the bed, felt Janet's brief curiosity and then saw Teal'c come into focus.
*It was probably Dad.*
*Yeah. That's what I thought, too.*
*Wonder how long the Colonel's been there.*
*I don't know.*
A stream of medical possibilities ran past Sam, some illustrated with pictures, all too fast for her to catch.
*Wow. Are you always like that?*
Janet's answer was distracted.
*Like what?*
*A doctor. You know, if you'll slow down and let me learn, I could probably pick up a few things.*
Janet sighed.
*It would've been easier if you'd just done as the Colonel asked and taken that basic medical course. As it is, I already went through medical school and I'm not interested in going through it again.*
Guilt lightly smacked Sam as she realized just how serious Janet was.
*I'm sorry. I didn't realize.*
*It's okay, I'm just tired.*
*What a coincidence. I am, too.*
A picture of Sam in badly applied clown make-up flashed through and Sam gagged.
*You're welcome.*
Sam saw the Colonel's vitals briefly show on the screen and then instinctively ducked as another stream of medical jargon and thoughts loaded with concern flew past.
*It's odd how visual your mind is. I'm still not used to feeling your thoughts go by as solid objects rather than simply separating them from my own.*
"Sam? Or Dr. Fraiser?"
Sam felt a little woozy as the view whirled around until her father was standing in the center.
*It's okay. Just wasn't expecting it.*
*Go ahead and take over. The Colonel's just gone too long without sleep and food as far as I can tell. His body's rebelling. Hopefully, he'll get some decent sleep now."
Sam grinned and tensed, waiting for it.
A tingle raced through her and she was in charge again.
She never did it.
Janet was the one that controlled it.
Jacob watched as the doctor's eyes flashed, alerting him that it was Sam.
He took a step forward and held her hands as she looked at him.
He just couldn't get over the fact his tall, slender blonde daughter was now a pert, petite brunette.

"We should talk."
Sam just nodded for a second.
"When do you have to leave?"
Jacob sighed, relaxing when he felt Selmac retreat further to give a semblance of privacy to them.
*Thank you.*
Receiving a mental nudge, he smiled.
"Sooner than I want to."
"I don't want you to leave at all."
"I know. You have to. That doesn't mean I have to like it."
"I tried to stay, actually."
Sam's brown eyes flew open in surprise.
Jacob must've looked as indignant as he felt because a faint blush spread over her cheeks.
"Sorry, I just didn't expect that. What you're doing is important."
"So are you."
Sam smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, motioning him into the chair.
"How long were you waiting for me?"
Jacob smiled.
"Oh...a couple hours. The Colonel woke up and was promptly sedated. I figured it was as good a time as any for a bathroom break. So of course you woke up while I was gone."
Sam grinned.
"Of course."
Her smile dimmed a bit.
"When are you coming back? I mean, I know you don't know, but are you going to wait for the next emergency?"
Sam stopped herself and muttered an apology.
Jacob lifted her chin with a finger.
"Stop it. Nothin' wrong with wantin' your dad around. As to when we'll be back, I'm not sure. We'll make contact and come back as soon as possible."
He paused for effect and dramatically whispered.
"George ordered us out."
Sam's eyebrows raised and then she chuckled.
Seeing his curiosity, she elaborated a bit.
"Janet's very sarcastic, mentally, when it comes to Gen. Hammond."
Jacob smiled and mussed her hair.
"Not used to seeing you with this much hair. Gonna cut it?"
Sam grinned again, this time a mischievous glint decked her eyes.
"As soon as I can get to a hairdresser. Poor woman'll be so confused. One moment Janet's saying a trim and the next I'll be telling her to shave it all off...ouch."
Sam laughed out loud.
Jacob just watched.
*Do we look that ridiculous when we're talking?*
Selmac's amusement flowed over him.
*When you are in control...undoubtedly.*
Sam suddenly glanced around.
"Where's Martouf? And Daniel, for that matter. I would've expected him to be with the Colonel...oh."
Jacob grinned.
"Apparently, Martouf and Jolinar were seen heading toward Dr. Jackson's office. George, being the consummate snoop he is, sent a note to his contact in the Grapevine. He probably won't appreciate me telling you that, but I thought it was funny...what?"
Sam had a really funny look in her eye.
"Jolinar's in Daniel. Jolinar's married to Lantash. Lantash is in..."
"Don't ask. Don't tell. I don't want to know. Although, from what I did see, nothing is probably going on. Dr. Jackson didn't seem any more comfortable with it than Martouf was. I think they're just going for shock value, personally. George's face was priceless when Dr. Jackson...Jolinar, actually, kissed Martouf."
Sam choked a bit.
"He what?"
"He what?"
Sam and Jacob both jumped a bit.
Sam recovered first.
"Sir, I'm sure it was innocent."
Jacob snickered under his breath at the look of complete disbelief on Col. O'Neill's face.
"You know, that sedative was obviously a dud. I'll go get the nurse to re-dose you."
Jack glared at the General for a moment before trying to wrap his mind around what he'd just heard.
No way.
"Daniel did not kiss Martouf. He wouldn't."
He didn't miss the amusement on either Carter's face and it lowered his own.
He felt like a truck had hit him and before he could get back up, 5 buses had made U-turns on his head.
And it was all Daniel's fault.
"Col. O'Neill. It's good to see you back with the living."
Demona, the bloodthirsty nurse, had come back.
Time to act.
"Feelin' pretty good, actually. Whatever you gave me earlier was great. Thanks."
She smiled at him, completely unfooled.
"If you'll lay back down, Colonel, I'll just be taking a small blood sample."
Jack glared at her.
"You've taken enough blood. It'll take me until the Goolds apologize for disturbing the peace before I make enough to replace it all."
The nurse smiled and kindly pushed him back down, preparing to take a sample.
"No. No more blood. That's an order."
She just smiled kindly and went about taking his blood.
She was evil.
It was at least the fifteenth time she'd taken his blood.
He'd only been in here a few hours.
"Doc? Can't you stop her? I don't have any blood left."
Janet had apparently taken over.
"Angela, how many times have you taken a blood sample from him? You're not using the same entry point, are you?"
Nurse Demona turned to Doc, about to reply.
Jack took advantage of her distraction to push himself not just out of bed, but across the infirmary and out the door.
His stomach was still a bit weak, but he made it out and into the storage room.
He'd become strangely attached to it.
He curled up between the shelves after locking the door.
The woman was going to bleed him dry.
He relaxed after minutes went by with no pursuit and fell into a light doze, hoping his stomach would be better when he woke up.

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