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    The Colonel stared blankly at Amber for a second before apparently remembering their conversation.
    "I don't recall you asking me to tend to Maybourne. You asked me whether I knew anything about a practical joke played on you, but that's it."
    Amber glared at him; embarrassed she'd openly confronted him about it, but not willing to back down, either.
    Hammond cut her off.
    "Is Maybourne here? I should've been notified, not you..."
    Amber cut in, sick to her stomach.
    "No, sir, he's not here. He sent stuff."
    A low, cold rage raced through her as she watched the Colonel choke a laugh.
    Dr. Jackson had clamped a hand over his mouth, unsuccessfully stifling his chuckles.
    Daniel sighed, his amusement lowered a bit as he automatically called up every memory he had on Maybourne for Jolinar to review.
    It was getting easier to interact with her, even though she was every bit as passionate in her opinions as he was in his.
    Pretty much it kept coming down to "it's my body, we do it my way."
    He hated doing that, but it also made him uneasy thinking about the fact a normal Tok'ra wouldn't have had that advantage.
    *Why do you not execute him? He is obviously not doing what is best for your planet and has betrayed you many times. Oh, what a primitive you are.*
    Daniel's immediate revulsion at the casual way she talked about murdering Maybourne wasn't lessened by the fact the man, probably as much as Apophis, deserved such a fate.
    *You know I won't murder someone. I don't have the right to just take someone's life like that.*
    Jolinar's disgust was evident.
    *That is why the Tau'ri will ultimately lose. It will come down to a fight and you will blow kisses instead of bullets.*
    Daniel laughed, a picture of Jack blowing Heru-hur a kiss sticking in his mind.
    Jolinar snorted and moved restlessly.
    *Can I please take control for awhile? You do not wish to talk about him, anyway.*
    *No. I know more about him than you do and I don't want them thinking I endorse your version of justice.*
    Daniel looked over, realizing he was receiving a look from Corvores so black that he knew he'd crossed the line.
    Jack caught the surprise in Daniel's eyes and looked closely at Corvores.
    Her long hair was still caught in the severe knot at the back of her neck.
    Not even one hair was out of place even through everything that had just happened.
    It gave her a forbidding appearance that he immediately reacted to by confronting her.
    Her eyes, though...ouch.
    Jack winced as he realized how angry she was.
    Even if she had deserved some of it, they had been pretty mean.
    He wasn't about to actually apologize to Corvores in public, though.
    Not for this.
    Maybe if he accidentally shot her, he might.
    "Can we take this somewhere private?"
    Her chin lifted, her eyes never flinching.
    "Absolutely. After you...sir."
    Hammond's lip was twitching and he just gave Jack a quick nod to let him know he could leave.
    Jack did not want to be alone with her, so ignoring the extremely curious looks he was receiving from everyone else in the room, he grabbed Daniel's elbow and propelled the protesting archaeologist out of the infirmary and to the infamous storage room.
    He saw one of Corvores' eyebrows lift a bit uncertainly and felt a lot better.

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