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Martouf and Jacob carefully scooped the dust that used to be Sam's body into a jar Corvores had brought in for just that reason.
Slightly sick to her stomach at the sight, Sam walked away from her dad, heading to where Janet was standing just behind the Colonel.
It was time for Janet to attach to her so they could get started on a few things.
Sam swallowed painfully at the terrified glint in Janet's eyes.
She was so relieved to be in a real body and be able to move, but the guilt that it was Janet's body, her best friend's body, she was in, ruined it pretty thoroughly.
Janet just looked at her.
She hadn't said anything since General Hammond had left to cancel the funeral.
Sam turned around.
A flying Daniel knocked the wind out of her.
He'd allowed Jolinar to have her reunion with Martouf and it was his turn to reunite with Sam.
Fine by her.
Sam wrapped her arms around him even as they lost their balance and hit the floor, laughing in gasps.
Sam's eyes were all teary again as she looked in Daniel's smiling, watery eyes and she only had a moment's warning before he hauled her to her feet and into another bear hug, lifting her off the floor.
Jack leaned against the wall, grinning from ear to ear as he watched.
Even though it would look to a stranger as if Daniel were hugging OLE' Doc Fraiser, Jack didn't see Janet's body, just his Captain.
He was thrilled to the tips of his toes to have her back.
Another part of him was so angry he could scream.
It would've been one thing if Sam had taken Corvores or Maybourne, but Janet.
She took Janet's body.
A thought started running around in his brain.
He started to push it away into the section marked, "Sounds smart, but will end up stupid by the time Daniel and Carter are done with it", but instead he blurted it out.
"How can Janet be displaced?"
Daniel and Sam stopped dead and stared at him.
Jack took a deep breath, hoping he wasn't about to look like an idiot.
"She wasn't in the temple with us and that's what Daniel keeps saying is what disconnected all of us so how can the Doc be disconnected? Are we sure she's like you were, Captain?"
They just stood there, dumbfounded.
Turning to each other, it was almost as if they were talking telepathically for a moment.
Martouf and Jacob had stepped out to get cleaning supplies and to give SG-1 some privacy so they didn't hear.
Teal'c however had re-entered the room with a broom and dustpan just in time.
"Capt. Carter can hear and see her. DanielJackson can see her. I do not see how it is different, O'Neill, except for the victim."
Sam and Daniel both turned to Janet who had literally huddled herself away from everyone in the room.
No response.
Sam looked at Daniel worriedly and, getting the same look in return, walked straight up to Janet.
The closer she got, the more pained the expression on Janet's face.
That's when Sam noticed the huge tears falling down Janet's cheeks.
Not sorrow or terror, but pain tears.
"Something's wrong."
Daniel's eyes flashed, but before Jolinar could say anything, her head tilted and Daniel muttered, "Not now."
Jack hid a quick grin at what visual and verbal discourse Jolinar was probably mentally assaulting Daniel with right then, but his attention was almost immediately recaptured by the look on Carter's face.
"Sam, stop. It's hurting her somehow."
Sam stopped and turned back to Daniel.
"I don't understand why, though."
Janet suddenly straightened, as if she'd made a decision.
Pain flashed over her face, worse and worse until she stood in front of Sam.
Then she whispered two words, almost inaudibly.
"My body."
Then she stepped into Sam.
Sam screamed, Janet screamed, and everyone in the infirmary able to walk ran into the room to see who was screaming.
Corvores entered right behind a patient who was moving very slowly, barely ambulatory.
She impatiently grabbed him and his IV stand and ordered the nearest nurse to escort him back to his bed.
Finally getting around him and the other nurses, she made her way to where Janet Fraiser's body was writhing and screaming.
"Not again."
Daniel caught the mutter and glared at her.
Jack's hands were cradling Janet's head, but he was the only one touching her.
Her head was the only part that wasn't moving and more than one person was sporting red impact marks courtesy of her flailing arms and legs.
Martouf entered the room just ahead of Jacob, demanding on arrival to know what happened.
Daniel didn't even look up from her.
"Janet somehow jumped into her body and my guess is they're mentally catfighting over it."
Jack just shrugged a bit in response to their incredulous looks.
"I have no clue which to put my money on. I've seen 'em both fight."
Daniel glared at him for a moment before forcing himself to relax; knowing Jack was just releasing his feelings through sarcasm.
Janet's body finally stopped flailing, deathly pale and Corvores immediately checked for pulse and eye response to her penlight.
She caught Jack's eye, swallowed visibly, and turned to the nurses.
"Help me get her on a ta..."
Teal'c swept Janet into his arms and Corvores only paused for a second before calling out orders.
"Get her oxygenated and prepare for possible de-fib."
Corvores immediately started CPR as soon as the oxygen was in place.
"Come on, come on, come one."
She chanted to herself in time with the presses.
Jack was pushed back against the wall as more medical personnel rushed in, different items entering the room with each new person.
Suddenly, a piercing scream was heard.
"No, get the oxygen back on her. She needs oxygen. She stops breathing every time she pulls it off."
Jack couldn't turn away as Corvores ordered everyone around.
Daniel's elbow shoved into his rib and he glared at him even as the archaeologist apologized and dodged another person carrying sharp instruments.
"It's okay...just thought Jolinar was getting some kicks in while she could."
Daniel just raised his eyebrows a bit at him.
"Jack, she really hates you. She's not too thrilled with me, either, right now. I'd have to say that at this very moment, of all of SG-1, Teal'c's her favorite person."
Jack's jaw dropped for a moment.
"Yeah, well..."
Another scream pierced the air, this one angry.
A few cries of pain accompanied it, neither from Janet.
"I said get off of me. I'm okay now."
Jack looked up and pushed forward only to be pushed back.
That was Janet.
No mistaking that authority even as people automatically obeyed before realizing she might not be in her right mind.
Jack grinned even though his fear for Sam hadn't abated a bit.
"Doctor Corvores, release me. I swear if you put that mask back on me, I'll make sure you spend the rest of your life collecting urine samples."
Jack laughed out loud.
Everyone moved back, unsure of what to do.
Jack noticed Corvores had stepped back, and took advantage of the confusion to push forward.
Janet looked at him.
"Yes, sir. It's me."
Jack smiled, but then Daniel was by his side.
"Hi, Janet. Are you and Sam okay?"
Janet frowned.
"Not sure. I'm in charge now, but Sam's here. It took us forever to figure out how to take charge and we could feel ourselves suffocating while trying to figure out how to keep one of us from getting tossed back out. It was touch and go for a bit."
Daniel and Jack exchanged looks with Teal'c.
No one was really reassured.
Daniel leaned over.
"Can we talk to Sam for a moment?"
Janet's eyes flashed and her voice echoed slightly, though not as distorted as a Goa'uld's.

"I'm here, okay sir?"
Jack suddenly felt nauseous.
"I thought the whole eye-flashy voice thing was because of Goold..."
"My eyes flashed?"
Daniel's eyes were huge, but then they flashed, too as Jolinar spoke to Sam.
"It is not the physical presence that causes the effects, but the presence of second mind taking temporary control. If it were you that the physical body preferred, it would be Dr. Fraiser's mental influence that would cause the psychokinetic residue we perceive as a flash in the eyes and a distortion of the voice. The body prefers Dr. Fraiser, probably because it is attuned to her, so you are again only second in command."
The taunt didn't even have time to darken Sam's eyes before Daniel's eyes closed and he took control, apology in his voice.
"Sam, Jack...Janet, it's really fascinating how much knowledge Jolinar has on this as well as goa'uld strategy. I've seen pieces of battles, including the one she and her army fought before the Ashrak's pursuit forced her to leave Rosha and join the Nasyan man."
Martouf pushed forward.
"You mean Rosha was alive when you left her?"
Daniel's eyes flashed.
"Barely. She had taken two staff blasts and was bleeding very badly. We almost did not make it through the Chaapa-ai to Nasya. We did not believe either of us would survive. Then we were found and Rosha ordered me to leave, that the Tok'ra would not know what had happened if I did not. I could not speak, but, yes, Martouf, I left Rosha alive."
Martouf's jaw trembled slightly, but then his eyes flashed.
"You did the right thing, Jolinar. You have nothing to be ashamed of."
Jolinar's eyes were sad as she looked at her husband.
"The man did not wish me to have control and I knew if he acted differently, it might tip off the Ashrak or his wife so I did as he wished until he was wounded and died just as Samantha leaned down to help him. Then, I took control and partially blended with Samantha. At first, I thought it was Rosha, healed and come back to save me. It was not until I had entered her I realized it was not and I had taken an unwilling host. I tried over and over to leave to find a new host and get the information back to you, but they refused to believe me and allowed the Ashrak..."
Jolinar's voice cracked and Daniel quickly took over.
No one said a word for a moment.
"What in Sam Hill's going on in here?"
Jack straightened to attention in response to the authority in Hammond's voice, but it was Janet that responded.
"Sir, I realized the Colonel was right and I hadn't been effected like Capt. Carter had. So I decided to just try to take my body back. It was painful, still is, actually, but Sam and I are both here, now. I don't think either of us will be leaving either. I refuse to go through that again if I don't have to."
Hammond just fish-mouthed for a moment.
"Are you saying you're keeping Capt. Carter prisoner?"
Janet's eyes widened and she sat up only to drop backwards onto the bed with a pitiful moan of pain.
"No, sir."
Her eyes flashed, the pained expression decreasing slightly.
"Sir, I'm literally sharing her body the way a Tok'ra would except I don't have the control a physical symbiote would have. Janet can literally take over at any time whether I like it or not. She can shove me into a box. Pretty much, sir, I'm a roommate, or bodymate in this case, in here on her sufferance."
A huge grin lit Daniel's face, startling everyone but Sam.
Jolinar crowed.
"I never believed the ancient saying, "What goes around comes around" until now. Sometimes people do recieve what they justly deserve."
Daniel took back over, realizing he would have to make people get used to there being a completely separate person inside him or else he would probably spend the rest of his life apologizing to his best friends.
"She's still a bit bitter from her stay in Sam's mind."
"Ya think?"
Jack's look was sarcastic enough Daniel just shrugged, not even bothering to respond.
Sam sighed.
"I wasn't as brutal as Janet was, but it was bad."
Hammond looked around.
"So this is permanent? How do I know one of you won't fly out at any given time into someone else?"
Sam closed her eyes, but before Janet answered, Jack interrupted.
"Sorry, General, for interrupting, but why do the two of you do that?"
Janet looked confused.
"Do what?"
"Close your eyes and/or nod your head when you change back."
Martouf butted in.
"It is uncomfortable for both involved when the host simply pushes the symbiote back with no warning and takes control of the body. An instant of instinctual relaxation softens the discomfort enough that it is tolerable for both. Closing the eyes simply signals the body to relax for the transfer."
Hammond's eyebrows drew together sharply.
"But neither Jolinar nor Capt. Carter is a symbiote."
Janet looked up.
"Actually, sir, that's exactly what they are. Two bodies with two souls apiece in a completely symbiotic relationship. Possibly even more so than a normal Tok'ra because they can't physically leave. To answer your other question, sir, Sam just tried to leave and couldn't. I think I could throw her out, but she can't leave of her own free will. I, sir, am staying put no matter what. That was not something I want to go through ever again."
Jack caught another grimace of pain.
"You need something for the pain?"
Janet smiled.
"I definitely sprained my left wrist sometime during the re-joining as Sam's calling it, so if Dr. Corvores wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate a wrist brace to help me keep it from getting in my way as much. Also, sir, I'd appreciate a day off to sleep and get used to this."
Hammond looked stunned.
"Doctor Fraiser, no offense, but you're off duty until I'm convinced you're stable and sane."
Janet started to argue, but Daniel cut in.
"Janet, I think we both need some downtime to get used to this. Besides, think of how much fun it'll be to confuse the daylights out of everyone all the time."
Janet laughed at the cheeky grin Daniel had.
Teal'c cocked an eyebrow at Daniel.
"You wish to say things to O'Neill and cast the blame on Jolinar, DanielJackson?"
Jack gave a bark of laughter.
Hammond forestalled further discussion.
"Dr. Warren is still acting Chief Medical Officer. By the way, where is he?"
Corvores stepped forward.
"There was an electrical fire and one of the crewmen was rushed into emergency surgery, sir. Dr. Warren's operating."
Panic overrode the pain as Janet pushed herself to a sitting position.
"Sir, Dr. Warren is an adequate surgeon, but he's never had this level of responsibility."
Hammond nodded.
"I'm well aware of that. I've already had a word with your two head nurses, Doctor, and they, as well as Dr. Corvores when she's on the roster for the infirmary, will be supporting him at every turn. You, however, are not to do anything infirmary-wise, unless it's to lay in bed and get pampered."
Janet snorted and then added a quick "sir" when both General Hammond and the Colonel's eyebrows raised.
Sam took over, flashing her eyes toward the General.
"Sir, I'm perfectly capable of conducting myself properly in the lab..."
Jack looked at the General for approval.
"Carter, you, Fraiser, Daniel, Teal'c, and I have a date with a twelve-year old girl the day after tomorrow. I want all...umm...all five of you as well adjusted and happy as I am."
Daniel rolled his eyes, Jolinar flashing in before they'd completely rolled back into place, making Jack's stomach a bit queasy.
"Daniel just supplied me with more information on Cassandra. She may not wish to see me again. I threatened her the last time we met. I wonder if she will be able to sense me inside Daniel. I am curious about what it is you find so appealing about her, but unfortunately, we have more important things to discuss until time to meet with her. Martouf, I need to meet with Garshaw as soon as I can..."
Hammond looked over at Jacob, who had stayed behind everyone just watching, before interrupting her.
"You're inside a member of SG-1. Unless you pop into someone else immediately..."
Hammond ignored the glacial venom in Jolinar's responding look.
"You're now officially a member of SG-1. I'm not losing Dr. Jackson. That's not negotiable."
Jolinar's voice was dripping with insult.
"I am not indicating that we will leave the Tau'ri. I wish to do so, but I have no control except what Daniel allows and he has already informed me I have no choice but to stay on SG-1 so I am not arguing that. You should know, however, that we are Tok'ra and have a responsibility to them as such. I have information they need. Even if some has changed in the time since I gathered it, some has not. It could not."
Jack took her chin in his hand, not allowing her to turn her head.
"We're allies with the Tok'ra. Tell us, we tell them, we all know what you know and everyone benefits. Why the secrecy? Besides, doesn't Daniel now know it all anyway?"
Jolinar jerked her head out of his grasp.
"No, Tau'ri, he does not. He does not violate my mind, nor do I violate his. We share emotions and sometimes thoughts bleed out when we are not careful, but he is not privy to the contents of my mind without my permission."
Teal'c's eyes widened slightly.
"But he has the ability to invade should he wish to do so, does he not?"
Jolinar's eyes turned from grey-blue to midnight blue in fury.
"Of course he does. I have already stated as much. He, however, will not do so. He has promised me he will not."
Hammond interrupted before the Colonel could stir things up even more.
"And we aren't going to ask him to. It never crossed our minds to do that. We were simply confused by how much and what was shared between you two. That's all."
Jack looked over at Janet and saw she'd fallen fast asleep, her hand curled against her cheek.
Smiling, he motioned for Teal'c to lift her to the same infirmary bed she'd inhabited earlier.
She didn't even stir.
Daniel gave Jack an indulgent grin as they both reached to cover her with the blanket Corvores held out to them.
Jack just winked and tucked her in while Daniel moved her pillow a bit.
Teal'c picked up SG-1's chair, set it beside the bed, and planted himself in it.
No one bothered to say anything.
They knew he wasn't moving until she moved.
Selmac and Martouf had moved aside and were having an obviously heated discussion.
Hammond only heard part of it, but knew they were concerned about how much to tell and how soon they needed to get back.
There was no telling when another relocation would happen.
They couldn't afford to stay much longer than originally intended for the funeral.
Corvores stood to the side until a nurse came hurrying up to her, whispering in her ear.
Alarm appeared in her eyes and before anyone could question her, she walked up to Col. O'Neill.
"Sir, I asked you to do something about Col. Maybourne."

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