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Jack's eyes were as wide as they could get, full of concern and not a little fear as he watched Corvores check Daniel.
He'd seen two flashes of light and then Daniel had fallen to the ground with a sickening thunk.
Martouf and Jack had simultaneously moved to his side and Jack had a bad feeling those flashes had been two of the ladies inside Janet.
Janet's body moved, a low moan slipping out.
Jack jumped up and rushed to her side.
Big brown eyes opened in shock, and Jack knew that whoever was still in there….it wasn't Janet.
He knew that tone.
Jack jumped back, more freaked than he wanted to admit, as she sat up.
"Yes, sir."
Sam raised her hand to her mouth, a grin like he'd never seen before splitting her face in half.
She threw her arms around him and hugged him as hard as she could.
Then, pulling back, her expression cut straight through him.
It was definitely Carter.
There was no way that anyone who knew her wouldn't recognize that cocky, but adorable look she got when making an astounding scientific discovery…or in this case, coming back from the dead.
Sam stepped fully out of the embrace and looked around the room with wide eyes.
She then snapped to attention in front of Hammond and executed a perfect salute.
"Captain Samantha Carter reporting, sir."
Hammond saluted back, his hand shaking a bit as he scanned the face in front of him.
Jacob stepped out from behind Hammond and just stared at his daughter.
She looked different, of course, very different, in fact, but there was no doubt it was she.
"If you're Sam, where's the doctor?"
Sam grimaced a bit and pointed behind her.
"I don't know how to explain it, but Jolinar and I were.."
She paused at the Colonel's sharp query.
"Yes, sir. Jolinar didn't die when the Ashrak attacked me. My mind locked her into a mental box as sort of a protective measure. When her brain wave disappeared, it was because the machine couldn't detect her inside the box, not because she was dead. As she fought the box, it cracked and that's when her memories started leaking out into me. Also, I think my sessions in hypnotherapy opened the box further. I discovered she was alive after I died, sir."
Sam's face screwed up a bit.
"That probably made no sense, but it's what happe…ooof!"
Jacob's arms were around her, holding her in a crushing embrace.
"My little girl…"
He just whispered over and over.
Hammond stepped over to the Colonel, giving Sam and her father a moment together.
Martouf and Teal'c stayed by Daniel, offering any possible assistance to Corvores, but were both watching for their turn to welcome Sam.
Jack's eyes were torn from Sam to the table where her corpse was when he heard Hammond's question to the room at large.
"Was her body supposed to do that?"
There were a few pieces of partially intact bone fragments, but most of her body was just a pile of dust under the sheet.
Most of the items placed around were okay, but any candles near her body were dust as well.
Everyone whirled around at the new voice…and it was new.
Daniel's voice echoed with the resonance of a Goa'uld.

Tears flowed down Martouf's cheeks as he gently helped Daniel…not Daniel…to a sitting position.
Jack just stared.
So…was Daniel a Tok'ra now?
He was getting a headache again.
Martouf's eyes flashed in time with Daniel's.
Lantash cradled Daniel's head.
"Jolinar? Are you alright?"
Jack's jaw dropped.
"Alright? She's in Daniel, for cryin' out loud. Is he alright is what I want to know."
Lantash sent him a scathing look.
"Jolinar would not have harmed him."
Jack walked over and sat down on the floor next to the thing that had been Daniel.
"Maybe…maybe not. She may not have meant to. Let me talk to Daniel for a moment."
Jolinar looked at him in distaste.
"I remember you. You have not improved since our first meeting. I do not see why Daniel likes you."
Teal'c's eyes darkened threateningly when she hesitated and Jolinar quickly closed her eyes.
When they opened, Daniel's familiar expression of awe and delight appeared.
"Jack, this is amazing. It doesn't hurt at all…it tickled really badly when it first happened, but now I can feel her move inside my mind. I hear her thoughts and feel her emotions. It was hard at first, but now I can tell which emotions belong to who and…whoa."
Daniel's eyes widened further, this time in distress.
"Jack, she's been locked up for a long time. First in Sam, then in Janet, and, well, let's just say Janet wasn't very nice to either of them."
Daniel looked past Jack to where Janet was standing, a very indignant expression on her face.
"Since Janet's beside you, I'm assuming it's Sam the General is hugging?"
Jack's eyebrows went up.
"Yeah, that's Carter. Reported for duty promptly and she said Janet was over here somewhere. I can just imagine she's thrilled."
Daniel grinned.
"Thrilled isn't a term I'd associate with that expression, personally. Jack, I'm going to let Jolinar be in control for a while. We need the practice. I can take over at any time…she can't stop me…and we're working out a tentative system now."
Jack looked alarmed.
"You mean you're keeping her?"
Daniel looked at Jack as if he was insane.
The look was mirrored on Jack's face as he stared in shock at Daniel.
"Of course I'm keeping her. Why wouldn't I?"
Jack sat back and pointed to Martouf.
"Danny-boy, you sure you wanna be his wife?"
Daniel stopped, stunned.
"I hadn't thought about that. I'm still going to let Jolinar take control, but Martouf?"
Martouf leaned closer, unease at the way Jack and Daniel were speaking evident in his eyes.
"I am here."
"I'm laying down ground rules, first."
Undisguised amusement glittered from Martouf as he answered.
"Do not worry, Daniel. We will not kiss or do anything more than perhaps hug. It is enough that she is in my life again. Lantash may not like it, but I am no more interested than you in that aspect of our relationship, though this does sometimes happen with Tok'ra. We will work it out privately between us at a later time."
Daniel smiled, deliberately ignoring the laughter ready to erupt from Jack.
"Thank you."
Daniel's eyes flashed and his face glowed with an expression of love so intense, everyone but Martouf looked away.
Lantash reached out his hand and Jolinar grasped it, enjoying the connection none but two joined Tok'ra could have.
Hammond and Corvores watched everyone, side by side, their expressions ranging from curious to shocked to amused and back again.
Finally, Hammond had had enough.
"I'm glad so many people are happy, but there's the small matter of Dr. Janet Fraiser not being in her body. Don't get me wrong, Captain. I'm thrilled to have you back, but I need the SGC's Chief Medical Officer back in her body and back on duty."
Jacob's expression started to darken at the thought of Sam leaving again so soon, so Selmac gently pushed him to a mental corner, admonishing him to shush.
"Of course, General. Perhaps if we figure out how Samantha and Jolinar combined with the doctor, we could somehow repeat it and join the doctor and Samantha?"
Sam looked around and sighed.
"Sirs, when that man died, a being came to take him somewhere…please don't ask me to describe it, I can't even remember anymore."
Jack's mouth snapped shut.
"Whenever I walked the opposite direction of whoever I was attached to, a force would pick me up and fling me into whoever it was. The force around the being that took that man, combined with the force about to fling me into Daniel is what put Jolinar and me into Janet. Even if we did go near someone dying, there's no guarantee Janet would enter this body and not someone else's."
Hammond did not look happy.
"Are you telling me someone else has to die before I can get my doctor back?"
Sam sighed.
"I'm afraid so, sir. You see, right now she's non-corporeal and can pass through all corporeal things, including the living, looking inside them, even able to feel them, but not able to join them. At least, that's how I was."
Jack folded his arms and stepped next to Hammond.
"So no one can be in the room when the person dies except those who wouldn't mind sharing their body with Janet?"
Daniel sat up, releasing Lantash's hand with an apologetic smile.
"It might be a bit more complicated than that. Sam, why were you and Jolinar tumbled around through Janet's mind instead of just staying locked in a box?"
Sam thought for a second.
"I wasn't really wanting to remember that, but you're right. We were put in a box first and then those mental hands of hers knocked us around and smashed us. Maybe because there were three of us? Maybe that's too many to handle?"
Hammond looked from one to the other.
"But none of you know for sure? So, we may just succeed in trapping Dr. Fraiser inside someone else's mind?"
"I don't think so, sir."
Expectant expressions turning toward her, including a really curious look on Daniel's face made Sam think very carefully before speaking.
"I think it was perhaps a matter of three completely different minds in one body. Minds are formed in the bodies they grow in, so three different brains would produce three different minds."
Hammond just looked confused, but Sam saw the light dawn as Daniel's eyes flashed, Jolinar's voice visibly startling the Colonel.
"I told you she did not seem to be completely human. I am genetically compatible to humans because my mother's Chosen was human. If she is not human, getting both you and me would have practically guaranteed an allergic…"
"Excuse me??"
Jack's interruption made both of them freeze for a moment.
"What do you mean Janet's not human? What is she if she's not human?"
Sam's hands lifted in a placating gesture.
"Sir, we simply mean she may not be completely human."
Seeing no lightening of the Colonel's expression, Sam tried to explain.
"Sir, with all the different alien races that keep visiting earth, there's a good chance that somehow, somewhere, in her family line, alien DNA was introduced. Her mind is very different from mine or any other human mind Jolinar's been inside and so we simply think…"
Jack looked at her as though she'd grown a second head.
Hammond, sick of it all, just shook his head.
"In simplest terms, Captain, what can we do to rectify the situation? We'll worry about who's human and who isn't afterwards."
Sam grimaced.
"Sir, this is all supposition. We'll get right on it, though."
Hammond turned to Corvores.
"Go tell Dr. Warren I want him here now."
"Yes, sir."
Corvores obviously didn't want to leave, but she did anyway.
Hammond looked around the room.
"Alright people, this is what we're going to do. Captain Carter, consider yourself recalled to active duty."
"Yes, sir."
"SG-1, you will use any and all resources available here and that includes people. This has gone too far to keep secret on base. I want Dr. Fraiser back A.S.A.P."
Jacob looked over at Martouf, and got an answering nod.
"Martouf will wish to stay with Jolinar, and I want to stay near Sam, so we'll help SG-1."
Hammond nodded, a smile finally breaking through a bit.
Dr. Warren entered the room, the stench causing him to wrinkle his nose.
His eyes were wide from what Dr. Corvores had obviously told him, making him look quite comical.
Hammond turned to face him fully.
"You're now acting Chief Medical Officer until Dr. Fraiser can return to duty. Understood?"
"No, sir, but I'll do my best."
Hammond's eyes smiled as he surveyed the group.
"People, this is going to be strange and, Captain, you'll probably be mistaken for Dr. Fraiser at every turn. Prepare for it. Keep me updated. Who's Dr. Fraiser attached to, currently?"
Sam and Jolinar both pointed to the Colonel.
Jack looked around him and sighed, then looked at Sam.
"Can either of you hear her as well or just see her?"
They both shrugged and then Sam grinned.
"Yes, sir. I can."
Jolinar started.
"How can you hear her? I can see her, but that is all."
Sam cocked her head.
"Well, when I was non-corporeal, Janet could hear me, but couldn't see me. Maybe it's something in her physiology or maybe it's a connection we have we just didn't know about until now."
Jack interrupted before Jolinar could answer.
"Then Doc needs to stay with you. I don't care if she is my doctor, I'm not sharing a shower with her, too."
Everyone saw the sly smile on Jack's face as mortification reddened Sam's.
"Sir, I swear I didn't mean…"
Jack held up a hand.
"Carter, I'm well aware you're not a peeper. I just have no intention of ever letting you forget."
Hammond smiled, but decided it was time to get everyone going.
"Dr. Warren, SG-1 will clean up in here under Dr. Fraiser's direction. I expect to see the infirmary running as well as possible under the circumstances."
"Yes, sir."
Hammond reached out his hand to Sam.
"It's very good to have you back, Sam."
Sam smiled and shook his hand firmly.
"Thank you, sir. It's good to be back."
"You all have your duties. Dismissed."
SG-1 stepped to the side to let Hammond by and then everyone began talking at once.

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