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Amber looked up just in time to see the Colonel, Dr. Jackson, and one of the Tok'ra enter the infirmary.
"Colonel, this isn't during visiting hours. I understand you checking on her since you have to have an accurate report for the General when you finally find him, but the others will have to..."
The Colonel turned a million-watt glare on her.
He gave a general hand sweep to indicate Martouf and Daniel.
"…think they might know what's wrong so I'm humoring them. Unless you've found something since I was last here?"
Visions of the Colonel dying repeatedly and in increasingly horrific ways gave Amber the courage to look him in the eye.
"No, sir. The latest test results were no more conclusive than any others were. Whatever's happening to her, it's mental. The only physical manifestation is the obvious stress her body is undergoing. That, we can treat, at least. We're injecting supplements whenever she's calm to help her body deal with this, but that's not affected her mind in any way."
Daniel suddenly whirled to look Dr. Corvores.
Jack took a step back when he saw Daniel's face.
No mistaking that look.
No one was going to like whatever it was he was about to say and he knew it.
"I want to see Sam's body."
Jack and Corvores opened their mouths at the same time to protest, but Teal'c's got in first.
"DanielJackson. Perhaps if you were to explain what results you want, we could help you reach them instead of simply following you…as usual."
That caught Daniel up short.
He turned a sheepish, but very determined expression to Teal'c.
"It's just that I know Jack won't like it, you probably won't, and Dr. Corvores will…well, I'm not sure what you'll do, doctor, but I know I won't like it."
Jack's eyes narrowed.
"You're not still on that whole 'bring Sam back from the dead' thing, are ya? I told you, something happened to her head."
Daniel took a deep breath.
"I know what you said and I've been thinking about it since. Even though her head's degraded faster than expected, it's still there, right? I really need to see Sam's body."
Dr. Corvores turned wide, incredulous eyes on Daniel.
He winced inwardly in preparation for whatever it was she was about to unleash on him.
She never got the chance.
"We'd like to see her body, too, if you don't mind, doctor."
The group turned in unison towards Jacob Carter, standing straight and tall in the doorway, even if he did look a bit haggard.
Jack spoke first.
"Sir, do you know where General Hammond is?"
"I'm right behind Jacob, Colonel. I'll even enter the room if he'll be so kind as to actually move."
Jacob chuckled as he walked up to the group crowding Dr. Fraiser's bed.
Matching amusement was in Hammond's eyes until he saw the occupant of the infirmary bed.
All amusement gone, he turned to the Colonel.
"Exactly why is Dr. Fraiser in the bed and why wasn't I contacted?"
Jack had to consciously release his jaw.
"Well…sir, apparently the Doc's got something on her mind that shouldn't be there, you disappeared to who knows where, Daniel thinks he knows how to bring Carter back from the dead, and that somehow also ties in with why Dr. Fraiser's screaming whenever she's not sedated, sir."
Everyone in the room, with the possible exception of Janet Fraiser, was annoyed with him now.
Well too bad.
Hammond gave him a rather penetrating look before sighing.
"I was with Jacob in Capt. Carter's quarters, Colonel. Lt. Simmons knew where to find me and he was the one who came and informed me something had happened and was happening in the infirmary. He wasn't clear on what, however, so we came straight here."
Jack was instantly contrite.
"Sorry, sir. I should've thought to look there. It's just been a stressful…"
His voice was drowned out by an ear-torturing scream accompanied by the thrashing of a very un-sedate Dr. Janet Fraiser.
Everyone turned to watch, helpless to do anything.
Jack watched a couple of nurses assist Corvores in checking the restraints to make sure they were simply restraining, not causing damage.
The screaming stopped abruptly after about 15 minutes and Hammond looked on in shock.
"It's been like this?"
Jack nodded tiredly, the prolonged stress causing small lines to appear beneath his eyes.
"Yes, sir."
"No one's been able to do anything at all for her?"
Corvores turned to him.
"No sir. It's mental and no medication we have is helping or making even the slightest difference."
Hammond turned to Daniel.
"What do you have in mind, Dr. Jackson?"
Daniel stared at him for a second, but then spoke quickly to ward off the impatience he knew would follow.
"General, I'd like to see Sam's body to see if there's any way to call her to it."
"Dr. Jackson, I fail to see how that, even if it somehow worked, would help Dr. Fraiser."
"If I may…"
Martouf looked very out of place as he stood beside Teal'c at Janet's bed with a loving smile lighting his eyes.
"Jolinar is inside her. I believe Capt. Carter is as well. If they are still connected, calling Capt. Carter out should remove Jolinar as well."
Martouf's eyes twinkled at the combination of incredulity and hope looking at him. Daniel, however, was not smiling.
"Jolinar's dead."
Martouf looked him in the eye.
"I believed this as well, but I always felt her inside Samantha. I spoke of it with Garshaw and she was confused. While I would, of course, have a small connection to the former host of my mate, Garshaw was surprised at the strength of the bond I had with Capt. Carter. I felt the same link with Jolinar when I was near Dr. Fraiser earlier, in the briefing room…"
"That's what tipped you off that when Sam disappeared, it was into Janet, rather than on to whatever or wherever the dead go?"
Both men were receiving strange looks from everyone present, but neither cared.
"Initially, but Lantash was certain I was mistaken and I did not feel it again until just now. I was not expecting it and not even Lantash can deny its existence now. My mate is inside your doctor."
Jack and Teal'c moved so that if either Daniel or Martouf looked physically insane instead of just mentally off their rockers, they'd be there to stop them from hurting anyone or each other.
Jacob's eyes flashed and Selmac's soothing tones were unmistakable.
"Martouf, I have been bonded as well, though that was a long time past. I believe you believe, but how would it be possible?"
Daniel answered her.
"As I said earlier, when we were on that planet and we were separated from our bodies…disconnected somehow. If Jolinar were, somehow, still alive in Sam, then it would make sense she was affected as well. What I don't get is how she could possibly have still been alive. After Jolinar…well didn't die, obviously, but faked it really well…Sam was checked thoroughly pretty much every day just incase something was missed. A Goa'uld, or Tok'ra, wouldn't have been missed."
Martouf's eyes were resolute.
"I do not pretend to know how. I just know what is. Three souls are inside this body and it is probably rejecting at least two of them if not all three."
Jack muttered under his breath about getting three women in the same room together, much less the same body.
Corvores shot him a vicious glare.
Daniel caught the comment and the glare and bit his lip to keep from smiling.
Hammond stepped back.
"I'm not sure what's going on, but I do know that nothing we've done so far has had any effect. Correct?"
He glanced around the room, hearing only "yes, sir" and seeing confirmations from everyone else.
Satisfied, he turned back to Daniel.
"Dr. Jackson, you do not have carte blanche, but you do have, within reason, freedom to whatever and whomever you need."
Hammond's mouth tightened for a second and then he leaned a little closer to Daniel.
"If you can fix this, I'll personally see about arranging that purely archaeological expedition to PXA-97 you wanted."
Daniel's eyes widened.
"Well…umm…great…thank you, General."
Daniel turned to Corvores.
"Sam's body. Now."
Corvores just shrugged.
"Right this way."

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