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Martouf stirred awake.
*Someone's pounding on the door. Wake up. *
At Lantash's prodding, Martouf opened his eyes and groaned.
His back was still stiff from a few moves he'd had to make during the Tok'ras' latest relocation.
*I am becoming old. *
Lantash laughed.
*Open the door before they cause it damage.*
*What are you going to do? Come to think of it, why didn't you open the door and allow me to keep resting?*
Lantash's amusement increased Martouf's griping.
*I have no desire to speak to anyone at the moment. Call me if you need me.*
Martouf grouched a little more as Lantash retreated to rest further.
Another impact on the door reminded him what it was he was supposed to be doing.
Martouf walked to the door and flung it open just in time for Jack O'Neill's fist to connect with the top of his nose in a downward swoop.
Martouf's hands covered his nose protectively as Daniel shoved past Jack to make sure Martouf was okay.
Jack stopped, stunned.
He hadn't meant to hit him, he just hadn't been looking at the door when it had actually opened.
Daniel kept glaring at him.
Neither one would believe he was sorry for it so he didn't bother with an apology. Lantash straightened, his eyes flashing.
"You are the rudest, most careless and pathetic Tau'ri I have ever had the misfortune to meet. If you…"
"Calm down. It was an accident. Jack just didn't expect you to open the door when you did."
Daniel glanced at Jack to make sure it really was an accident and Jack nodded.
Lantash glared at Daniel.
"He did not expect Martouf to open the door after having pounded on it multiple times to get Martouf to do just that? Colonel O'Neill, you are not merely careless. You are, as Jacob says, an idiot."
Daniel started to reply, then just kind of shrugged.
Jack cocked his head at him, obviously waiting for some kind of defense.
Daniel smiled a bit.
"I know you're not an idiot, Jack, but he's got a point. There's been a few times I've narrowly avoided having the same thing happen to me."
Martouf took control, not bothering to try to calm Lantash anymore.
His verbal tirade didn't compare to the one he was unleashing inside Martouf's mind about the general intelligence of Tau'ri males.
"Colonel O'Neill, I know that it was an accident. I am relatively un-harmed. There is no need to over-react."
That last was echoed to Lantash, who just placed a mental picture of Jack in a rather comical position in the forefront of their minds.
Stifling a laugh, Martouf turned to Daniel.
"Why have you come here? Am I expected somewhere?"
Daniel glanced at Jack's annoyed expression and deliberately stepped so he was exactly halfway between the men.
He wasn't taking sides in this.
"Janet's in the infirmary. Apparently her migraine was more serious than anyone knew and now she's screaming in pain when she'd not thoroughly sedated."
Jack looked sharply at the matching expressions on Martouf and Daniel's faces.
What were they up to?
"Okay. Out with it."
Identically guilty expressions and defensive eyes turned to him, both wondering what he knew.
Jack knew he was on the right track.
Now, he just had to get it out of them.
Then, a thought hit him.
"Is this something to do with when the two of you and Janet had your little powwow?"
Daniel winced.
"Jack, you're not going to like what we think is going on, so we'll pretend we told you, you blew up and didn't believe us, we convinced you we're right, you fell down and worshipped us for our intellect, and now we all go to the infirmary where Janet is. Okay?"
Daniel saw the thunderclouds rolling behind Jack's eyes and ducked out of the room, heading for the infirmary.
Jack and Martouf didn't even glance at each other before following the speeding archaeologist through the corridor.

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