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Sam looked over at Jolinar.
*What do these weak spots represent exactly? It seems kind of weird to have weak spots in a mind.*
Jolinar stared a her for a second, probably trying to decide whether she was serious or not.
*You do not understand. Once you find a truly weak spot, we will have to act immediately to weaken it further.*
Sam's brows drew together.
*You didn't answer my question.*
Jolinar sighed.
*We are in a box, but we are inside your friend's mind. The mind is made up of thoughts. Some thoughts are very inconsequential to a person and some are so important that they are protected by layers upon layers of psychic blocks. Blocks such as the one we're inside.*
It was Sam's turn to stare.
*You mean Janet's mind sees us as important thoughts to be protected?*
*Yes, it is the only way it knows to understand why we are here. So it has surrounded us with layers of thoughts so we do not move. Have you never had a memory so intense you had to push it away completely until you were alone and could experience it fully?*
Sam nodded slowly.
*So Janet could free us if she thought about us enough to weaken the box walls.*
*More than that, she could take us out and allow us to roam freely through her mind. I wish Lantash were here. He is much better at explaining things like this.*
Jolinar broke off impatiently.
*The more you thought about me, the more I was able to break the walls down, but Janet does not think about me and her feelings toward you are so strong that even though she must be thinking of you, it is not providing a very promising weakness anywhere. We have to find a thought that constantly goes through her mind, but that she only indulges occasionally. A sneak attack, if you will.*
*So we find a 'physically' weak spot and you said we'd batter it with our strongest don't have any memories to batter it with. You don't have personal memories to share with her. Or is it just the combined force of our minds...*
*No, no, no. The weak spot in you was love...or lack of it. Your romances have not exactly been up to par.*
Sam glowered at her, but didn't interrupt.
*I sent every loving memory I had of Martouf and Lantash at it. That is not what finally cracked it, though. It was my memories of when I faced your friends in your body. Your Colonel, your Jaffa, and your Daniel were the keys to cracking through. Not enough to get out, I was too tired, but enough to make you think you might be insane and that was enough for awhile.*
Sam's eyes had widened.
*Ummm...I'm not in love with any of the guys so why...*
Jolinar cocked an eyebrow at her and smiled a bit.
*No, that is why my memories of Martouf only further weakened the wall without breaking it. You were not in love and had never really been in love so your mind did not recognize it properly, but you do love your teammates. They have become your family and they were a direct line through the walls in your mind.*
Sam chewed on her bottom lip, mulling over what Jolinar was saying.
*We simply need to find the weak spot and then whatever emotion seems to leak into here through it is what we will need to find inside ourselves to break out. It will not be you, obviously, and I think that may be because of how painful her memories surrounding you are so they are under extra guard. I am assuming, of course, that her mind works like yours, so we may never get out.*
Sam choked.
*Yes, we will. Why wouldn't her mind work like mine?*
*I am not certain. It feels different to me. Are you sure your friend is human?*
Sam stared at her, fish-mouthing for a moment.
*She's hiding it extremely well if she isn't.*
Jolinar raised both eyebrows and then shrugged her shoulders.
*Let us keep looking. There has to be a weak spot somewhere.*
Sam turned back to her wall.
*I wonder what her weakness will be since it isn't me.*

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