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"We can't have a funeral."
Daniel's eyes were flashing with stubborness.
Sam sighed.
This was taking forever.
The sign language idea was good, but both were too impatient with it so Daniel had written down the alphabet, a little sign he indicated meant end of word, and another sign that meant end of sentence.
They were communicating easier since Sam just had to point to letters, but explaining why it was pointless not to have a funeral was really starting to get to her.
Both were still thoroughly engrossed in their 'discussion' when the slight creak of the office door broke their concentration.
Jack stood there, staring at the tell-tale notes Daniel had scribbled as Sam had pointed out sentences.
"You really can see her?"
Daniel raised his hands, as if expecting an attack.
"I know it sounds daffy, but yes, I can. Jack, you have to call off the funeral. I don't think she's really dead. You can go tell Gen. Hammond..."
"Tell me what?"
All three of the room's occupants turned toward the doorway behind Jack where General Hammond was standing.
The look on his face was not promising, not to mention the fact that the General had sought them out rather than summoning them to his office.
"I would really like to know what's going on. Colonel?"
Jack wasn't sure how much the General knew, but it obviously didn't bode well for them, whatever it was.
"Sir, would you mind if we wait for Dr. Fraiser to get here? We have medical evidence to back up at least some of what you're about to hear."
Daniel's eyes widened a bit.
"We do?"
Jack's face twisted in annoyance.
General Hammond hadn't missed a thing.
"All right. I'll wait, but this better be good, Colonel."
Daniel moved so the General could sit down at the desk, surreptitiously picking up all the little notes as he moved.
Janet and Teal'c arrived in the doorway at the same time.
Neither knew why the other was there, and neither one was expecting the General to be waiting for them.
Janet looked to the Colonel to see if she needed to make a lame excuse and leave, but he motioned her further into the room and closed the door behind Teal'c.
General Hammond relaxed in Daniel's chair, curtly waving for one of them to begin.
Jack realized it would have to be him.
Quickly, leaving nothing out, he told the General everything that had happened since he had left the infirmary the first time.
Everyone but Jack and Janet were surprised as he related his conversation with Corvores.
"That's it, sir. You're as up to date as any of us."
Hammond turned to Janet.
"Is there any chance Capt. Carter's not dead, but simply detached?"
Janet sighed.
"Sir, nothing's impossible, but I have no idea how it could've happened."
Everyone turned to look at Daniel.
He couldn't help the excitement building inside him.
"Of course, it makes sense. That light hit us, my eyes changed, and Sam was hurt. Maybe something got into her bloodstream or something and made it so she..."
"Can't die properly?"
The pain-ridden sarcasm in Jack's voice cut through everyone.
"Daniel, maybe she really is dead and you just see her because of your eyes."
Janet looked up suddenly.
"There's a way to test it. It's a horrific thing to use as a test, but if it'll prove one way or another whether Capt. Carter is dead, then I'm willing if you are."
Hammond opened his mouth to speak, but Teal'c beat him to it.
"Her body is dead. Unrestorable. What then do you hope to do even if she is merely 'detached'?"
Daniel turned on him.
"Teal'c! At least if we know for sure one way or the other, we'll know if there's a reason to explore other options. Sam doesn't look to me like a ghost. Yes, Jack, I know I've never seen a ghost before so maybe it's wishful thinking, but if there's chance she's not dead, maybe she could do what the Tok'ra do. Two souls in one body. I know I'd be willing to be a host for Sam in a minute if it's an option, but we need to know if it's plausible or not."
Hammond turned to Janet again.
"What do we need to do, doctor?"
Janet cleared her throat.
"SG-11 brought back 4 human refugees a couple days ago. Their wounds were just too severe for me to save. The last one will die within hours. If Daniel is willing to sit watch, we'll find out whether he can see all dead or just Sam."
Jack cocked his head a bit.
"Ummm...even if he can't see the man after he dies, how will that tell us whether Carter's dead or not? I mean, couldn't she be pulling some Jedi thing?"
He looked at the blank faces turned towards him.
"You know, when Kenobi died and Luke could still see him?"
Daniel shook his head.
"That doesn't make sense. You were laying on top of her for forever before we all woke up and realized she was dead. If she was attached to anyone, it should've been you. Ummm...wait a sec."
Daniel started scribbling on a paper, the words he was trying to write obviously coming faster than his hands were transcribing.
"Okay...uh huh....yeah...ouch. Good point."
Realizing everyone was probably wondering if he really was crazy, he quickly explained what Sam had been saying.
"Apparently, she's able to attach herself 'physically' to Teal'c and me. She hasn't tried it yet with anyone else, yet. She was attached to her body until Teal'c came close and she was dragged into him. Oh, and she says Janet needs to check my stomach for an acid burn."
Janet's eyes widened.
"Of course, she can see inside you. What a handy thing to have. Too bad she never got around to taking that medical training course the Colonel and I recommended for her."
Hammond, tired of inactivity, stood up.
"Son, if you're willing to watch a man die, then accompany Dr. Fraiser to the infirmary. Colonel, I obviously don't have to tell you we need to keep this under wraps for now. I'll find some reason to delay the funeral just in case we have a sudden miracle. Okay people. Let's go."
Daniel looked over at Sam.
She really didn't want to watch someone else die so she motioned to the Colonel.
She'd stick with him for awhile.
Daniel nodded and held his hand so it looked like it was holding hers.
Then he and Janet followed the General out of the office.

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