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The sound of clanking machinery, loud military vehicles, all echoing behind them in the tunnel as the group entered Norad, ID badges out and explanations ready at each check-in for Arlin's presence when the guard on duty wasn't already notified.
Daniel tingled all over, whispering to Janet when it intensified, ignoring the pointed dig Amber's eyes communicated when he twitched uncontrollably.

*You're sure you're not doing anything different.*

*I am not. This sensation is most unpleasant.*

*Yeah...I know. Janet'll figure this out, though.*

Janet glanced at Daniel, worry etched in her brow as she led the entire group to the infirmary, glad Cassie had earned a clean bill of health at the hospital.
At least she would have a little time to breathe before the adults pulled another stunt on her.
A mental note to call Dr. Perski was added to the To Do list Janet had been forming in her mind on the ride over.
Slowing to show her identification again and smile graciously at the guard by the elevator, the tired doctor controlled a wince, wishing she could just get a little foot sarcophagus and keep her feet in it when she was working.
She was getting clumsy in her old age...her toes were probably going to crumple from all the stubbing and of course, the unexpected coffee attacks.
A nice little silver one would be so nice...

"Janet, will you please ask Teal'c to stop walking, sandwiched between two people at any given time?"

Although she didn't expect to see anything, Janet couldn't resist turning around and look back in the direction of Sam's voice.
Arlin was shuffling along on one side of Teal'c and everyone else wanting by the group was walking along the other side in the opposite direction.

"Teal'c, you need to make sure there's enough space around you right now. Sam's being pulled through people..."

"No, I'm constantly flying through Teal'c cuz I can't take the chance of taking over other bodies. Peri's passing right through them just fine, but that's probably because her body's still available or else because she wasn't in the Temple with us."


Teal'c stopped, though Janet was unsure whether he'd stopped to accommodate Sam or because they were waiting for the elevator to deposit it's cargo on another level and come back up for them.
She murmured a thank you, just in case, and took a casual step closer to him as Amber crouched to retie the canvas shoes she'd bought in the airport while waiting for their flight.
They had been on sale and were pretty practical, so she hadn't said anything about them.
She'd have to have been blind not to notice the way Amber's lips tightened while glancing over the store's sneaker racks, but she knew Jack hadn't missed the look, either, so figured that if anything needed to be done, he'd do it.
Their mind link pretty much gave him a rather large advantage when it came to knowing Dr. Corvores' mind.
Janet shook her head lightly to rid herself of the thoughts that would just distract her, trying not to dwell on how hurt Jack had been when he kissed Cassie on the cheek just before she left with Misty Weilsrin and her kids for the party.
Cassie had held very still until he pulled away and had then turned without a backward glance or sound and left.
He'd just stood there, unmoving, staring after her and the departing vehicle before Arlin obviously took over and had been in charge ever since.
Hence, very little conversation...well...between most of them, anyway.
Daniel and Amber had been bickering the entire way.

"I'm not saying you shouldn't join the Tok'ra."

"You just think I'm running away."

"It's not my place to give you any advice on that."

Daniel's incredulous glare made Amber fight to control her amusement.

**No, he won't.**

*Are you sure? Jack thinks he might...*

*Will you please stop telling her what I think. If I want her to know, I'll tell her.*

**Don't worry, Arlin. We'll just pop over to Cimmeria and hammer Jonathan right on out of you.**

*Promise? I'm sorry! Jack, really...I am!*

Amber rolled her eyes at the panic in Arlin's eyes, straightening up as soon as the double knot stayed in place.
The laces were obviously woven with crooked knitting needles or something.
They just would not stay tied.
Daniel only spared a moment's attention for Arlin's sudden distressed expression when Amber continued to ignore the boy, figuring she'd say something if there was actually something wrong.

*O'Neill must be suffering greatly.*

*And naturally, you wanna help him.*

*Our link must be failing.*

*Sarcasm, Jolinar.*

*As was my response.*

*Sorry. Tired.*

*Stop speaking with Amber and address Martouf.*

Daniel stepped into the elevator, wedged in the far corner between Jacob, Arlin, and Janet as everyone crowded in and the Airman took them to the Infirmary level.

*Martouf's sticking pretty close to Teal'c. Sam must be in misery right now the way she's having to stay inside him.*


*No ounce of give in you, is there?*

*I have much mercy.*

*It's okay, Jolinar. I'm not changing my mind. You don't have to pretend to be nice to people you don't want to.*

*You are having doubts.*

*I always have doubts. I can't think without having doubts.*

*Yes...I know.*

*Peri isn't doing anything anymore. When did she stop thrashing around?.*

*She is unimportant as long as she has no host.*

Daniel closed his eyes and projected a mental image of Jolinar to glare at.
Her amusement made him sigh, knowing he didn't want to get caught in another emotional rut with her.

Sam kept her eyes closed, scrunching them as much as possible, and waiting for the first tug that would let her know she needed to open them and move.
Unfortunately, she wasn't sure who she'd be with since Teal'c was surrounded by the Airman at the elevator controls, Arlin, Martouf, and her Dad...none of which were safe for her to try to attach to since she'd undoubtedly boot someone out.
Thoughts of being stuck inside her dad with Selmac or in Martouf with Lantash flitted around her head.
She stood inside her Jaffa friend, hoping they wouldn't walk too fast.
Even though Arlin knew about her struggle since he could hear her, and Janet had told everyone, someone might move before she could get past them and she'd find herself with a body.
It wouldn't be so bad, but Peri was floating beside her now, inside Teal'c.
The Shifter just kind of hung there, drifting on invisible currents, hanging like a limp, finned candy cane.
It was able to pass through anyone, Templed or otherwise, without booting anyone.
Her heart went out to it and she closed her eyes against the pity as well as the sight of Teal'c's innards.
The elevator door opened, as did her eyes, and she scrunched her nose against the bodily scents she couldn't ignore as Teal'c's body started forward.
An abrupt stop pushed her sideways with the force of the invisible pull and she collided with Peri, flying back, away from Teal'c.
Another person's innards came into view, and she felt connections slipping into place.
She had a body.
Peri's screeching had cut off and her own screams ended as a panicking, but soothing presence filled her mind and she realized what was happening.




*Martouf must be outside.*


The dryness in his voice made her smile and she opened her eyes, unable to see Martouf anywhere.

*Do not rush. He will take this body back as soon as he thinks of it. Until then, I wish to speak with you.*

*I miss...speaking with you, but I know Jolinar gets upset when I spend any time with you or Martouf. I try to give all of you space.*

*Jolinar is inside a host I find physically appealing, but he is also rude, annoying, selfish...*

*He's my friend.*

*That is one reason I wish to speak with you. Why would you be friends with such as that?*

Sam turned around, enjoying the freedom of movement as she looked around, both for Peri and Martouf.
Arlin's eyes glowed and she realized it wasn't the Colonel when the voice echoed, but seemed soft, giving the timbers a feminine quality.

"Whatever it is that gives you and your friends this ability...we need to hide it. My father would stop at nothing if he realized just how completely immortal you are."

"You know what's been going on?"

"Yes. When inside a host, the only things I can hear are the body's automatisms. Outside, however, I can hear everything. I have never been outside a host for so long. It was terrifying and I never want to do that again."

Chaos and confusion reigned as everyone tried to figure out what had happened and who was in which body now.
Daniel caught his breath, grabbing Janet under her arms, with Amber following his lead a moment later to hold the doctor up when a flash of light formed into a body, hitting her hard enough to send her into the back wall of the elevator.
Wincing at the way the doctor's head lolled after impacting on the solid titanium steel and her eyes unfocused for a bit after the impact, Daniel couldn't ignore Jolinar falling apart with mental laughter.
Jack had flown out of Arlin and was thoroughly Janet.
Martouf was around the same vicinity, looking thoroughly confused, and Daniel was trying not to smile since it was Lantash, not Martouf, he really had a problem with.
Trying to ignore the almost insane amusement Jolinar was having at the picture Jack made, he tried to hold Janet in such a way that he wasn't touching the parts of Jack that were sticking out.
Amber stumbled forward, sensations and emotions hitting her, almost overwhelmingly.


Jonathan's mental retort was wordless, but very clear and she suddenly realized she felt him...and heard him...only him.
Arlin was gone and so was the silence between words.
His frustration, embarrassment, and annoyance were sweet until she realized she was already tired of his mental comments on his new situation.


**Yeah, I know. No, I don't know...yeah, okay. So if I'm in a body, we only hear...**

**Yes, and if there's too much distance between us, we can't hear through...well, I don't know if it's physical since this originated when you had a body, so more than likely, it's the fact that it's not your body...**

**Theory's full of holes.**

**I know. I don't understand it.**

**Where's Arlin?**

**I don't know.**

"Where's Arlin?"

Daniel's voice met hers, sounding distinctly tried.

"Jack's the only one who appeared...well, besides Martouf."

**So Arlin's fine.**

**No, he's not fine. When I got bumped, I heard his girly shrill until I was completely out.**

**Oh, you are so prejudiced. Not everyone has to be into Rambo and hockey.**

**I'm not into Rambo...Schwartzenegger, yes and I'm not doing that.**

**Well no, not while your leg is bisecting Janet's body. You must look ridiculous with your head sticking out her leg. I would hate to see everything upside down...**

**Yeah, you'd probably get confused.**

**Right, sure...umm...I don't think so.**

**If you die, right now, that's it. No telling what'll happen.**

**Maybe you'll be able to hear me in Heaven.**

**But if you just go to the Temple thing, then there wouldn't be any chance of this ever stopping.**

**That's completely hypothetical.**


**But I'm glad you want me to do it.**


Daniel looked around, unable to see Sam or the Shifter and assumed they took Martouf and Jack's places.
He stepped forward to see if he could find out whether Sam was actually in Martouf's body or not, since Peri could've bumped him and Sam entered...except that didn't make sense...when he realized not all the talking was about the way Janet and Arlin's body had flown backwards.
Jolinar's ranting about Martouf once she'd seen him had escalated the longer he listened and he was about ready to ask the next one who popped out of a body to pop her on out of him if at all possible.
Sam or Jack would be much better than Jolinar at the moment.
Daniel left the elevator, his foot going out from under him and he slid the couple feet to where Teal'c had fallen forward, breathing shallowly, obviously in pain.


A medic passing by had already started examining him as Amber stumbled forward, pushing Jacob and Martouf...or whoever he was now...backwards, followed by Janet and both women joined Daniel as he turned Teal'c over.
The dark Jaffa mangled his shirt, sliding it up to reveal his pouch.
He reached in, pulling the small symbiote out for their inspection.

"It is in much distress."

Martouf and Jacob dragged Arlin's body with them as they left the elevator behind, barely noticing as it closed and left to ferry someone else, the airman calling for a full medical team as he left.

*The larva is most assuredly dying and Teal'c will also die. He will not leave you. He is your  friend so you must kill him quickly.*

Daniel froze realizing Jolinar was serious.

*How could you ever tell me to do that?*

*He is honorable and does not deserve to suffer before joining us in this form of eternity. You are only delaying the inevitable and allowing him to endure great pain before his death. Reach forward like this and...*

*No! How!*

"Teal'c! It's gonna be okay."

*He is Jaffa. Unless you procure a new larval Goa'uld for him, he will die...most painfully.*

*He's not gonna die.*

*Everyone dies.*

*Not us.*

Amber ran her fingers across Junior as he fell limp, ignoring the gasp Daniel gave when she realized Arlin had a decidedly disgusted look on his face...except...

**Martouf's here and I don't see the snake, so I'm betting that's Carter.**

**Doesn't look like a Carter expression.**

**You're right...she might be upset, but she wouldn't be that disgusted with Teal'c.**

**She'd be talking, too. I'm betting that's Peri. Five bucks?**

**Yeah, sure. In my back pocket.**

The sarcasm was acknowledged and ignored as Martouf spoke and his voice became eerie as everyone realized it was Sam.

"Medical team should be on their way. Daniel, help us up so that..."


"I'm in here with Lantash. Oh! Martouf's next to Janet."

Sam gave a wave, glad she'd found him, and then turned to Arlin.

"Peri's still in you? I just wanna make sure."

"Yeah, Peri's here and she's umm...she's pissed."

Arlin backed off, obviously not feeling the need to be any closer to the dying Jaffa or the limp Goa'uld in his hand.
Sam's eyes met Janet's and she frowned when her friend pressed a hand to her forehead, obviously getting dizzy.


Janet smiled a bit to show she was okay and Sam relaxed, her eyes straying again to the Colonel and she began to feel incredibly self-conscious at the way she couldn't avert her gaze from him, but that just had to be uncomfortable.
Her own memory of being stuck was still vivid and she was very glad it was him and not her this time.
Lantash's amusement had risen, tempered only by Teal'c's imminent demise, as soon as he knew Martouf was safe.
Teal'c's shaky breath drew all eyes upon him and Junior twitched a few more times before going still.

"Teal'c, is there any way your larval Goa'uld is simply...asleep or in a coma and can be revived?"

Teal'c slowly shook his head, realizing fully what it's death heralded for him.
A slow, lengthy and excruciating death.

"So we need a new symbiote for you."

"Then that's what we'll get him."

George Hammond was a few steps behind the medical team, getting out of their way, but personally assessing the physical condition of his people and their guests.

"Explain what just happened here."

Amber started before anyone else, happily ignoring Jonathan's comments.

"As far as we can tell, and anyone pop up and correct me if I'm wrong..."

Amber ignored Jonathan immediately trying to pop up and do just that, but only succeeding in entrenching himself deeper into Janet.

"Capt. Carter and the Shifter, Peri, collided and now Peri's in her own body, Carter's in Martouf's body, and Jonathan's stuck in Dr. Fraiser. Martouf's...over there."

Amber waved in Janet's general direction since she couldn't see unless Jonathan looked and he was busy trying to figure out how Sam had gotten herself out of Janet.

"They, Sam and Peri, were apparently inside Teal'c when it happened so I would theorize Junior's demise to be connected, but, sir, we won't know until after an autopsy. If we could...?"


Daniel's exclamation drowned out Janet's pronunciation of Junior's death.

"What is it? Daniel?"

Sam stared, unable to speak and Lantash seemed similarly stunned as possibly the most beautiful man ever imagined lay before them, slightly out of phase.

"You don't think..."


The man's eyes were slow in moving at first, but then he smiled, pure evil filling them.

"Yes. I will accept that name until I choose a new one."

Amber closed her eyes as Jonathan projected his incredulous images of Junior to her.

"How can he choose a different form?"

"This is the host I would have had. Perfect, unblemished...suitable for someone of my power. I am not so weak that I would allow any of you to direct my fate."

Teal'c passed out, questions in his gaze before unconsciousness took over.
Sam stood, swallowing.

" could imagine yourself...some clothes?"

"I will not mar my beauty with your lower forms of modesty. If I find a garment worthy of me, I will then wear it."

*I can hear him!*


*Teal'c's immature larva. I can hear him as well as see him.*

Daniel's tingles became painful, feeling as if small, vicious miners were stabbing him with their pick axes over and over...mining his sanity.

*Daniel, you must relax. When you tense, the sensations worsen.*

*How can you hear him? Why couldn't you hear anyone before? Why can't I hear him?*


*I did!...oh, fine. Please.*

*I mean ask someone else. I do not know.*

*Oh. Ow!*


His legs turned to heavy putty and he could almost feel them melting to the floor as nausea and massive weight dropped across him.
Daniel's eyes couldn't stay open and he dove into blackness, away from the oppressive quilt of gagging helplessness.
George jumped forward, catching Dr. Jackson as the man fainted, twitching for a few more minutes before finally seeming to rest.

"Can none of you go anywhere without dragging trouble along on a leash?"

Jacob snorted, pulling his daughter up off the floor, away from Teal'c's side, so she would be out of the way as white-coated, clean people rushed about, picking up the rest of SG-1 and company.

"George, how about we take those still alive and walking away from those who aren't in case it's a new contagion?"

The General rolled his eyes, waving along the group to the infirmary, but keeping his distance now...superstition starting to take seed.
For a moment, he entertained the thought of banishing SG-1 to a Goa'uld world so they could maybe pass it on, but then he allowed his concern for his friends to decide his actions rather than self-preservation.

* * * * * *

The Gate opened and the bouncing blue waves crashed against each other for a moment before smoothing into a lightly rippling surface.
Terry stretched a bit, glad the General had given SG-13 this assignment, even if the decision for the dragons to go back, even temporarily, was a rough one.
Syla couldn't help her frown at the sad way GoldenBird had watched her as they'd left, the small dragon observing the departing team from the larger dragon's safe grasp.
She'd tried to convey they'd be back. but didn't think they understood that...just that she was leaving.
There just wasn't enough room for him in the SGC.
At least, not currently.
Part two of their mission was a quick in and out.
This world was a known Naquadah source so Jaffa serving Seb were here, watching the slaves.
Capturing one Jaffa shouldn't be a problem.
Their zats already cocked and armed, the team slipped forward, still uncomfortable with Nora's replacement, but trying to act as if everything was perfectly normal.
Lt. Tony Edican had always been...elusive.
No one quite got him.
He smiled, laughed, and joked, but it all least to Greg, it did.
The fact that he had headed most of the locker room trash talk about SG-13 before Nora's death hadn't helped, even if he'd suddenly turned a leaf.
Greg looked over, confused when he reached for his small disposable camera like he usually did and instead realized Edican was holding it out for him.
Like he'd somehow known...
Syla watched Edican, moving in sync with them as if he'd been there for a long time, and felt even more off-balance than before.
He wasn't unattractive, just strange...and she couldn't forget his earlier attitude, even if he was trying to be nice now.
Tony screamed, scratching at everyone near him, desperately trying to get them to help him.
Something had stolen his body again and he couldn't get back in.
He'd been standing in the locker room, his nose bleeding, when he was outside of his body, looking in.
He had a horrible feeling it wasn't the first time, though he couldn't remember.
Nora was getting used to answering to Tony's name.
The reduction in rank was annoying, but not a problem.
She'd done it once, she'd do it again.
The differences in her old body and her new one had lost her interest after the first couple days.
He'd been really difficult.
Tony had taken back his body three times, but when she forced herself back in, nearly sticking halfway with how hard it was, he wasn't able to push her back out.
She couldn't get out, either, so she figured this was it...her new life.
Tony had gotten his...too bad no one would know it was her who'd taken that smug grin off his face.
Him and his constant practical jokes, talking about her and the rest of SG-13 behind their backs and sometimes even to their faces.
Just seeing the surprise on the General's face when "Tony" had requested assignment with them confirmed the General was more than aware of Tony's previous attitude so she was playing up the "I was a jerk and feel guilty now that one of 'em's dead" angle.
She'd even hinted he'd had a crush on her and had just been covering up by being obnoxious. life was good.
As much as she liked passing from body to body, and that had taken some work, to be able to get herself out when she saw one she liked more instead of having to wait for the person to take it back, having one, permanent body was definitely better.
She couldn't help but wonder if Carter was doing the same...
The whole suspicion about the four dead bodies, well...not like anyone could trace that to her.
Not even if they figure out that they were the ones who'd filled her canteen with sour milk and used double stick tape to shut her locker before she died.
She was no one would figure out any of the things going wrong were because of her...earlier activities.
Not even the "fixed" iris problem.
Tony was gonna save the day with that one.
Just as soon as she got back.

* * * * * *

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